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IAWOKE TO A SUDDEN JERK of Adam’s head. He lifted it off the pillow. We were in the same position as I had remembered, facing each other on our sides. He was still inside me, although the thickness of his presence was not as evident as it had been when we had fallen asleep.

“What was that?” Adam whispered, looking at the open bedroom door. His face was concerned.

“What,” I said.

“There was a noise downstairs.” We both remained silent, frozen.

“Adam? Are you two boys still here?” It was his mother! Her voice echoed from the kitchen through the house. “I know you’re here because the Rover is still in the driveway.” “Shit!” Adam gasped. “It’s my parents! They’re home!” Immediately he pulled out of me and jumped to his feet. “Fuck, man!” he said. He grabbed the two towels on the ground and opened his closet door. He went inside, dropped the towels in a hamper and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. He quickly tossed some clothes to me and I scurried to put them on. He came out of his closet and turned on his TV. “Find something to watch and make like we were watching TV!” He threw me the remote. His panic was obvious.

“Yeah, mom! We’re up here watching TV!” he hollered down to the main floor.

There was footfall on the staircase. “I thought you two were going to take those boxes back to your house,” his mom said. Her voice was painfully close now. Her entry into Adam’s bedroom was imminent. Adam opened his bedroom door all the way (it had been only partially closed) and greeted his mother. I laid on the bed with the remote control in my hand; the TV was tuned to the golf channel.

“Oh, well, we got interested in this TV show while I was showing Drew the house, and I guess we lost track of time,” he said, giving her a patronizing kiss.

His mom looked at the TV. “I didn’t know you were interested in golf, Adam.” “Uh... oh, well, I’m not, really,” he said. “Uh... Drew, here, is thinking of taking it up, so we wanted to watch this tournament.” His mom cast a suspicious glance at me. I prayed she wouldn’t notice that I was wearing Adam’s clothes. She looked at Adam. “Weren’t you wearing something else when we left?” “Uh... yeah,” he said. “Drew and I took a little swim before I took him on a tour of the house.” “Oh,” his mom responded. “Yes, now that it’s spring and the weather is improving, I’m glad that pool is getting put to some good use.” “Yeah, it was great,” Adam said.

His mom turned and left the room, “Your father and I hit some great sales. Come on down when you’re done, and see what we got,” she said as she walked down the hall.

“Sure, mom. We were just finishing up anyway. We’ll be right down.” I WASN’T TOTALLY CONVINCED that she bought Adam’s story.

“Adam,” I gasped as he closed the door. “Our clothes are out in the pool house!” “Just relax, dude,” he said. “Make like it’s nothing abnormal and they won’t think anything’s up. When we go down, just make small talk and get in the Range Rover. I’ll get our stuff from the pool house and join you there.

“Okay,” I said, not totally enthusiastic about Adam’s plan.

We eventually made it out of the house. As we sped down the long driveway toward the road, Adam grinned at me, “Shit, man! That was close!” I couldn’t have agreed more; and yet I thought it a little strange that a 27 year-old man was so concerned about what his parents thought. But regardless, I was just happy to be with Adam, and I was glad to have participated in such a great escape with my idol.

“So, this morning you said you had some big plans for this evening,” I said. “What do you have in store?” “Oh shit!” Adam said. He grabbed his cell phone and placed a call. “Hey Rafe! How’d it go this morning?!” I heard some unintelligible voice in Adam’s phone.

“You make your class okay at the weigh-in?” Adam asked.

From the phone’s speaker I could make out a “Yeah! Just barely,” and some more talking.

“Awesome, dude! So, how did you look? You have the cuts? You think you did okay?” The voice began to ramble on, and I wasn’t able to tell what he was talking about. Finally Adam finished the conversation and turned to me. “That was Rafe. He’s my buddy from Olympia. He’s down in the city for a bodybuilding contest tonight. That’s what we’re doing tonight,” he said.

I had never been to a bodybuilding contest.

“The prejudging was this morning,” Adam continued. “Rafe made his weight, so he’s in the light-heavy class. He thought he did pretty good in the prejudging. The finals are tonight at the Community Center in West Linn. We have fourth row tickets; we’ll be sitting next to his wife, Jennifer.” “Awesome,” I said. I have to admit I was a little nervous. The prospect of seeing a bunch of musclemen flexing their physiques in front of me made me nervous and excited at the same time.

“Rafe is a cool guy,” Adam continued. “You’ll like him. After the show, we’re going over to my place for pizza and beer. You can bet Rafe will be hogging all the food! He’s been dieting for this contest for ten weeks!” The Range Rover flew down the road toward the city, under the budding spring trees. Adam placed his strong hand on my knee and squeezed. He looked over at me and said softly, “You all right with what happened back there?” Without hesitation I said, “Yeah, man. If you are.” Adam smiled. His grin grew. “Shit, dude. That was the hottest sex I can ever remember having. You are one awesome fuck, man!” I grinned. Who would have ever thought I would hear my idol say words like that to me? I was floating on air. I put my hand on Adam’s hand and held it on top of my knee.


THE AUDITORIUM WAS PACKED with bodies-- many of them physiques that rivaled Adam’s development. Shit, this was a muscle worshipper’s dream! I found my cock in a perpetual state of arousal as we made our way through the lobby, down the aisle and to our seats. Adam led us to two seats that were right next to a beautiful woman.

“Jen!” Adam said as he bent down to hug her. “How you doing?!” He leaned over her and they embraced. She beamed.

“Great, Adam! Good to see you!” “Jen, this is Drew,” he said, motioning to me.

I shook her hand. “Glad to meet you,” I said.

“You too,” she said. She was gorgeous. (Okay, I may be gay, but I’m not blind.) Adam and I took our seats next to her. The two of them caught up and talked about how Rafe did in the prejudging while I checked out the meat in the auditorium. Fuck, there were so many built men here! My hardon was screaming for relief! One of the guys in the front row, seated behind a long table, was particularly well-built. I assumed he was one of the judges. Shit, his back could have substituted for the deck of an aircraft carrier! Occasionally he turned to either side, and I caught a glimpse of his mammoth arms! Holy shit!

As Adam took a break from his conversation with Jen, I said to him, “You see that guy in the front row? Fuck, he’s stacked!” Adam looked at him. “Yeah, he’s big,” he said. “But he’s on ‘roids. You can tell. I’ve seen him in competition. He’s big alright, but he never loses enough fat to make his cuts. Way too soft.” I couldn’t see how someone that stacked could be labeled “too soft,” but in time I would learn what Adam was talking about. I kept checking out the other guys in the audience, and as I did so, I realized that any of them who saw Adam couldn’t keep their eyes off him. A few of them nudged their buddies to take a look. Adam was indeed a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder. I felt a tingle, just sitting next to this Herculean Adonis.

The competition started, and I got my first look at Rafe. Holy fuck. He was huge, and gorgeous! I was a little taken aback by the tanning stuff the bodybuilders put on, but I was a somewhat prepared for it, having spend multiple hours watching competition videos and looking at contest photos. Admittedly, I stained many of those pictures with my semen, but I could still see that underneath my cum, the contestants were painted with skin-darkening lotion.

But in real-life it looked a little different. Not bad, mind you; just different.


RAFE WAS INDEED A SIGHT TO BEHOLD. He was easily the biggest, most gorgeous guy in his class. He had jet-black hair, a little longer than Adam’s. His white teeth were perfect, peering out from behind his blackened face. When he would hit a “most muscular” pose, I could hear the audience gasp. Adam leaned over to Jennifer and said, “Shit, Jen, I’ve never seen his deltoids look so good! He’s got bowling balls up there!” But when all was said and done, he only got second in the Light-heavy class. In my opinion, the guy who beat him didn’t deserve it, but I had to admit I wasn’t aware of all of the intricacies to look for in competition. All I could say, and this is totally my subjective opinion, is that if I had to decide on one contestant I would want to go to bed with, it would have definitely been Rafe. Seriously.

Since Rafe didn’t make the finals, we decided to leave, with Jennifer, before the competition was over. We met a disappointed Rafe outside the auditorium. Jen tried to comfort him, as did Adam. Rafe and I were introduced, and Adam gave the two of them directions to his house, right next to mine.

By ten o’clock, we were all in Adam’s living room, wolfing down pizza and beer (Adam pretended not to look as his underaged neighbor imbibed). Rafe had washed much of the tanning stuff off in Adam’s shower, and he looked totally hot. I especially enjoyed watching Jennifer occasionally touch or kiss Rafe. He was as tall as Adam and easily as muscular. His darker complexion and jet-black hair was totally hot to me. But most of all, he seemed to look at me all the time-- and talk to me. It was like he was liking me, or something (!). Every time he’d talk, tell a joke or mention the competition, he’d look over at me like he wanted to make sure I was being included in the conversation! At a few points in the evening, he even put his hand on my shoulder! I was overwhelmed.

“So, you and Jennifer going back up to Olympia tomorrow?” Adam asked Rafe as the last of the pizza was being swallowed.

“Naw,” Rafe said, looking at his wife. “She spent all day today helping me with the contest, so tomorrow’s her day with her two sisters here in town. They’re going shopping all day. I get to hole up in the hotel room,” he said with controlled sarcasm.

“Shit, man,” Adam interjected. “Why don’t you come over here! Drew and I are just going to be hanging together. No reason the girls should be the only ones to have the fun!” “You’re on, bro!” Rafe said. He turned to Jennifer, “Hon, can you drop me off here before you pick up your sisters?” So, the plans were finalized. Jen would enjoy the company of her sisters while I enjoyed the company of two of the hottest, hunkiest musclemen on the West Coast. This was going to be one awesome weekend!


SUNDAY MORNING BROKE with the sound of Adam clanging pots and pans down in my mom’s kitchen again. I rolled over to look at the clock, which read 8:30. Clumps of cum on my sheets rubbed against me as I looked at the time, and I realized that I must have discharged quite a bit overnight.

“Come on, dude!” I heard Adam call from the kitchen. “Rafe’s going to be here in a half hour, man! Let’s get hopping!” I ate quickly, showered and threw the blankets back on my bed, making only a token effort to straighten my room, then headed downstairs. Adam had cleaned the kitchen, and we walked over to his house to wait for Rafe.

The car finally pulled into the driveway, and Rafe got out, kissing his wife goodbye. As Jennifer drove off Rafe started up the driveway. He was wearing a ringer T-shirt: light blue with dark blue rings at the neck and sleeves. It was my favorite kind of T-shirt, and on Rafe it was absolutely amazing. The rings of the sleeves wrapped around his steel arms, accentuating their mass. The shirt was tucked into his narrow waist, and as he walked, his thick lats pushed his arms out. Fuck, he was too hot to handle!

He saw me through the window, and waved, flashing a smile that I could only describe as dazzling. My heart raced at the sight of him walking toward the house. Sure, no one would ever be able to supersede Adam as my Number One, but just because my heart belonged to Superman didn’t mean I couldn’t occasionally enjoy the sight of Captain Marvel...

Adam opened the door and the two musclehunks embraced. I watched, trying to avoid swooning at the sight.

“Come on in, champ!” Adam said.

Rafe walked in smiling that smile and Adam closed the door behind him. His profile was a study in overblown proportions; I couldn’t believe how thick and massive his chest was! It pouted out over his rack of abs and ribs-- two beautiful nipples crowning the beefiest slabs of chest meat I had ever seen! “Well, I don’t think you can call me a champ since I only got second place in my class, dude,” he said. The funny thing is, while he was actually talking to Adam, he was looking right at me, walking toward me! It was like I was the one he was looking forward to seeing! “How you doin’ bud?” he said as he extended his hand. “Good to see you again!”


I EXTENDED MY HAND LIKEWISE, and, basking in his unbroken stare, I smiled back. Then, as if a simple handshake wasn’t enough for us, Rafe took one arm and wrapped it around me, pulling me into himself. He engulfed me with his other arm and we hugged tightly. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so without thinking I put each one on his protruding lats. Involuntarily, I squeezed them, and found that my hands were holding two of the hugest, hardest muscles I could imagine. “Shit, dog,” he said to me as his neck nuzzled mine, “I’m glad you were there last night. It was good to have a cheering section in the audience.” I really didn’t want to let go of them-- his lats; but Rafe released me just barely in time to avoid making the situation “too much.” On the surface it ended up being a totally okay guy-type of greeting, although to me, it was an embrace that I will never forget. Fuck.

“So, Rafe,” Adam said as we collected ourselves, “You get anyone to take your pictures while you’re in competition shape?” “Well, Jen took a few of me Friday night, but those were in the hotel room. We downloaded them onto our laptop; they turned out okay, but the lighting wasn’t that great.” Adam opened a cabinet in his living room and pulled out an expensive-looking camera. “I have just the ticket, then,” he smiled. “You want to get some professional looking pics man?” “Shit, dude,” Rafe grinned. “That’d be really cool!” He looked over at me and flashed that heart-stopping shiny grin again, and I could feel my face getting warm.

Adam’s cell phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket, looking at the screen. “Unknown number,” he said. “Hmmm.” It rang again, and Adam pressed the “accept” button and said “Hello, this is Adam.” I could hear a voice, but not what they were saying. Adam’s face turned curious for a second, then serious.

Then very serious.

Then the color ran out of his face; he was pale white.

“Which hospital did you say?” he said, turning away from Rafe and me. “Okay, I’ll be right there.” He closed the phone and turned back to us.

“My parents-- they’ve been in an accident. It’s serious. They said it’s very serious. I have to go-- I need to get down there.” He looked frightened, disoriented.

“Shit, man,” Rafe said quietly. “What happened?” “I don’t know,” he said. “They just said that I need to get down to the hospital right away. I gotta go.” He looked at me, and then back at Rafe. “Dude, can you stay here with Drew? Uh-- I need to get down there.” He was still sounding unsure of himself. I wanted to cry-- I could see he was panicking. They must have told him some real bad news.

“Dude, go.” Rafe said. “I’ll be here all day; whatever you need. You need me to come down to the hospital with you?” “No. Uh, no, man,” Adam said. “I think I should go alone. It might take awhile. I don’t know. You guys don’t want to be stuck down there all day.” “You sure man?” Rafe asked.

“Yeah. I’d really appreciate it if you’d just stay here and keep Drew company.” “I’m okay,” I said. “I can handle being by myself, man.” Adam smiled. “Yeah, I know dude. I don’t mean you can’t. I’m just thinking I need to be down there and it’s going to be awhile. No sense in both of you spending the whole day down there, and I only have one car here anyway.” “No problem,” Rafe said. “We’ll be alright here. Drew and I will be okay. I’ll call Jennifer later on and see when she’s going to be done shopping. Take your cell phone, man, and we can talk later. You just need to get down there now. We’ll figure out any other logistics later. Get going.” “Yeah. Right,” Adam said. He grabbed his car keys and hurried out the door.

As soon as the Range Rover was out of the driveway, Rafe said, “Shit, I hope everything’s going to be okay, man.” “Yeah,” was all I could think of to say.

We both sat down; Rafe on an overstuffed chair, and me on the couch. The radiance of Rafe’s smile was gone. Our faces were long with concern for our friend.


“THAT’S THE BAD THING ABOUT SPRINGTIME,” Rafe said, flipping through the channels, “there’s no football on.” He kept clicking through and stopped on a golf match. I tried to hide my amusement at the coincidence from yesterday in Adam’s room. Rafe resumed clicking. “I hate golf on TV. Totally worthless.” Finally he landed on an NBA game and we settled back to watch it.

Later, Rafe called out from Adam’s kitchen: “There’s a shitload of pizza in the fridge. I’d say he bought way too much for last night. You want me to heat some up?” “Sure, man,” I said. “I’m hungry.” He heated it up and came around the corner with not only the pizza but a couple of beers. “You’re a senior in high school aren’t you? That means you’re 21 right?” he grinned.

“Uh, yeah,” I smiled broadly. “I’ve been 21 since I was 15!” Rafe laughed out loud; it was a great break in the tension. He sat the food and beers down and assumed a position on the couch right next to me. We ate and drank. He leaned back and stretched his right arm around behind me and with his left hand he used the remote to turn the volume way down on the basketball game.

“So, dude,” he said, “you ever think about taking up bodybuilding?” “Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t think I could ever get to the point where you and Adam are.” Rafe didn’t respond right away, but finally said, “It does take a lot of commitment-- and discipline. And a lot of time. But after a few years, all the hard work starts to pay off.” He bent his left arm and flexed his biceps muscle. “You agree?” As he flexed, the sheer mass of his arm forced the ring of cotton around his biceps to shrink back toward his deltoids.

“Shit, yeah, man,” I said. The peak on Rafe’s arm was unbelievable-- split into two distinct heads. “Fuck! That peak is incredible!” I could feel Rafe’s smile light up the room, even though I was sitting too close to him to really see it. He rotated his forearm slightly. Fuck, his forearm alone was probably thicker than my biceps! As he turned his hand back and forth, his freakish biceps bulged and grew. “Hard as a rock, dude. Hard as a rock,” he said.

My cock was getting hard, I could tell.

Suddenly Rafe’s cell phone rang. He looked at it and opened it up. “Hi sweetie,” he said. He stood up and walked to the other side of the room, explaining everything about Adam’s abrupt departure. “Yeah, he hasn’t called yet. It’s been a few hours, so I don’t know what’s up.” She said something, and then he said “Well, I don’t want to bother him. He knows we’re here. If he doesn’t call by 4:00 then I’ll give him a try.” More of Jen’s voice on the phone, then Rafe said, “No, no. You gals go and enjoy yourselves. There’s nothing any of us can do anyway. Drew and I are getting to know each other over here, and we’re having a great time.” He glanced over at me and smiled. I melted-- totally in lust. “You go ahead and have fun. I’ll see you later tonight... Love you too.” He hung up and joined me back on the couch. “She’s going to be gone until 7 or 8. They’re going out to eat after the malls close. You mind spending the rest of the day with an over-muscled pizza addict?” he said, squeezing my shoulder as he put his arm around me.

“Shit, no, man,” I said. “I’m just having a hard time believing I’m here with a guy who was up on stage blowing everyone away with his physique only yesterday.” I knew it was stretching things a bit, and I did feel a little uncomfortable commenting so openly about how much I admired his body, but I guess my encounter with Adam had emboldened me. Besides, the way Rafe always smiled at me and talked to me made me feel so at ease...

That smile again... it radiated next to my face as we watched the TV together.

“You ever register those guns of yours with the police department?” I chided. I could tell he was going to like that one.

Rafe laughed, and I could feel it resonate throughout his whole body as he sat close to me, his right arm draped behind me. “Naw,” he said, “I figure I have the right to bear arms. It’s guaranteed in the Constitution, dude!” This time it was my turn to laugh, and Rafe joined me. His right hand moved up to my head and he tousled my hair. “Besides,” he said, bending his left arm again, and flexing his biceps into another inhuman ball of iron, “you don’t think this little thing is a threat to anyone, do you?” He kept flexing it, watching me as I gasped at it’s size, peak and unreal definition. He moved it slightly closer to me.

“Holy fuck, man,” I said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen muscles so huge and defined like that. They’re freaky awesome!” Rafe kept his arm flexed. “It’s the dieting, man. Makes all of the muscles pop right out. Looks pretty cool, huh.” “God; I’d love to have muscles like that,” I fawned.

“Well,” he said, straightening his arm and then bending it again into a huge ball of molten steel, “in one sense, you do.” “Yeah right. My arm looks like a stick compared to yours.” “No, I mean, since we’re here together, this hard baby is all yours, man,” he said. “Go ahead. Give it a feel.” I guess the combination of the beer and his relaxed attitude gave me the balls to do it... I raised my hand to his flexing arm and felt it.

“Fuuuuuck,” I whispered. I moved my hand all over the huge ball of muscle. Then, since one hand was nowhere near capable of experiencing all of it, I brought my other hand up. Rafe kept lengthening his arm and tightening it. My hands moved slowly all over his biceps and triceps; even, occasionally, up onto his chorded forearm, and onto his shoulder. “God in heaven...” I whimpered.

Rafe made like he was interested in the game on TV, but he kept flexing-- then straightening, then flexing again-- tightening his arm harder and harder each time. He must have let me feel for two or three minutes before he lowered his arm and said, “You’re only feeling one part of the package, dude.” He looked around, as if to scope out some place more private-- like we needed somewhere secret to go. Then, as if he had just realized there was no one else in the house, he stopped looking around. He put his arm down and moved away from me. It was only then that I realized I had been fully leaning against his warm, muscular body. He leaned back, took his fingers and pulled the T-shirt fabric out from his pants and pulled up. The T-shirt protested greatly, but eventually he succeeded in taking it all the way off, and he laid it on the couch beside him.

What I saw, sitting next to me, would have made even the straightest man go mad with lust. Rippling muscles moved in concert all over his torso. His chest-- so thick you could place matchbox cars on its shelf and not have them roll off-- hung only inches from my face. His shoulders could have cut a swath wide enough for a tank to pass. His traps, so massive they could have easily challenged the thickness and hardness of Adam’s... Holy shit. I found myself trembling at the close proximity I was to all of that manly muscle.

“So, dude,” Rafe smiled, “where do you want to start?” He slowly leaned back into the sofa cushion, gently pulling me with him. He turned his attention ostensibly to the TV and said, “Knock yourself out, kid. Make yourself at home.” I leaned into his outstretched right arm and relaxed into his torso. Rafe gently took my right hand with his left and placed it on his left deltoid. I kept my hand on his shoulder as he let it go. It was very warm, and very hard. Soon, I found my hand moving down onto the shelf of his pectoral muscle. Rafe kept watching the TV, as if he was totally unaware of the feel-out job he was about to get. I let my hand rest on his upper pec. It rose and fell with his breaths. Slowly, I moved my hand downward onto one of the two massive slabs of beef that comprised his chest. He remained still, letting me explore its hardness, its mass, its supple warmth. My palm found his nipple. The areola was as big as a half dollar and the peanut of his nipple protruded against my hand. Rafe, his eyes still on the TV, seemed to jump slightly at the touch of my hand on his nipple. I had found a sensitive spot.

I couldn’t help but look at my hand as it caressed the massive, sensual chest of this muscleman. I stared at it and moved it slightly. My fingertips slipped onto the side of his pec and cupped it while my palm rubbed his nipple. My hand squeezed the huge block of meat, unable to encompass it fully. It overflowed my hand, and despite any effort I might have made-- or any man might have made-- no one hand could contain it.


AND THEN… SLOWLY, WITH HIS EYES still on the TV, Rafe tightened his pec. I gasped softly. He didn’t flinch his attention. The wide, thick muscle began to ripple and I squeezed it gently again. Finally, Rafe unglued his eyes from the TV and looked down at my hand as it felt out his magnificent pec. He seemed to approve, slowly flexing it more and making it dance for my worshipping fingers.

Some kind of miracle must have been in place, because amazingly, I didn’t cum. Although I easily could have. Maybe, somehow, Rafe willed me to wait. I don’t know; but I do know that everything within me was crying out for more of him. And in that department, he was only too willing to oblige. He looked at me and smiled, and I knew he liked that I was enjoying him.

“Fuck,” I whimpered.

As if to invite me further into his body, Rafe flexed his other pec muscle. My hand moved toward the deep, deep crevasse between them, burying itself in the canyon. Yet, it refused to leave the warm, hard surface of the pectoral muscle it had bonded with. But still the other pec beckoned.

What to do.

Not one to limit my options, I quickly solved the predicament. It would be risky, for sure. But there seemed no other way to fully enjoy the offer that was being tendered.

Slowly, as I kept my eyes on Rafe’s encouraging gaze, while keeping my hand on the burgeoning muscle beneath it, I moved my face to the exposed pectoral muscle. His eyes gave me permission. The twinkle prompted me to follow my urge.

I found my lips on his open nipple and he sighed. His chest rippled slowly, communicating his approval, and as my hand gently massaged one pec, my lips and tongue began to enjoy the nipple on the other.

Rafe seemed to forget all about the TV.

He moaned and allowed his head to drop back. I took that as a signal. He was pleased. My lips enveloped his nipple and began to tug at it.

I suckled gently.

He flexed gently.

It was a concert of lust. He, lusting after my affections. Me, lusting after his incomparable body. Presently, I felt the sensation of pressure upon my hardened cock. Rafe’s left hand moved over my crotch and gently squeezed the fully erect member in my jeans. I let out a deep breath. It was confirmed. This was going to be one hell of an afternoon.

As I kissed-- and felt-- his chest, Rafe deftly unbuckled my pants and zipped down my zipper. My tighty-whities could barely contain my enthusiasm for his muscular presence. With discipline that would have never found a home within myself, Rafe’s fingers refused entry under my elastic band, instead taking a surface path and gently caressing my tumescent penis as it laid covered in cotton-- the result being an erotic sensation that I will never forget. Rafe’s muscular fingers gingerly stretched across my cotton-clad boner, softly caressing it through the fabric.

He moaned as he felt its hardness.

I moaned as I kissed his nipple.

Soon, without really knowing how we got there, we found our lips together. It was tender and unbelievably sensual. We were soon locked in a tongue-bathing embrace-- each one of us passionately holding back, enjoying the lustful advances of the other. Our tongues moved over each other’s, and we cautiously, reverently explored the expanse of the other’s mouth as our hands continued to explore pec and penis, respectively.

Rafe finally, after what seemed like hours, slipped his strong fingers under my waistband, and I found his warm, muscular digits moving down my precum-soaked shaft. He seemed to intuitively know just how much pressure he could apply to my cock to bring it to the boiling point, without making it explode.

I found myself whimpering with each breath.

Rafe pulled his mouth back from mine. He could tell I was near the end. He looked down at my waist, pulled his hand from my underwear, and pushed my pants down. I assisted him, and within seconds my pants and briefs were on the floor. I took my socks off as well. Rafe had his pants off in seconds; and we were both buck naked.

Gently, he maneuvered me on top of his rippling torso. I straddled him, with my legs wrapped around his magnificent lats. His huge upper arms rested on my thighs; his hands held my waist. My penis rose in the air above his massive chest. Precum dribbled out my slit, down my shaft and onto his cleavage. I could feel the individual mounds of his abdominal muscles underneath my ass. He pulled my shoulders forward and as I placed my hands on the back of the couch behind him, my cock nestled itself in the cleft of his chest.

He slowly started to flex his pectorals, engulfing my burgeoning penis with waves of warm, hardening muscle. The sheer mass of his guy’s chest! It surrounded the very essence of my manhood, pulling it deeper and deeper into the warm, tight ravine.

He wanted me to fuck his chest.

I couldn’t have resisted if I wanted to. I gently bucked my hips and began moving my hard cock up and down the canyon between his pecs. I moaned again. He kept flexing. His thick, massive muscles cradled my quivering cock as I continued to rub it up and down.


And down...

Painfully slowly. It was pure torture.

I felt my body tighten. The semen in my balls roiled. My cock thickened. Rafe’s chest wrapped itself tightly around my shaft and I pushed upward one... more... time...

With a burst that sent my sperm shooting up onto Rafe’s face and beyond, I exploded with a moan that shook me to my foundation. My second burst of cum hit his chin hard, some of it spurting up onto his lips. He looked up into my eyes and held my hips tightly with his hands, encouraging me to release even more.

I couldn’t have stopped anyway.

Another long rope of my milk shot out and splashed up onto Rafe’s model-like face. His eyes-- deeply entranced with my face-- didn’t flinch. I groaned loudly-- almost a yell. More cum onto Rafe’s face and neck. More onto his neck and chest. Rafe’s strong hands held me tightly as I squeezed out every last drop of my love offering. Most of my semen ended up shooting onto the underside of his chin, dribbling onto his neck, trickling onto the cushion that supported him.

My legs easily would have crushed a lesser man. But Rafe didn’t even seem to notice the uncontrollable force with which they clamped around his torso.

“Oh shit!” I groaned, as another blast of milk poured out. “Oh Rafe!” I gasped. “Oh fuuuuck!” My body convulsed in adoration as I fucked his chest.

As I reached the peak of my orgasm, Rafe’s face tensed. Presently, I began to feel warmth on my back. Rafe jerked, and the warmth increased. His semen fired hard and rapidly, splashing onto my back, making a pattern that I can only imagine resembled a Rorschach test. His head arched backward and his neck thickened, causing my cum to trickle even more onto the cushion behind him. I could feel the individual blasts of his jizz squirt onto my skin as his muscular torso bucked and jerked under my ass. I can’t begin to give words to the pleasure it gave me.

Finally, his orgasm peaked and I allowed myself to collapse in a heap on top of Rafe. His arms gently encircled me, and he held me close as I slid down his body. My butt met his swollen penis and he moaned, involuntarily pushing it against me. Spent of his wad, he didn’t really penetrate me, but his bulbous cock-head tucked itself up against my sphincter like it belonged there. I nuzzled my neck against his, smearing my cum between us; Rafe held me tightly in his strong, muscular arms. We breathed heavily together, in tandem, enjoying each other’s presence.

He stroked my back, smearing his cum with his palm, and I hugged tightly the award-winning body beneath me.








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