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IE SQUEEZED MY JEANS slightly and my cock tightened. Shit, it felt so good! I couldn’t move. Adam smiled at me, “It’s okay, dude. It’s not a big deal; don’t get uptight. Shit, I was just like you when I was a teenager-- scared shitless that someone would find out.” His hand fell away from my crotch. “I’m going to go get some towels in the pool house,” he said. “We can put our clothes in there too. Come on.” The morning chill was giving way to the heat of the sun. So often, days in late May here could be cold and dank, but this wasn’t going to be one of those days. We stepped inside the pool house, which was more like a studio apartment than anything else. Adam threw his T-shirt on a couch. A closet on one wall had a supply of towels and he grabbed two, throwing one of them at me. “Last one into the pool has to give head,” he said. He paused a minute, turned his face to the side and then looked back at me, as if he were thinking something. “Oh, but wait. You’d probably like that,” he smiled. “Never mind.” He finished the unzipping of his pants that he had started outside and force his jeans down over his gargantuan quads. His pants finally succumbed to his pushing and made it all the way to the floor, surrounding his sneakers.

Holy fuckin’ shit! His massive legs were like nothing I’d ever seen, in person for sure, but even in pictures! They were like two turrets on a castle wall, thick, beefy, each with a circumference that nearly bested his waistline! And the shock of their sheer size was exceeded only by the amazement of their insane definition. Ripples of muscle cascaded over and around his legs-- a sight that might sicken some who had no interest in bodybuilding, but only served to make my cock spew a flow of precum from its slit. I could feel it dampen my briefs.

Seeing my look of disbelief at his quads, Adam pulled up his boxers. Fuuuuuuck. He exposed even more of the muscular mass, and I realized that I hadn’t been breathing for who knows how long. I sucked in a big breath of air. Adam looked down at himself and rotated his legs to allow me to see more of his astounding development. How did I not notice this before? I mean, yeah, I did see him in shorts when he washed his car, but for some reason I had only been mesmerized by his upper body then.

He took his hand and moved his quad muscle back and forth, rocking it, unflexed, and then suddenly he tightened the whole muscle and it hardened into a granite rock.

I nearly pissed my pants.

He looked up at me. My jaw was slack. “See anything you like?” he teased. I swallowed hard. I hadn’t spoken a word since we were out by the hot tub, and now, as I tried to respond, I could only make some unintelligible squeak.

“Okay, man,” Adam said, relaxing, “If you want to see more, you’re going to have to act in good faith. Off with the shirt.” So, this was it. It was becoming obvious now-- the road we were traveling. The destination was finally in sight. For some reason, my mom popped into my mind. What would she think? Why that thought appeared, I don’t know. I’ll leave that to the psychologists. But nonetheless, I felt a sense of ominous destiny overcoming me. My years of fantasizing were culminating-- reaching their climax, if you will, in the back yard of a mansion in Forest Grove. Mommy be damned, my musclegod was standing before me, totally accepting of my “bent,” and even if I wanted to turn away from this dream-come-true, there was no way I could. But, of course, that wasn’t an issue. I wanted to see Adam nude. I wanted to touch those legs. I wanted to romp with him in the pool, to stare at him in the hot tub, to wrap my hands around his flexing arms, to caress his massive chest, and to hold his wing-like lats as I leaned forward and kissed his lips and came on his abs.

“Come on, dude. You have to pay to play,” he said, awakening me from my thoughts.

Without delay, I pulled my shirt upward, over my head, and placed it on a leather chair.

Adam bent down and took off his tennis shoes, removed the jeans from his ankles and took of his socks. He was now wearing only his boxers, which incidentally, allowed a glimpse of the pouting treasure between his legs through the slit of fabric. “You going to swim in your pants, dude?” he smiled.

Seeing Adam like that, taunting me, wanting to get nude with me-- it relieved me of all inhibition. We were alone, just the two of us. Social mores didn’t matter. And certainly I had the approval of the only one who did matter. Adam liked me, and he was giving me full permission to just let go-- to let my true self, with all of my perverted lusts and desires, be seen. In fact, he wanted to see me that way. He wanted me to experience him.

I undid my belt, and unzipped my pants. Unlike Adam, I didn’t need to fight with my jeans to force them down over my quads. They fell to the floor. A huge banana had grown in my briefs. It extended up to my left hip; an obvious blotch of precum moistened the white cotton fabric. It was enough to completely encircle my head, giving me a visible penis line where the rim of my circumcision was.

“Shit, man,” Adam smiled. “Nice development!” I didn’t know if he was referring to my build or my boner, and I got the distinct impression he was being intentionally ambiguous.

Without any fanfare or drama at all-- well, maybe just a little bit of suspense-- Adam slowly slipped his thumbs inside the waistband of his boxers and pulled outward. In order to get boxers to hug his freakishly narrow waistline, the legs of the fabric were necessarily narrow too; they just didn’t make clothes with bodybuilders-- let alone one with Adam’s dimensions-- in mind. Consequently, it was obvious that another confrontation between fabric and quad muscle was about to ensue. But before the battle trumpet could be blown, the elastic of his waistband moved lower, finally allowing his manhood to spring forth. It was flaccid-- or was it? It pointed downward, but it arched outward; thick and long. His pubes were trimmed, but not manicured. It looked so hot! He forced the underwear downward, shimmying it on the left side, and then the right-- back and forth as he bent forward, momentarily blocking my view of his cock. Then he stood erect and stepped out of his boxers, smiling, in all his glory. He put one hand on his hip and said, “So, what do you think?” Again, my jaw was slack. “Fuck.” It was the perfect body. Better than perfect. Adam was my every fantasy.

He smiled coyly. “Oh, that’ll come later-- if you’re good,” he teased.

He didn’t bother to wait for me to take off my briefs; he grabbed his towel and went out the door. In seconds I heard him splash into the pool. I quickly pulled down my briefs and fumbled with my shoes, losing my balance as I tried to free my foot from my jeans. I fell onto the leather chair, laughing to myself.

Adam hollered from the pool, “You coming out here, or are you jackin’ off without me?” A smirk formed on my face as I finally freed myself from my clothes. “I’m coming!” “That’s what I’m afraid of,” Adam laughed. “Save some for me!” I grabbed my towel and looked down at my throbbing penis. It was as hard as it had ever been, erect almost to the point of lying against my abs. It cried a long, glistening tear of precum that dribbled down the shaft. I had always produced a lot of precum, but you could have waxed Adam’s Vette with the amount of gloss I was turning out now. I closed the door behind me, threw my towel on a pool chair and dove into the pool, making every effort to get in the water as soon as possible.

The water was perfect. I came up and shook out my hair. The warm sun radiated on the house and farmlands. It was simply beautiful. Adam, at the other end of the pool, let out a whoop and made a big splash. “This is great!” he said. “I haven’t been in the pool for a year, I bet.” He treaded water and looked up at the richness of his parent’s estate. “Shit, I’d move back in here if I could have this all to myself!” Then he looked over to me and said, “But not enough privacy, if you know what I mean.” “Your parents pretty conservative?” I asked. I was closer to the shallow end so as my feet touched the bottom, I straightened my legs; the water hit me just below my chest, keeping my stiff cock below the water line.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “I’d probably be excommunicated if they found out I was bi.” I had realized that he was indeed bisexual, but it was kind of a shock to my system to hear him verbalize it.

Adam slipped under the water and swam toward me, surfacing about three feet in front of me, slightly deeper than I was. The pool water had relaxed my cock a bit; it didn’t hurt like it had before. But seeing Adam right there got my cardiovascular system pumping fast again. Adam stood on the pool bottom, rising up so that the water hit him just at his nipples. His traps were like two monoliths guarding the tower of his neck. Fuck, I wanted to feel them. And that smile again.

“Well, you were the last one in the pool,” he grinned. “Looks like you’re going to be the one giving head.” I tried not to react.

Adam laughed. “Don’t worry, man. Just kidding. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want.” Again, I remained silent.

Adam’s fact lit up. “Hey, you want to play Marco Polo?” This guy was too much. I mean, such a perfect body, and an energetic “alive” personality to boot!

We must have spent an hour in the pool playing games, the highlight being when Adam took me on a round-the-pool tour on his back. It was under the guise of him being a porpoise and me being some kind of Sea World trainer or something like that. I forget the details about the pretense of the game, but I will always remember vividly the experience of me holding onto his hard traps as my naked body moved through the water on top of his wide back.

A few trips back and forth between the pool and the hot tub, and before we knew it, it was mid-afternoon.

Adam leaned his head back against the cement surrounding the hot tub. The bubbles swirled around as we rested. He opened his eyes and brought his head forward. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can wait to get back to town to eat. Let’s go inside and see what Marie has in the fridge.” I wasn’t about to argue. I was famished. We cooled off in the pool and dried off. Adam wrapped his towel around his waist. “We can get our clothes after we eat, dude.” By now I was completely at ease with Adam, and instead of giving it a second thought, I relished in the idea of being in the house with him, clad only in our towels as we ate.

“Marie always has stuff ready to eat,” Adam said opening the huge industrial-sized fridge. “Have a seat, dude,” he said, motioning me to the island and a stool. I obeyed. He made some sandwiches and we drank pop. Nothing fancy, for sure, but it tasted great; and just watching Adam’s body as he moved through the kitchen and then sat and ate with me, was stirring indeed.

As we finished, he looked at me and said, “Want to see some of the house?” “Sure,” I said, gulping down the last of my pop.

I followed his wide back up their circular entry staircase. We peeked inside his parent’s huge bedroom and their master bath that was probably bigger than one whole floor of my mom’s house.

“How many square feet is this place,” I asked.

“The main house is 14,000,” he said matter-of-factly. “But then there’s the guest house, the pool house, the gym and the garage.” We walked back into the hall, looking down into the entryway. “Come on,” he said, “I’ll show you my old room.” As we walked down the hallway, his huge lats cutting a wide path before me, he said, “Actually it’s still my room. I use it whenever I come out and stay overnight.” He opened the double doors and we walked in.

“Shit,” I said.

The place was huge, but I don’t know why I would have expected anything else. Large windows opened out onto the grounds and the city in the distance. He had his own bathroom, a flat screen TV, a wet bar, and just about anything else you could imagine putting into a luxury suite.

Adam smiled. “Yeah, there’s no place like home,” he said.

I walked over and placed the palm of my hand on the large ball on the end of his four-post bed.

“I’ve always liked big balls,” he grinned. I grinned back. He walked toward me; I found myself standing close to him.

The moment seemed to slow. A tenderness began to emerge. Adam’s demeanor softened from gregarious to thoughtful. He put his hand on my shoulder, and my heart began pounding in my chest.

Under my towel, my dick began to thicken as blood engorged it. Just standing next to Mr. Muscles-- Mr. Gorgeous Muscles-- made me hard.

He moved closer.


Our eyes were locked on each other. His face came closer to mine, and I melted as he wrapped his big, strong arms around me, gently pulling me into his warm, hard body. He smiled into my eyes, and I felt so at ease. “I’m glad we met,” he said softly. “You’re kind of like the little brother I never had.” I smiled up at him, unable to speak. I was hopelessly in love, and the object of my love was holding me close in his big, strong arms. My knees went weak.

Slowly, sensually, Adam moved his face to mine and our lips met. It was soft and gentle, a slow love-kiss that exuded restrained passion. My hands moved up onto his thick chest. His hands undid the towel wrapped around his waist, and then mine. Our lips locked and my cock sprang up, saluting the man of my dreams, dribbling him with my offering of lust. His cock, not yet fully erect, thickened and grew; and although I didn’t look down at it, I could feel it as he pulled his hips back and let it grow between my legs. Instinctively, I brought my legs together, wrapping it tightly, and Adam moaned. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth. His cock grew stiff between my legs, now easily sticking out between them beneath my butt. It was thick and hard, and I could feel it as it pressed against my sphincter and ass, being restrained from rising to a full vertical position because of its location between my legs.

My hands moved off Adam’s chest and out to his lats. Fuck. We must have embraced like this for ten or fifteen minutes before Adam finally moved me onto his bed. He laid me back, lifted my legs up, grabbing my ankles and spreading my ass wide. As he stood on the floor, he leaned forward and slowly began to knock on my door, his head pushing against my hole.

A little more pressure. My rectum began to spread and open, welcoming the thick, muscular, hard foreign object inside.

As soon as the lip of his head cleared my sphincter, my anus wrapped itself around him. He slowly moved a little farther inside. Part of me wanted him to just shove it in quickly; but the slow, steady insertion drove me wild. I panted loudly. My cock was streaming a steady, shiny rivulet of clear precum that trailed down my hip. Before Adam was even two inches inside of me, I came.

With a violent jerk of my whole body, I let out a noise that was half yell, half whimper. I shot a long, thick rope of cream up onto my chest. Adam gripped my ankles tightly and despite my involuntary efforts to bring my legs down as I ejaculated, they were no match for his powerful arms. He slid a little farther inside. I bucked as another surge of white paste gushed out of me, landing on my chest and chin. Adam held my ankles still; he seemed to move inside a little faster now, and as I spurt out my third volley, his whole body tightened. As I opened my eyes, I saw, and felt, him jerk with a moan. He shoved himself all the way in and held his hips tightly against me. He was still, but his face scrunched tighter and tighter. Suddenly, I felt his cock click open inside me, and I could detect the sensation of warm, thick liquid beginning to fill me. This only served to intensify my own orgasm, and as he held perfectly still, save his throbbing cock as it emptied its contents into my ass, I jerked hard with each of my discharges. His grip on my ankles began to hurt. Shit, he was strong! We both moaned and ejaculated for quite a few minutes. It was long and intense, yet tender and sensual.

Finally, Adam opened his eyes and looked down at me. He pushed against my ass slightly, squeezing out the last of his jizz. His face was expressionless. Pure power. Remaining inside me, he slowly moved my body, rotating it so my head rested on the pillows. His strong body navigated us both so that he was on top of me, his thick, hard dick still firmly planted inside me. It was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt; I never wanted him to come out. He slumped on top of me and the puddle of cum that I had produced for him began to smear and slush between us, his deeply cut abs swirling the cream against my stomach. He buried his head in my neck and I found my hands manipulating his broad back. We laid like this for quite a long time, alternating between lengthy, sensual kisses and restful periods of cuddling. Eventually, Adam moved off of me, but his penis was still firmly entrenched. He reclined next to me and we faced each other on our sides.

“There’s going to be a lot of cum on your bedspread,” I said.

Adam smiled and whispered, “Yeah.” That was the only verbal exchange between us before we both fell asleep in each other’s arms, his cock still at residence inside me.








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