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[Author’s Note: With this installment of Adam, I change from telling the story in the First Person,
from Drew’s perspective, to the Third Person. Don’t ask me why I did it; it just happened. Hope you enjoy! —Sean]


IHE MORNING SUN BATHED the pool-side patio with warmth as the cool of the night began to dissipate into the sunlight. Drew took a sip of his orange juice and looked out over the motionless sheet of water toward the city. Across the table which was filled to overflowing with omelets, waffles, fruit, ham, juices and breads, sat Adam, wearing a tank top and shorts. Drew drew in a deep breath. The day was going to be beautiful; he was in heaven.

The french door leading to the kitchen area opened. Marie came out, bringing a fresh plate of fruit. She sat it on the table and retreated back into the kitchen. As she went in, she bumped against Rafe coming out, who had woken up late and was just arriving at the breakfast table.

“Shit, this looks awesome!” Rafe said as he closed the door behind himself. He walked over to the table, eyeing all of the delicious-looking food. Before he sat down, he put his hands on Adam’s thick traps and squeezed them for a second.

Adam, smiling, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “Mmmm, that feels good, man,” he said.

Rafe gave one more squeeze, walked around and mussed up Drew’s hair, and then sat down. He began filling his plate with food.

“Coffee?” Adam said, lifting the decanter.

“Sure, thanks, dad,” Rafe smiled.

Adam filled Rafe’s cup.

The three were still a little groggy from the late night together, but the cool morning air, the coffee and the good food was energizing them, if a little gradually. Drew didn’t feel like talking. He wasn’t withdrawn; just content. Okay, and maybe a little puzzled. Puzzled about what it all meant. Yesterday’s offer by Adam to let him move in to the estate, all of the college things he and Adam talked about, the job opportunity... and of course last night. Last night. Drew looked across the table as Rafe inhaled his breakfast and Adam sat there pensively. Last night. What happened only a few hours ago seemed like a dream that took place in some kind of fairy tale. A very perverted fairy tail, for sure-- yeah, you wouldn’t hear grandma telling you this story at bedtime-- but nonetheless, it was a sensually beautiful story of love and physical pleasure that was matched by no story that Drew could have ever invented.

From the moment Adam and Rafe and embraced in the kitchen, Drew knew it was going to be special. Neither of the two musclemen tended toward rough, pounding, brutal overbearing sex. Drew could tell by the way they looked into each others’ eyes that there was more than just animal instinct at work here. There was tenderness, appreciation for the others’ beauty and strength, admiration, even a little envy. And of course, yes, there was lust. They were, after all, men.

After that long embrace and kiss, the two bodybuilders had turned to Drew and asked him which one he thought was the strongest. Drew came up with a wickedly wonderful response. “Why don’t you arm wrestle and we’ll be able to know for sure.” The two hunks grinned from ear to ear and looked at each other with eyes that said, I can take you. The three of them went up to Adam’s bedroom suite.

“Shirts off,” Drew ordered.

They complied.

Drew laid on the bed, on his stomach, and looked down on the floor where Adam and Rafe laid, facing each other. The muscularity of their enormous backs looked like steel cables rippling under their skin. Their lats bulged outward. They each moved their right arms forward, bent at a 90 degree angle and prepared for the grip. They both steeled their eyes on the others’. Two thick and bulging biceps rose into the air and peaked as they intensified their grips, each trying to out-do the other to gain an advantage before the start of the strength contest.

It took a good minute or two for the men to situate themselves to their satisfaction, but finally Drew gave the count: “Three, two, one-- GO.” Instantly the bodies of the two men tightened and their faces grimaced. Adam’s head dropped forward; Rafe’s remained still as he stared at his opponent’s head. Adam pulled his muscular body up by his arm, moving slightly forward, toward Rave, trying to gain leverage. Rafe’s arm, unmoved by Adam’s onslaught, thickened-- the veins popping out. Was that a grin on Rafe’s face?

Adam crunched in harder. It looked like he was exerting quite a bit of effort, and yet that effort didn’t seem to be producing much of a result.

The initial burst of energy by the two bodybuilders quickly dissolved into a stalemate of sorts. Rafe also began to exert noticeable energy, and for just a second it seemed if Adam’s arm did indeed move backward. But he quickly recovered, and the two men’s forearms, thick with muscle and blood vessels, remained upright.

Now it was turning into a test of endurance.

Drew, unable to resist the display of raw strength before him, began to buck his hips on Adam’s bed. Within a few minutes he found his hand inside his shorts, pushing on his rigid dick.

Adam rose his head and looked into Rafe’s face. The game was almost as much psychological as physical. Drew could see Adam’s huge legs shift their weight. FUCK, he thought. Adam’s physique was pulsing with muscle.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Rafe’s arm began to move backward. Adam was pouring on the heat. And to the stimulation of Drew’s cock, Rafe’s face seemed to fill with fear. The sight of Rafe’s mega-body being overpowered by Adam’s brought Drew right to the edge of orgasm. It was intense. Drew pushed just a little harder.

But then, Rafe seemed to recover. Adam’s advance stopped. Rafe’s face regained it’s fierce composure and his gargantuan arm began to move Adam’s back. Farther.

And just a little farther.

Now it was Adam’s turn to panic. His enormous back seem to suddenly come alive as his lats bulged to new proportions in a Herculean effort to stave off Rafe’s almost unbeatable surge of power.

Rafe bared his teeth.

Adam hissed.

Rafe’s left foot rose and kicked down on the floor.

Adam scrunched forward again, trying-- desperately trying-- to push back Rafe’s advance.

And slowly, almost miraculously, it started working. Adam’s massive biceps muscle seemed to split into two distinct peaks. The muscle fibers danced with energy. Adam breathed loudly-- even groaned with a huge exertion of strength.

And his thick forearm began to move forward.

Rafe’s began to retreat against Adam’s enormous power. Rafe’s face once again took on a look of fear. Then determination. But it was determination that was in vain. The angle of their arms moved in Adam’s favor even more dramatically.

Drew’s cock began to spurt hot sticky semen onto his forearm. The white cum then dribbled onto the bedspread, darkening it with his offering to Adam’s raw power.

Rafe exhaled one last burst of loud air, and Adam went in for the kill. He snapped Rafe’s forearm onto the carpeting, and Rafe fell backward to save his shoulder.

Adam had won.

The sweaty bodies of the man laid motionless for just a moment.

“Mother Fuck of Muscle,” Rafe finally said. “Shit, man, you are strong!” Drew pushed again, emptying the last of his jizz out onto his forearm, and onto Drew’s bedspread. He pushed himself up to see the damage, and said, “Oh shit.” Adam sat up to see what was the matter. “Dude! You got your cum all over my bedspread! Fuck!” He stood up and rolled Drew over onto his back. The kid still had his hand down his pants. He laid there with big, scared eyes, looking up at Adam. Adam took his fingertip and rubbed up some of the jizz that was on the bedspread; he brought his finger to his mouth and slurped it up. By this time, Rafe had joined Adam. He placed his hands on Adam’s broad shoulders and stood next to him, partially behind him.

Drew’s face relaxed as he realized that Adam wasn’t pissed off at him. He noticed the affection between the two musclemen and said, “So, you two have something going here?” Rafe smiled. “Nah. We just appreciate each other’s company. Besides, the only woman in the world for me is Jen.” Adam pulled his finger out of his mouth and turned around. “You bastard,” he joked to Rafe. Rafe grinned.

Adam looked back at Drew. “And as far as I’m concerned, you, dude, are the only one for me.” Drew’s eyes grew big. “Oh really? Is this a proposal?” “Naw, man,” Adam replied. “I’m just sayin’ that I’m glad we hooked up. I’m hoping you feel the same.” “I do,” Drew said.

“Sounds like marriage to me,” Rafe chimed in.

Adam climbed onto the bed and laid on top of Drew. Drew’s hands moved slowly up and over Adam’s huge, broad back as they kissed. Rafe began touching himself through his pants. Fuck, Adam’s wide lats were just unbelievable-- tapering down to his tiny waist and thick, muscular butt. Drew’s worshipping hands caressed and cupped the lower insertion point of Adam’s lats-- the part where the thickness and bulge of the muscle tapers and joins into the lower torso. A few moans could be heard, and it was unknown which of the three men had made them.

“Shit, man. You must have worked up an appetite overnight,” Adam said to Rafe, jolting Drew out of his daydream. Drew looked over at the plate that Rafe had just filled. It was overflowing.

“Yeah, I guess the hornier I am, the hungrier I get,” Rafe replied.

“I would think that after watching the action between Drew and me last night, you’d be all hornied out. Shit, didn’t you jack off a few times, just watching us?” “Yeah,” Rafe smiled, his mouth full of a croissant. “But instead of satisfying my drive, you two just made me want more.” Adam looked over at Drew and said, “Well, I think we might be able to work on that today, right little prince?” Adam had started using that nickname on Drew a few weeks ago. He never said why he started using it, or were it came from, but he liked it. He smiled and looked at Adam’s large, muscular, drop-dead gorgeous frame as it sat in the chair. “Right. Yes sir.” He had tried to come up with a worthy nickname for Adam, but had been left wanting. He wished he could come up with one that didn’t sound forced, but couldn’t. Maybe it would come later. He did know that “a nickname is a sign of affection,” as his mother often said, so he did want so very much to assign one to Adam.

“So, dude,” Rafe said to Adam as he swallowed a gulp of food, “You up for a strength rematch?” “Rematch?” Adam queried.

“Yeah. Arm wrestling is only one test of strength. I wonder how you’d fare going up against me in the gym. Say... maybe a little bench competition?” Drew looked over at Adam who stared directly at his challenger.

“Aw, come on, man. You really think you stand a chance at that?” Rafe grinned. His confidence was hot. “You want to try and talk me out of it, or are you going to accept the challenge?” “Alright. But I think we should have a little something of value hanging on the outcome. A little wager.” Adam slyly looked over at Drew.

“Hey! You want to bet ME? You want to put ME on the line?” Drew objected. “I can’t believe you’d do that! What, you gunna have the winner of your little contest win ME? Like I’m just some little prize to you?” Drew stood up and pushed himself away from the table. He stood and walked toward the guest house, the warm morning sun shining in his reddening face.

His reaction had surprised even himself. Why did he react so forcefully? Deep down, he knew that the three of them were really good friends, and that, sure, he had already experienced a sensual orgasm at the chest of Rafe. And, sure, the three of them were so well-acquainted that just having some fun fuck session between the three of them shouldn’t have really been that big of a deal.

But something was stirring inside of Drew-- something that heretofore he was not aware. And even now, he couldn’t put his finger on what he was feeling. It’s just that suddenly, he felt used. Not appreciated.

Adam stood and followed Drew, and put his arm around the teen. “Hey man. You alright? I’m sorry, man. I-- I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Drew paused. “Well... maybe... I don’t know. I suppose I over reacted. I... I really don’t know where that came from.” “Don’t worry about it, dude. It’s okay. Maybe this weekend is kind of a shock to your system.” “It’s not that,” Drew said. “I mean-- it’s not just that. I don’t know...” he turned away from Adam and sat down in a lounge chair.

Rafe made his way over to the two guys. “Hey, Drew, it’s cool, man. You alright?” “Yeah,” Drew said, looking up through sullen eyes. “Sorry about that. I don’t know what I was feeling.” “Hey Rafe,” Adam interrupted, “You think you might be able to help clear off the table?” His eyes glanced over at the patio table, and then back to Rafe. The message was obvious.

“Uh, sure,” Rafe said. “No problem.” He walked over to the table, leaving Adam and Drew to themselves.

Adam sat down next to Drew. “Shit, man. I-- I don’t know what to say.” He put his hand on Drew’s knee.

Drew turned to Adam. “I guess it’s all this stuff-- coming together all of a sudden. The college stuff, the job stuff you offered, living here with you-- Maybe it’s too much for me to process. I guess I jumped to some conclusions about all this.” “Conclusions?” Drew looked away. “I don’t know. Never mind.” Adam sighed. “I’m sorry, Drew. I shouldn’t have...” Drew turned back to Adam, “No. No, I’m the one who jumped to conclusions. I misinterpreted you-- what you wanted.” “No, no,” Adam argued. “I am the one who’s wrong.” “You never meant to connect with me like I thought you did. I’m sorry I thought there was more,” Drew said.

“There was more.” Adam said. “There is more. I shouldn’t have played with you like that. I didn’t mean to put you up as some kind of bet-- as some kind of prize. I wasn’t thinking. It’s just that I knew that I’m stronger than Rafe, so to me, there was never any question. It looked like you were up for bid, but in my mind, it’s a sure bet. I know that it looked like I was using you. And I’m sorry for that.” Drew sighed.

“Drew,” Adam said, moving his hand up Drew’s leg, “You didn’t misinterpret me. All those conclusions you came to-- the things you thought about me and what I feel for you-- they’re right.” Adam’s hand slipped just slightly up under Drew’s boxer-style swimming suit. “Drew. I’m sorry about being so heartless a minute ago. You’re right to be upset.” Drew’s cock began to stiffen.

“Drew. I want you to live here with me, to go to college and become all that you can be, to share in all this...” Adam waved his free hand, motioning to the estate... “to be here with me because... because I love you. Drew, I love you.” Drew’s heart pounded. His dream-come-true muscleman sat next to him, professing love, revealing his heart. He was gorgeous, he was built like no one else, he was rich, he was sensitive. And Drew melted.

But he said nothing.

Adam leaned forward and kissed Drew. Drew responded by softening his lips to Adam’s advance. Adam held Drew’s neck, and further they kissed.

From the other side of the pool, Rafe watched, as he finished cleaning off the patio table.

Adam pulled back from Drew. The two looked into each other’s eyes. Adam got a mischievous look on his face and pulled his shirt over his head. He cocked his head back, beckoning Drew to follow, and quickly jumped into the pool.

Drew likewise stripped down and joined his idol. The two splashed and frolicked, and soon they were joined by Rafe. The three played games in the pool for awhile, and then Adam and Rafe got into a playful wrestling match in the shallow end of the water. At one point, Adam lifted Rafe up onto his shoulder and at just the right moment, Drew pulled his trunks down. As Adam moved him over his shoulder and let him fall behind his back, Drew held on to Rafe’s trunks, pulling them all the way off as Rafe fell behind Adam.

Adam and Drew hollered with laughter; Drew threw Rafe’s trunks up onto the patio area, far out of reach. Rafe stood grinning, the water only coming up to his knees, his beautiful manhood hanging deliciously between his legs. Fuck, his meat was thick! And long! Even Adam seemed to take a double-take at how gorgeous Rafe looked nude. Rafe’s cock was probably the biggest piece of manhood within a 100 mile radius! Shit, he was hung!

Rafe looked at Drew and cocked his head slightly; in an unspoken message, he was able to communicate to Drew, “Let’s get Adam.” And Drew was only too happy to change teams in an instant and gang up on his muscle-hero.

Immediately, Adam sensed what was happening and dove for the deep end. But Rafe was too close to Adam and grabbed his leg, pulling him back. The two huge men laughed and fought; Drew drew close, waiting for the opportunity to pants his idol. After what seemed like minutes of muscle fighting muscle, Rafe finally got Adam into a similar position that Adam had had him in earlier. Again, Drew seized the moment and pulled Adam’s trunks off as he fell behind Rafe’s broad shoulders. Drew tossed Adam’s trunks up onto the patio as he had done Rafe’s.

Adam stood in knee-deep water, his gorgeous, muscular body exposed for all to see. Although it wasn’t audible, there was a sense of a gasp as both Drew and Rafe beheld Adam’s genitals. His balls hung so lo that they actually extended below the tip of his penis! Large, plump gonads, slung low in generous, tender sacs.

Of course, what happened next was an obvious progression in the chain of events. Adam and Rafe looked at each other and both of them got devilishly evil grins. Without a word, they simultaneously turned on Drew and within seconds, had him between them. His hands were held by Adam, and his legs were held be Rafe. He laid face-up in the water, helpless, laughing.

“So, how do you think we should do this?” Rafe asked Adam.

Adam thought for a second, and Drew flailed his body in a vain attempt to break free. He knew he didn’t stand a chance, but he had to try. It was all part of the game.

“Well,” said Adam, “I think we should let the little prince decide his own fate.” He looked at Drew’s face, which was upside down from his own. “Who gets to take ‘em off, dude?” Drew flailed and fought again. “Neither!” he hollered.

“Doesn’t work that way, little prince,” Rafe laughed. “You gotta choose. Who gets to rip off the trunks?” Drew looked at Adam, then Rafe. He said nothing.

“Okay, then,” Adam joked. “Maybe we need to put on the pressure a little bit.” He looked at Rafe and started pulling on Drew’s arms. Rafe did likewise with Drew’s legs, gripping his ankles tightly. The two naked, bronzed musclemen slowly began to increase the stress on Drew’s body, pulling on his limbs. Drew yelled.

“Choose, or we pull harder!” Adam commanded, grinning.

“Okay, okay!” Drew relented. “Adam pulls ‘em off.” The two bodybuilders relaxed their grips. “Okay,” Adam ordered. “You have to cooperate now. Just relax and don’t fight it, or we’ll put you right back into the human rack.” Rafe and Adam moved onto each side of Drew and used their hands to keep him floating on his back. Rafe supported Drew, and Adam gently started pulling on the little prince’s swim trunks.

Adam was slow. The only sound was of water lapping against the edges of the pool, and against the three men’s bodies, as Adam slowly pulled Drew’s trunks down and off his legs, tossing them into the pile of trunks that Drew had started. Drew’s long, thick boner laid against his stomach.

“Geez, man,” Rafe said. “Looks like you must like all this attention.” Drew was a little embarrassed, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t already been with both of these guys (although Adam didn’t know about his encounter with Rafe).

Adam placed his hand on Drew’s hip; Rafe continued to support him so his body floated high in the water. Adam’s hand moved gently up onto Drew’s thick cock. The muscular man began to fondle the younger man’s penis, bringing it to a full, thick and very, very hard erection. Both Adam and Rafe began to experience a visible sign of their sexual arousal as well. Adam slowly stroked Drew, and Drew responded by closing his eyes and groaning.

Adam looked at Drew. “We need to change the venue.” Without a word, Rafe gently scooped Drew up into his arms and carried him out of the pool. Adam followed. Rafe sat Drew down onto a patio lounge chair. The furniture at the pool wasn’t just some cheap stuff you’d buy at Home Depot; no, this stuff was made of thick waterproofed wood and sturdy fabric.

“Thanks, man,” Adam said to Rafe. As Drew laid on his back, Adam bent down. Within a minute, Adam was humping on Drew, moving his large cock back and forth over Drew’s. Rafe stood at the side, watching, his massive cock almost flush against his rippling abs. Precum oozed out of his slit hole. He didn’t touch himself. He just watched. Drew’s hands ran over Adam’s lats, and all over his thick, broad back, sometimes moving onto his twin globes of ass muscle. Adam continued to hump, outside of Drew. They kissed. For a very long time.

Finally, Adam curved his back, pulling his cock low. The head of his penis moved against Drew’s hole, and Drew spread his legs to welcome his man’s member into his warmth. Adam moaned as he forced himself in.

Drew groaned loudly. “Oh, shit. Oh, fuck.” Adam slowly pushed himself all the way up to the hilt. Then he held it there, allowing Drew to get used to his rock-hard, meaty presence. They kissed some more, and then Adam began to pull out. He let it come out slowly, stopping when Drew’s asshole began to grip against the cut of his head. Then, with a much quicker motion, he thrust himself hard, back up-- all the way. He started to repeat this motion: Slow out. Fast in.

Drew groaned with each successive thrust of Adam’s cock.

Adam increased the tempo only slightly. In less than a minute after Adam’s insertion, Drew was cumming in a loud, expressive orgasm. His jizz squirted out all over his chest, and Adam’s torso smushed it between them, lubricating their bodies. The throbbing of Drew’s involuntary orgasm against Adam’s six-pack drove the huge bodybuilder over the edge and he began his own intense and powerful orgasm, filling Drew’s ass with steamy hot bursts of semen.

Rafe watched with unbelievable discipline, standing totally erect (so to speak), not moving; not touching his throbbing cock, which was screaming at him for attention. He seemed to like depriving himself of the pleasure.

The two men continued their erotic intercourse on the wide patio lounge chair for what must have been many, many minutes. Finally, they both finished, and Adam gently kissed the little prince, caressing his face and shoulders with his hands, looking lovingly into his worshipping eyes. He brought his lips to Drew’s ear and softly whispered, “I love you, Drew.” Drew’s mouth was also next to Adam’s ear and he responded, “I love you too, Adam.” It was so soft and tender that Rafe hadn’t even heard the interaction.

Adam’s huge body hunched and tightened a few more times, squeezing out the last bit of semen from his balls, depositing all he could inside his young charge. Without pulling out, he rolled onto his side and lifted Drew’s body up a little, re-situating his body in the center of the lounge chair with Drew’s body on top of his own. He crunched his abs slightly and pushed himself inside Drew just a bit. Drew rested on top of Adam and they kissed passionately once again. As Adam’s cock began to assume its post-orgasmic state, Rafe silently moved closer to the two men.

Drew and Adam both breathed heavily. As the two rested, Drew began to feel warmth on his back. And then weight. Immediately he knew; Rafe was moving on top of them. As Rafe’s nipples brushed against Drew’s back, Rafe’s large, erect cock cradled itself between Drew’s globes. The feeling of Rafe’s nipples on Drew’s back slowly turned into the warm, hard pressing of the bodybuilders thick pectorals as he allowed most of his weight to sandwich Drew between himself and Adam.

Drew’s face grew concerned, and Adam noticed. Adam tried to dispel Drew’s apprehension by allowing a warm smile to form on his face, as if to say “It’s okay.” Drew relaxed.

Rafe moaned as he finally allowed his body some tactile stimulation after patiently watching for so long. “Let me know if I’m too heavy, little prince,” he whispered into Drew’s ear. He supported himself on his arms so as to not crush Drew and Adam, who lay on the bottom.

Rafe was ready to explode. It wouldn’t take much. He lifted his hips up and poised his plump head against Drew’s sphincter which only moments before had expelled Adam’s virility.

Drew’s eyes grew wide. He and Adam stared into each other.

“Do you want him to stop?” Adam asked.

“Uh--” Drew paused. The feeling of Rafe’s huge cock felt wildly exciting against his resisting hole. “Uh-- I don’t know. Do you think I should?” Drew was confused. He knew he and Adam had a special bond that was strengthening every day. But how did Adam feel about this. Didn’t Adam want Rafe to stop?

Adam smiled, “It’s okay with me, LP. We both know who you belong to. I don’t mind it if Rafe has a chance to see what I have,” he smiled. The he got serious. “But if you want me to have him stop...” “I-- I don’t know...” Drew stuttered.

Rafe pushed a little harder. It was all he could do to keep from coming, just with even this little pressure. In a moment it would be too late.

As Rafe’s gargantuan cock begged for entrance, Drew’s own member began to engorge with blood and stiffen once again. Adam could feel Drew’s erection form against his tight abs. “I think,” Adam smiled, “your body is already answering your question.” Adam very slightly crunched his abs to envelop Drew’s growing cock in a beautiful stimulation against his river-rock mounds, and Drew moaned, eliminating any resistance he might have been employing with his sphincter.

At this opportunity, Rafe slipped inside, with precision force and controlled speed, moving itself all the way up, stopping only when his testicles rested against Drew’s cheeks. Drew let out a loud, painful groan. The pain was intense. Although Adam was a bigger and stronger bodybuilder, Rafe’s cock bested Adam’s in both length and girth. In two words, it was painfully massive. Having just experienced Adam’s larger than normal penis inside him, Drew was shocked at the mass that now commanded every square centimeter of his rectum.

If Drew had any hesitations before, it was now too late. And any apprehension had now been replaced by not only pleasure-- pleasure at lying between these two huge musclemen, but also by intense, mind-boggling pain. Drew whimpered. “Auughr.” Then, as Rafe adjusted himself slightly inside Drew’s protesting cavern, Drew repeated the involuntary cry.

Adam’s eyes penetrated Drew’s writhing face for any sign that might indicate a need for action on his part. Drew’s eyes opened just for a second and seemed to communicate that despite the enormous pain, he didn’t want Adam to step in. Adam relaxed. Drew’s arms tightened around Adam’s shoulders and as he writhed once more at Rafe’s insane invasion, he squeezed hard, pushing the air right out of his idol’s lungs.

Adam, sensing the unbelievable force and sensuality that Rafe was imposing on his Little Prince, began to re-harden. His cock thickened and began to extend upward, lying right between Drew’s buttocks and Rafe’s pelvis.

Rafe, convinced that Drew was as used to his inhuman member as he would ever get, began to slowly hump, massaging Adam’s rigid pole as a byproduct of his ministrations to Drew’s ass.

This time, Adam was the first to cum. His cock shot forth huge volleys of semen into the crevasse formed between Drew and Rafe, filling it, as it were, like a caulking gun trying to glue a piece of siding to a house. Adam’s body contorted hard, and he squeezed Drew with such force that the young man yelled out very loudly.

“Shiiiiit!” Adam hissed.

“Aaahhhhh!” Drew responded. Between Adam’s huge arms crushing him with unbridled orgasmic force, and Rafe’s massive utility pole empaling his quivering ass, he was being tortured.

Rafe was totally brought to the edge by Adam’s orgasm. Just realizing that he was fucking Adam’s LP, and having Adam enjoy it so much that he would come because of it, made Rafe’s cock harder, and hotter. Before Adam could get out four hard bursts of cum, Rafe pushed hard-- I mean HARD-- and just held it there.

And Drew wailed.

Rafe contracted his muscles and the combination of four arms, all measuring more than 20 inches, squeezing against Drew’s teenage frame made the lad shriek in pain. But both the bodybuilders were out of control. They couldn’t stop if they had to.

As Rafe froze, just at the precipice, his engorged penis began to almost mechanically contract and expand, opening and closing, filling Drew’s insides with painful bursts of cum.

And Drew wailed.

Unbelievably, despite the pain, Drew was so stimulated by the muscle action going on both above and beneath him, that he presently began a milky expression of his own uncontrollable lust, depositing his jizz onto the flexing, still-rhythmically-tightening abs of Adam.

The three of them continued to orgasm in unison, their rhythms synchronizing. They rocked slowly and passionately, expressing every last drop of semen from their bodies.

Then, they stopped; they're breathing heavy, their bodies covered in glistening sweat-- not to mention puddles of jizz oozing from in between themselves, and out of Drew’s ass, just a tad. It seemed impossible for anything to be able to escape the tight stopper that plugged Drew’s hole, but a squirt or tow of Rafe’s cum did indeed push out, and it dribbled down between Drew’s cheeks.

Logistically, it was Rafe who had to move first, in order to take apart the muscle sandwich that had formed on the large lounge chair. He had to do it slowly, though. But even with the tenderness that he exerted, Drew found himself moaning in pain as the movement (or shall we say, removal) of Rafe’s ape-like cock. Standing, Rafe’s penis was still totally erect. It thwapped against his tanned abs as he withdrew from Drew.

“Shit, dude!” Adam exclaimed, looking up at Rafe, “You look like you could go again!” Drew turned his head to see what Adam was talking about, and gasped as he beheld Rafe’s long, thick penis lying against his belly totally erect, reaching up above the second row of his six-pack.

Rafe grinned at Adam. “You sayin’ you want some of this?” Adam didn’t answer, out of deference to Drew, but if he had to answer, well....

Drew pushed himself off of Adam, and then Adam also stood up.

Inside the kitchen, Marie watched through the window above the sink, as she had been doing for the past 40 minutes. Her hair was mussed. Her skin was glowing with perspiration. Her breathing was hard.

She withdrew her hand from her crotch and nervously turned her attention back to the dishes.


__ __ __

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Permission is hereby given to reproduce (heaven knows us gays can’t do that on our own), transmit and publish this work IF & ONLY IF the following conditions are stringently met (and I mean, stringently!):

    1. Said work must be published in its entirety only. An exception will be made for brief reviews (only if they’re favorable, though), so long as a link to the original website of publication ( is plainly and obviously attached to said review.
    2. Permission for publication is completely and utterly limited to the Internet/Web only. No paper printing of this work is allowed under any circumstances, unless granted in writing by The Author, Sean Reid Scott.
    3. (& this is a biggie:) Any and all publishment of this work on the Web must include the following:
        1. The Author’s name: Sean Reid Scott (with the prominence due such a luminary)
        2. A hyperlink to the home website of publication:
        3. Lots o’ love.
    1. This work (and any derivatives allowed under Clause One, above) must be published on the Web only, for the enjoyment of others only. NO HATEFUL, DEROGATORY, ANTI-GAY, EVIL, BAD or NEGATIVE (in any way) usage of this work is allowed. Nor will it be tolerated. Seanny has lawyers, k? No one is allowed to harvest the juicy, erotic, nasty, smutty stuff from this work and use it to further an agenda of hate and/or not liking gays. Got it? We are everywhere.

The above-cited Creative Commons License is binding. It is full. It is all-encompassing. It is exact and real. Nor does the aforementioned license stand alone regarding this work: The four CONDITIONS noted above (including the three alphabetized “biggies” subjugated under Number Three), must needs be adhered-to in addition to the Creative Commons License cited herein. The Author reserves the right to impose additional conditions (possibly retroactive) regarding the use and/or publication of this work, at his whim, without regard to anything.

So it is written. So shall it be.