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IHE REST OF THE DAY was like a dream for me. The only disappointment was that Adam kept his tank top on during the car wash. But he really didn’t need to take it off.

He looked totally hot as he washed the car with me; his muscles bulging everywhere. But the overwhelming aspect of the whole encounter was how he related to me. I mean, he REALLY liked me! His playfulness was so cool. He laughed, teased, played and talked to me all afternoon as if he ACTUALLY LIKED to be with me! I was blown away. Here he was, this ultimate muscle jock, and he was actually enjoying being with me. He called me “dude.” He playfully squirted me with the hose (and I got him back, soaking that purple tank top, making it glue to his muscular torso-- WHAT a sight!). And, he got serious and we talked pretty heavy, too.

I was hopelessly in love.

He seemed totally straight and masculine-- it seemed unreal that a man could be this sure of himself. He was unbelievably confident, but in no way cocky or egotistical. We talked about girls, his career plans, school, asshole guys who were probably just jealous, not having a dad who cared (him too) and the insatiable need to jack off (him too). He told me about some of his old girlfriends, a few of his one-night stands, and he even went into detail about his first time (he was almost 16, and she was a senior in high school-- seems he turned on the older girls too. Duh).

He told me about his bodybuilding contests, too. He had been in eight contests, came in second in his first contest (when he was 19), had four first places, and had two overalls. He was planning on competing again next spring but was planning on putting on some more muscle over the summer and fall (as if he NEEDED any more mass).

I tried not to show my weak-kneed interest in his absolutely perfect body, but it was hard.

The day ended all too soon, when my mom came home. As she went into the house after talking with us for a minute, Adam reached over and ruffled my hair, “Hey, dude, thanks for helping me out here. I had a great time getting to know you. Come on over any time; maybe we can hook up and kill some time together.” I walked back into the house, through the kitchen, past my mom and up the stairs, not really hearing anything she said. I think I might have responded with a few grunts or something, but my mind was definitely elsewhere. I felt a little like Sally Fields: “He likes me! He really likes me!” I laid on the bed for the rest of the evening, thinking only of him. I was in love, and I knew there was no cure.


IT HAD BEEN THREE WEEKS since Adam had moved in. He and I talked just about every day. I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes he even called me from work and we’d talk while he was on his break.

Sometimes in the evenings I’d go over to his place and we’d just hang.

“I’m going on a business trip Friday,” my mom said on Wednesday. “I’ll be gone until next Thursday. I’ve already talked to Adam, next door, and he’s agreed to help you keep an eye on things.” “O- okay,” I said, surprised that she would leave me home alone for such a long time. Inside, I was bursting. I was going to be here alone! And Adam was charged with watching after things!

As soon as I got home from school on Friday, I did my chores and homework. I wanted to have them done by the time Adam got home from work.

By the time he pulled into his driveway, I was completely done.

“Hey dude,” he said as he got out of the car. It seemed that no matter how many times I saw him, each time was as awesome as the first. He was so gorgeous, and the way he smiled whenever he saw me, just made me weak. “So, the boys get to have some bonding time, eh?” he smiled.

“Uh, yeah,” I said. “Party on!” Adam laughed. We had supper together at his house, and then he taught me some card games. He was an amazing teacher, showing me how each move was done, and then patiently waiting while I did it myself. We ate junk food (Adam had great self-discipline, although he did indulge a little), watched some TV and just talked.

It was about midnight, and we had been talking for awhile. “So, dude,” he said as he laid back on the couch. “You hot and heavy with the girls?” I hated to admit it to Adam, but I had to be honest. “Uh, no, not really.” “Shit, why not? A good looking kid like you should be attracting girls like mad,” he smiled. Of course I couldn’t tell him the truth. I’d die if he ever found out that I’d never had a hard-on from seeing a girl. And I’d REALLY die if he ever knew that HE gave me the best hard-on ever.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said shyly. “I guess I just don’t know what to say to them.” Adam smiled. “Aw, that’s normal, dude. Most guys feel pretty awkward about it sometimes. But it gets a lot easier after you practice it.” “Yeah, I suppose,” I said, half looking at the ceiling.

“Man, I should show you my favorite move on a girl. It works every time.” I raised my eyebrows and looked at Adam. His muscles filled his T-shirt and jeans, and I was really getting turned on by him. Shit, those ARMS!

“Well, I don’t know,” I said.

Adam stood up. “Come on, man, it won’t hurt. Come in here to the kitchen and I’ll show you how to get ‘up close and personal’ with a girl.” He motioned me into the kitchen, and I followed, scared to shit at the thought of what this was all about. Adam made me stand with my butt against the kitchen counter. “Just stand there,” he said, positioning me. I faced him, and he stood right in front of me. “Okay,” he said. I like to get close to a girl. It makes them feel secure, and it lets them know that I want to be right next to them.” He moved a little closer to me. My heart began to beat faster.

He smiled. “I just move closer and closer,” he said. “All the while, I’m talking to her, looking right in her eyes, smiling. Making her feel important.” He inched closer as he talked and smiled. Shit, he was so HOT! Before I knew it, he was so close, we were actually touching.

I squirmed just a bit.

“It’s okay, man,” he reassured me. “Just relax. All you have to do is stand there while I make the move. Just relax.” His thick, beefy chest was right in front of me. His broad, muscular shoulders and traps were form-fitted by his thin, cotton T-shirt. His massive, rippling biceps and triceps flexed as he positioned his hands on both sides of my waist.

I was burning up!

Adam smiled and looked deep into my eyes. “See?” he smiled. “You have to move slowly. You reassure them that you are in control, but that you will take care of them and be gentle with them.” Then, ever so gently, he pressed his jeans against mine. His hips rotated slightly, and he pressed harder, his cock rubbing against mine. He held his hands on my hips.

I swallowed hard.

Slowly, Adam began pressing and rubbing, moving back and forth in an even, methodical rhythm. He smiled. “Yeah,” he said softly. “They love it when a guy does this. It’s a big tease to them. Push your cock against their cunt and watch them melt.” I was the one who was melting. And my heart was racing. Adam kept rubbing his crotch against mine, rhythmically pushing my cock with his own. My penis hurt, it was getting so hard. I could feel Adam stimulating me, and I knew that if he kept this up, I would surely ejaculate.

Adam moved his legs, positioning them against mine. Then he leaned his upper body into mine. “And then,” he said as his pecs touched my shirt, “you just move in and nuzzle.” He leaned into me and moved his lips onto my neck. My whole body stiffened. My stomach churned. My heart pounded. Adam’s crotch continued its slow, unending movements, up and down against my crotch. He kissed my neck.

Uncontrollably, I moaned. It was a very soft moan, but I’m sure Adam sensed it. He nuzzled his head into my neck and pressed his whole body against mine.

“Holy shit,” I whimpered.

“Mmmmm,” he said softly. He brought his hands up and held my shoulders. He pulled his face back and looked into my eyes. “And then, when you get them all hot and turned on, you make your big move,” he smiled. My GOD, he was so gorgeous! His huge muscleman arms bulged as he moved his hands to hold my head. Then, he leaned into me and began kissing my lips.

“Ohhhh, shit,” I groaned between his soft, sensual kisses. Adam held my head, and sucked on my lips, tenderly kissing them, caressing them. His hips rocked slowly, rubbing my hard cock. Slowly, he parted my lips, and his strong, warm tongue moved into my mouth.

He moaned. I moaned. He pressed his cock harder against mine. I pressed back, nearly ready to fill my pants with a burst of semen.

He kept kissing me. I breathed hard out of my mouth. I was nearing orgasm.

“It’s okay,” he said. “Just relax and enjoy yourself.” I put my hands on his shoulders. His muscles were hard and warm. I moved my hands down his arms and felt the rock-like masses of flesh under my palms. I breathed harder. My hands squeezed Adam’s gargantuan biceps and triceps. The skin was warm and iron-like it it’s hardness. Adam’s tongue slowly explored my mouth. I moved my hands onto his back and explored his wide lats. He embraced me, pressing against me even more. We kissed slowly and passionately, savoring every drop of each other’s saliva as our tongues gently caressed.

Adam gently pulled back. He looked at me and smiled. “And then,” he said softly, “you give them what they really want.” With that, he looked into my eyes, and, not taking them off mine, lifted his T-shirt up, slowly pulling it over his head and dropping it to the floor.

“Holy shit,” I said quietly, as I examined the Herculean body before me. I nearly came right then. It was the first time I had ever seen his upper body unclad. He looked better than I had imagined he would. Rippling muscles bulged everywhere. His freakin’ shoulders were unbelievable! His torso tapered into his jeans down to what had to be a 30 inch, or less, waist. His pecs were round and thick, like two slabs of beef. It was like every fantasy I had ever had, only better.

Adam let me drink in the sight of his astounding physique only for a moment, then he moved close to me and embraced me again, pushing his crotch into mine, resuming his sensual pushing and rubbing. His tongue once again took up residence in my mouth, and I melted. I moved my hands onto his back again and began to feel the relief map of his individual back muscles as the hard striations bulged under my fingers.

I groaned. My breathing became heavy beyond control. I pushed against his crotch with my own, our hips rotating in tandem. He kissed me gently, but passionately. I gasped loudly for every breath, even occasionally whispering his name.

Within a minute or so, my cock burst forth a huge wad of jizz, jerking my whole body as Adam held me tightly. I gasped as a second volley of semen filled my underwear. Adam pushed hard against me more as my body involuntarily tightened and jerked with each spewing of milk. Adam moaned. “Yeah,” he whispered. He held me tightly in his powerful arms, holding me up as I felt like I would fall to the floor. I grabbed his lats and held on tight as another, and then another shot exploded out of my penis. Adam kept holding me tightly. The orgasm felt like it lasted for an hour. Finally, exhausted, I pressed one last time, squeezing the last drop of cum from my cock. My whole body fell limp. Adam propped me against the counter and moved back, gently pulling his lips from mine. He looked into my eyes.

“You okay?” he asked softly.

I nodded.

He leaned forward and gave me a kiss. “Good,” he said as he pulled back again. “I’m glad you were finally able to relax and enjoy yourself.” He smiled at me, understandingly.

My hands were on his arms. He said, “Well, man, it’s getting late. You want me to walk you over to your house?” “Uh. Yeah. I guess,” I said slowly. Shit, I was so embarrassed.

“Cool,” he said. “I’ll come over and tuck you in, nice and tight.” Then he looked down at my semen-stained jeans. “And it looks like you might need some help cleaning that up,” he smiled.








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