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IDON'T KNOW IF ADAM SENSED how nervous I was over what had just happened, but when he came over to tuck me in, he did just that-- and only that.

"You okay dude?" he said as I laid in my bed.

"Sure," I said quietly. I was tormented inside. On the one hand, what had happened was like a dream come true. Adam was every fantasy. And yet, the reality of kissing him, and of cumming right there in front of him, well-- it was actually pretty scary. I was scared shitless.

"Hey man," Adam said quietly. "Don't worry about a thing, dude. This happened with me and my older cousin when I was your age. You'd be surprised to know how many guys do this." He smiled at me. The sound of his gentle voice, and the sight of his sparkling, gorgeous eyes made me relax. "Don't give it another thought, dude. I promise, this will always be between just you and me." I smiled. "Cool." He reassured me with a pat on my leg then turned to leave. "I'll lock up. See you tomorrow, man." "-K," I said. “Thanks."


THE NEXT MORNING, I AWOKE to the smell of bacon and eggs. I could hear someone down in the kitchen. "You going to sleep all day man?" I heard Adam holler to me. He opened and closed some cupboards and generally made a racket as he rooted around the kitchen.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and got out of bed, sporting a huge morning woody. I mean, huge. I had to lean forward over the toilet and push down on it hard just to hit the bowl. And even then, I wasn't completely successful.

"Come on man!" Adam shouted. "Eggs are getting cold!" I stood in my room trying to decide if I should put on some pants to hide my boner. But by the time I spotted some jeans on the back of my chair, my cock had relaxed, and I decided to just wear my boxers and T-shirt downstairs.

"Bacon?" I said as I sat down at the breakfast table. "Isn't that stuff bad for you?" "Yeah, but it's okay to break the rules every once in awhile." Adam sat down next to me as he put our plates on the table. There was orange juice and toast too. Fresh fruit. It looked awesome. I dug in, and Adam did too.

Pausing between bites, Adam asked, "So, did you sleep good, man?" "Yeah," I answered. I hadn't even thought about it, but I probably fell asleep right after he had left last night. I was both physically and emotionally exhausted. Adam was my total fantasy man; caressing his muscular body in my arms and the subsequent involuntary orgasm was like a dream come true. I had never imagined that something so overwhelming could be a reality. You'd think after that, that I'd toss and turn all night long, but I hadn't. "Yeah," I repeated, "I slept really good." Adam smiled at me. "Good, dude. I was wondering how you'd do after-- you know, yesterday. How you feeling-- I mean, about all that?" I took another bite of my toast. "Fine," I said. Actually, I was feeling a little funny, but I trusted Adam to keep the whole thing on the down low.

He seemed to sense my hesitation. "Dude, you'd be surprised to know how many guys do it with other guys. If you realized how many guys get turned on by other guys, you'd freak out." He reached out and rubbed my head, mussing my hair. His big arm was so hot! He smiled, and I could have melted right there in his presence. He liked me! He was the big brother I always wished I had.

"So," he said, "when you're done eating, run upstairs and get dressed-- take a shower or whatever, and then I'll do the dishes. We have a busy day ahead; and then tonight I've got a cool surprise planned for you." I looked at him and gave him an inquiring smirk. "Surprise?" I said it in kind of a baby voice, trying to be cute.

Adam cracked up. "Yeah," he laughed, "a surprise that this little baby boy is gunna really like!" He tussled my hair once again, and I smiled coyly, soaking in all of his attention.

I finished the delicious breakfast-- Adam was actually quite a good cook, and ran upstairs. In the shower, it was impossible to keep my hand off my cock, and I found myself thinking of Adam and spewing thick streams of semen onto the tile wall as the hot water poured down my back.

"Everything come out all right?" Adam said with an innocent smile as I came down the stairs.

I returned his smile, but didn't say anything.

"You offer up anything for me while you were in the shower?" I turned beet red.

Adam laughed.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked, trying to turn attention from my embarrassment.

"Well, first, I need to run out to my parent's house in Forest Grove. I have a few boxes of things that they've kept in their garage for me while I lived in the apartment. Now that I've moved into my house, I want to pick them up." "Forest Grove?" "Yeah, I was raised out there. My parents' place is pretty nice-- lots of acreage. I want to show you the gym we set up." "Cool," I said. I hadn't been out to the west side in a long time. Taking that Vette through the long, winding roads, with Adam sitting next to me, sounded nice.

"Then, we'll need to find a place for lunch. You in to Red Robin or something like that?" How did he know that Red Robin was my absolute favorite place to grab a burger?


THE RIDE OUT TO ADAM’S PARENTS’ place was as great as I had expected it to be. Clad in his tight jeans and a dark green T-shirt, my pilot was too hot to handle. He kept his hand on the stick shift much of the time, and I keep my eyes on that arm. His forearm was so thick, and yet it had such rippling chords of striated muscle; and then his upper arm-- well, even though it was a long ride, it went by way too fast.

We pulled off the highway onto a long dirt road-- their driveway. It wound up a hillside where we turned a corner and opened up onto a huge house; it was a mansion, really-- immaculately landscaped.

"Holy shit!" I said. "What does your dad do?" Adam smiled. "He's invested very well. He's into banking, mostly. But he has a lot of holdings-- likes to dabble in a lot of things. I'm trying to follow in his footsteps; we've done a few investments together, and I'm just now learning banking." The place must have been over 10,000 square feet. Just beautiful. It looked like it belonged on the edge of some huge vineyard in France or something. Adam pulled up in front of the detached five-car garage and parked. As we walked to the side door, between the garage and the main house, I could see the back side of the house which sported a huge swimming pool. The grounds alone must have required a staff of gardeners and maintenance people.

"Mom? Dad?" Adam called out as we entered the kitchen area. I could go into great detail about how huge the house was, but I'll spare you.

Adam grabbed a cookie jar, took off the lid and pulled out a huge oatmeal cookie. "Mmmm, still warm," he said. He handed it to me and took out another one for himself. "Marie-- that's our maid and cook-- she always makes sure there are fresh cookies." This guy had everything. Looks, muscles, great personality, and money!

"Oh Adam, It's so good to see you!" A tall woman, probably in her 60's, entered the room. She looked distinguished, yet friendly. She hugged her son, and Adam, in all of his muscular beauty, hugged her back.

"Adam, how you doing?" Adam's dad followed, and after Adam and his mom separated, the two men shook hands and then embraced as well.

"Mom, Dad, this is my neighbor, Drew," Adam said, motioning to me.

I had my mouth full of cookie and I tried to swallow it quickly-- I was somewhat unsuccessful. As I shook hands with Adam's parents, they both smiled and joked, "Looks like Drew must like Marie's cookies almost as much as you do, Adam!" We all laughed.

"You all ready for your trip?" Adam asked his mom.

"Oh, you know us. We'll probably start packing a few hours before we have to be at the airport," she smiled. Seems Adam's parents took a two month trip to Europe every year. They were leaving in a week, and Adam was charged with taking care of the place while they were gone.

After some more small talk, Adam took me out to the garage to get his boxes. There were too many boxes to fit into his Vette, so he made arrangements with his parents to borrow their Range Rover for the rest of the weekend.

As we loaded the boxes into the SUV, Adam's parents came out and opened up the garage door and got out their Vanden Plas. "We're going into town for the day. See you later son!" his mom said. "The staff is off today, so make sure you lock up when you leave." Adam told his parents goodbye; I watched as their silver Jaguar slipped down the roadway.

"So I see where you get your height. Both your parents are tall too." "Yeah, I guess I was blessed with some good genetics," he said.

"I'll say," I smiled.

"Oh!" Adam interrupted. "That reminds me. I want to show you something." He took me behind the garage to another building that was secluded in some trees, just off the swimming pool. There was an outdoor hot tub between the pool and the building, steam rising off the silent water.

Adam opened the door to the building and turned on some lights. It was fucking amazing. Inside was a gym that would rival any health club in town! Mirrors lined the walls, a full set of dumbells was lined up on a rack of one wall, machines all over the place, benches and weights everywhere and of course, a few treadmills and stationary bicycles too. Three flat screen TVs hung from the ceiling. The place sparkled.

"Holy mother of Moses!" I said. "This place is freakin' unbelievable!" Adam had to admit I was right. "Yeah, it makes working out a pleasure, that's for sure." He walked over to the bench. The bar had no weights on it.

“So, you going to show me how much you can bench?” I asked. I felt a little uneasy, but I figured I knew Adam well enough to know that he wouldn’t give me a hard time for asking to see how strong he was.

“Naw,” he said, “today’s a rest day.” He leaned against some weights that were loaded on a rack. The 45’s were about waist-high, and when he put his hands on top of the plates, his triceps bulged so much that they bunched the sleeve of his green T-shirt up toward his deltoids. He looked so hot!

“Aw, come on,” I chided. “You think I won’t be impressed with the weight you can put up?” I knew he couldn’t resist the challenge.

He smiled at me and said, “You know all those bodybuilding contests I entered?” “Yeah.” “I’ve got more power lifting trophies than bodybuilding ones,” he said. “I think you’d be impressed with the weight I can press.” “So, prove it, man,” I continued to press him.

He couldn’t turn it down. He pulled a weight off the horizontal post and said, “Come on, man. If you want to see a show of strength, you’re going to have to help with the setup.” Gladly. I’d forge the metal plates myself it that’s what it took.

I immediately obeyed and placed a 45 pound plate on the opposite end of the bar. “So, how much you going to do?” “Let’s start with 225 to warm up. I’ll increase the weight as I go.” “You’re going to warm up with 225 pounds?” I practically gasped.

Not bothering to answer, Adam placed a second plate on the bar. I did likewise, and then we both placed clamps on the end. Adam laid down on the bench, and with his left arm he pulled his right arm across his chest. He held the stretch for a moment and then repeated the stretch with the other arm. He spread his arms wide and arched his back, stretching his pecs. Then he laid down.

“You need a spot?” I asked.

Without answering, he placed his big hands on the bar and effortlessly lifted it off the supports. He slowly lowered the barbell down to his chest, letting it barely touch just below his nipples. He left it there for a moment, allowing it to hover maybe a quarter inch above his thick pecs. For a second, I wondered if he needed help to get it up; but before I could say or do anything, he slowly began to raise it upward, bringing it to the topmost position. He slowly lowered it again, and kept it in the lower position again, giving his pecs a really good stretch.

Then, he raised the bar again; without any effort at all.

My cock was painfully hard. It was probably visibly hard, but I didn’t care. I was mesmerized by Adam.

He lowered the bar again, and started into his reps. I was astounded at the effortless way that he moved the weight. He reached ten reps, but kept on going.

My eyebrows rose as I watched. Fuck! I couldn’t even lift 225 pounds ONE TIME! I thought.

The bar kept moving up and down. Adam didn’t make a noise or give any indication that the bar was any heavier than a stick with helium-filled balloons attached to the ends.

At 20 reps, he racked the bar and sat up.

“Holy shit,” I said.

“Shit, man. That was just the warmup! And you were thinking that I couldn’t impress you?” “Okay, dude,” I said. “You win. I’m impressed.” “So, I can stop now?” “Naw,” I smiled. “Let’s see what you can really do.” Adam smiled as he stood. He grabbed another plate and slid it onto the bar. I did the same on my end. He laid back down on the bench.

“You need a spot now?” Again, without answering, he grabbed the bar and pushed it off the stands. He lowered the 315 pounds to his chest and pushed it up, seemingly as easy as the previous weight. Up and down the bar went. It had a slight bend to it, but to watch Adam, the weight was easy. Again, he passed the ten rep mark and kept going.

13... 14... 15. He racked the bar at 15 reps. He sat up, this time breathing harder, but it hardly seemed if the weight had taxed him at all.

“Fuck,” I said. “Unbelievable. You made it look like it was light!” He smiled at me and said. “Well, dude, let’s put some real weight on this thing.” He stood up and pulled another plate off his rack and I copied his movements.

“Okay; that’s 405 pounds. You want a spot at this weight too?” “You can if you want,” he said, sitting back down on the bench. “But I won’t need any help yet.” He took a few deep breaths and I checked my crotch to see if my boner was visible through my jeans. It was, but I didn’t care. Adam laid down and grabbed the bar. His strong hands and thick forearms were right in front of my eyes; my cock hurt it was so hard. He gripped the bar hard and the weight moved upward.

I swallowed hard as Adam’s face showed a slight strain. His arms bent, and the weight moved downward. It wasn’t slow, but he wasn’t hurrying either. Up and down; he completed six reps with no help, and then racked it. The weights banged loudly as he released them onto the supports.

“I think I’m running out of exclamations,” I said.

“You can use fuck again, if you want,” he said. I could tell he was smiling, even though he was facing away from me.

Shit, his broad back emptied into his narrow jeans, augmenting his tight, hot ass!

“Yeah, I think fuck would be appropriate.” His upper body rose and fell with his deep breaths. He rested there for a minute or two and then stood up. “Okay man, time to do the heavy work.” “How much more?” I asked.

“Well, another plate on each end would only be 495 pounds. So, just so you’re adequately impressed, let’s put a nickel on each end to make it an even 505.” “I think that will do the trick, to impress me,” I said.

We put the weights on the bar and secured them once again with the wire clamps. Adam moved down to the bench again and sat down. I assumed the position at the top, just above where his head would rest when he laid down. He laid down and grabbed the bar, pausing for a few deep breaths.

“I’m going to need to have you help me lift this off the supports,” he said. “On three, okay?” “Okay,” I said, unsure of how much help I’d be. Shit, if he really got into trouble, how would I be of any help at all with 500 pounds?

Adam counted, “One... Two... Three.” I lifted and he pushed, and the bar rose off the struts. I let the bar move out of my hand as Adam positioned it above his head. He began to lower the weight and the 505 pounds moved toward his bulging chest. It grazed his nipples and he pushed it upward, his face contorting and his legs flexing. He didn’t arch his back. I assumed he knew what he was doing, and from the look of things, he seemed to have excellent form. The bar moved upward and his arms moved into an almost straightened position-- elbows still unlocked, but for all purposes, straight.

I prepared to help him maneuver the bar back to the supports, but he slowly bent his arms and the bar moved down again.

“Holy shit!” I said. “Fuck, Adam!” He didn’t even acknowledge me. The bar touched his chest, and he left it there for an instant and then pressed it up once again.

As I watched him push with all his might, my heart pounded. Shit, his muscular body was bulging and throbbing everywhere! I was overwhelmed. More than a quarter ton was being moved by this hunk, right in front of my eyes! He strained; his big arms shook slightly. I made a movement to help.

“No!” he hissed. “I have it.” His head turned to each side as he grunted the weight upward, never coming to a complete stop, up and higher, until his arms were straight enough to rack the bar. It landed in the supports with a clang.

“Holy mother shit!” I said. “You did 505 pounds for TWO reps!” Adam sat up and then almost immediately stood. He turned and faced me. “Yeah, I figured you needed to be impressed.” he smiled.

“Fuck, man. So what is your one-rep max?” Adam waved me off, giving an it doesn’t matter kind of expression while he breathed hard. His chest rose and fell. He wiped his brow. “Is it hot in here?” he half hissed as his lungs filled and emptied. Without waiting for an answer he pulled off his T-shirt.

Oh fuck.

He placed the shirt on the bench. His upper body glistened. His pecs were pumped! He straightened his arms in front of his torso and squeezed his pectoral muscles, then relaxed. He looked at me and slowly pumped his pec muscles, grinning. “Yeah,” he smiled.

“Oh shit,” I said, looking away.

“What’s wrong dude?” Adam teased. “You liking what you’re seeing?” He walked toward me and I looked back at him. “Relax, man,” he said. “It’s cool.” I could tell that my cock was about to burst, and I didn’t want him to get any closer. I took a step backward. Adam stopped. “Whew!” he said. His breathing was still hard, and it made his chest rise and fall-- very hot. “That was a pump!” He could sense that I was losi Oh shit. “Uh, I don’t know,” I hesitated. Shit, I had a full-on boner inside my pants! “You can if you want,” I hemmed.

“Awe come on, dude. Don’t worry about it.” He walked up to me, his jeans unzipped, exposing his boxers. He put his hand on my crotch and said, “I already know, man.”








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