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ITRIED TO STAY CLOSE TO MY MOM; I knew absolutely no one at the gathering, except Rafe and his wife who, at the moment, were not to be found. I adjusted my tie, trying to look calm and collected, even though I hated this whole thing.

But it was for Adam.

As the crowd of people talked amongst themselves, the sound of their voices filled the large living room with a hushed, respectful murmuring; very appropriate for the occasion.

There was a big cross-section of the socio-economic spectrum gathered, but the vast majority of the mourners were obviously from the upper strata of the city’s population. If the huge estate where the post-funeral reception was not enough to convey the wealth of Adam’s parents, the glitz and glam of their friends surely did. Marie, the family’s housekeeper, moved among the guests with a tray of finger food. A pair of temps, dressed in maid and butler-like clothes, did likewise with other refreshments.

Adam entered the room from the large entry hall and quietly greeted some of the guests who, in turn, hugged him, shook his hand and gave their sympathies. I inwardly kicked myself for thinking this, but I couldn’t help but melt at the sight of him, all dressed up, formal like that. Damn, he sure did clean up good. Shit, it’s his parent’s funeral, and I’m getting turned on by him. I turned away and looked out one of the huge windows and studied the immaculate landscaping.

“Hey, man.” I could tell it was Adam behind me. I turned around quickly.

“Hey,” I said. I had never known anyone who had lost someone like this; I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say.

He seemed to sense my anxiety. He shook my hand and then pulled me close and we hugged.

“I’m sorry, man,” I said as we embraced.

“Hey,” he said softly, still hugging me, “Thanks. It means the world to me that you’d come.” We broke the embrace and looked at each other. “Thanks for being here,” he said.

I smiled nervously back at him; he turned to my mom and shook her hand. “Mrs. Johnson, I really appreciate you and Drew coming by. I feel so fortunate to have such caring neighbors.” My mom looked like she was about to cry; Adam embraced her and she broke down in the hug. As they separated she wiped her eyes with a hanky she had kept at the ready for just such an occurrence. Adam smiled. He was so strong.

It seemed like it took forever for the reception to wind down. My only relief was when I saw Rafe and his wife. They came over and talked to my mom and me.

“So, you ready for your big day tomorrow?” Rafe smiled. I definitely decided right then and there that seeing bodybuilders in suits was something I should try to enjoy more often. Somehow, I didn’t feel so guilty lusting after Rafe under these circumstances. I mean, it was Adam’s parents who had died, not Rafe’s.

“Big day?” I asked. Then it struck me, what he was talking about. “Oh yeah. The graduation,” I smiled. “Yeah, I’m ready.” “Yeah, well it’s tough having to go to a funeral like this, on the weekend you’re graduating from high school,” he said. “Kinda saps the fun out of it.” More than being concerned about that, I was just amazed that Rafe actually remembered that my graduation was tomorrow. What an awesome dude.

After most of the guests had left, my mom and I approached Adam and prepared to say our good-bye. “I know you said you want to come to Drew’s graduation tomorrow,” my mom said, “but I really don’t want you to feel obligated. Heaven knows you have a lot on your mind.” “Nonsense,” Adam smiled at her, and at me. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Besides, it’ll be nice to have something else to think about. The distraction will do me good. This has been a pretty horrific week.” My mom smiled. “Well, we’ll see you then, I guess. We’ve got to be going now.” Adam’s expression changed quickly. “Oh, well I was wondering if Drew could stay awhile. I mean-- if you don’t need to do anything right away,” he said looking at me. “I could take him home in a few hours,” he said, looking back at my mom. “He’d be great company for awhile. After everyone leaves, this big house is going to be pretty quiet.” My mom looked at me, “Well, okay. But Drew, you don’t stay too long. Adam surely needs some rest, and you need to get to bed early tonight for your big day tomorrow.” “I’ll have him home by eight,” Adam assured her. They hugged one more time and she left.

The few remaining guests were gone within minutes, leaving only myself, Adam, Rafe and Jen there.

“You need any help cleaning up?” Rafe asked as we all stood in the entry hall.

“Naw, thanks,” Adam said. “Marie and the others will take care of that.” “Well,” Rafe said, looking at Jen, “I guess we’re just going to go out to the guest house and relax. You’ll call us if you need anything?” he said to Adam.

“Sure, man. Maybe later you two can come back inside to hang for the evening,” Adam said.

“Sounds good,” Rafe smiled. “Thanks again, man, for putting us up here for the weekend.” “Shit, dude. You and Jen have been so much help these past few days. It’s me who thanks you.” Rafe and Jen gave him hugs and walked into the kitchen and out the back doors to the guest house.

I stood there with Adam, feeling pretty uncomfortable; and Adam could tell.

“Thanks for staying, Drew,” he said as he turned to the staircase, his body language indicating I should follow. “I know I’ll have plenty of opportunities to be alone in the coming days; I just want to have someone to talk to right now.” We went up to his room where I took off my suit jacket and tie. Adam changed into some jeans and a polo shirt. The rest of the afternoon, and into the evening, we just talked. Rafe and Jen came in at about six o’clock and Marie made us some dinner. The conversation was good. I became more and more comfortable being with Adam, realizing that I didn’t really need to do anything. It was a comfort to him just to have me there.

Adam said he would probably stay at the house in Forest Grove. He would probably end up selling his house next to ours. Of course I went into depression at this news, but obviously I couldn’t voice an objection to a guy who was trying to sort out the rest of his life after his parent’s death. The inheritance he would get from his parents was huge; he didn’t give me a dollar amount, but he said he wouldn’t have to work-- ever again. He was an only child, so he would be getting everything in the estate. He’d probably start up a foundation or something, but it was way too early to talk about that.

He drove me home at eight, just like he had promised my mom. I went to bed with my head spinning from many, many mixed-up emotions and thoughts


“WHO WERE THOSE DUDES who were with you at the graduation last week?” Mark asked. His eyes were wide, expressing amazement.

“Oh, one of them was my neighbor, Adam,” I said. “And the other one was his friend, Rafe.” “Shit, they were huge guys!” Mark said. He took a sip from his pop and grabbed a few French fries, scarfing them down.

“Yeah, they’re both bodybuilders.” “Duh!” Mark smiled. “Even in those dress clothes they looked huge and ripped. Your neighbor, huh? Man, that’s cool that he’d come to your graduation.” “Yeah, we became pretty good friends; and I met his friend Rafe when we went to a bodybuilding show Rafe was in,” I said.

Mark listened intently as I told him about Rafe’s contest, being sure to leave out the part about the next day when we were alone in Adam’s house.

Mark and I had been pretty good friends throughout high school. Now with summer starting, he had taken a job at a sporting goods store.

“You get a summer job yet?” he asked.

“Naw,” I said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. My mom’s pretty uptight about it too.” “I bet,” he said, giving me an understanding nod.

My cell phone rang; the screen said “Adam.” I answered, “Hey man. How you doing?” Adam’s voice was cheerful and confident. “Good, man. Real good. You doing anything this weekend?” “Naw,” I said. “But my mom wants me to go out and look for a job some more; but I’m pretty tired of that. I just can’t find anything.” “How about coming out here for the weekend. I have an idea that might solve that problem for you,” Adam said.

“Cool,” I said. We worked out the details of when, and I hung up.

Mark looked at me and said, “Sounds like he’s a pretty cool friend.” “Yeah, he is. He really is. Only problem is, he’s planning on selling his house and moving.” “Too bad. Is he going to stay around here?” “He has a place out in Forest Grove,” I said.


I hopped in Adam’s car after throwing my duffle bag in the back of his Range Rover. It felt good to get out from under my mom’s control for the weekend.

“Shit, dude,” Adam smiled as he stepped on the gas, “You ready for an awesome weekend?” I was still smacking from the verbal lashing my mom had given me when she learned I was spending the weekend at Adam’s instead of looking for a job. My confidence was bruised, and I had a huge pain in my ass from all of her yelling. It really made me mad. In all the conflict, I had forgotten all about the excitement of the weekend ahead. I sighed loudly and said, “Yeah. It’s good to get the hell out of there, that’s for sure.” Adam’s tone subdued. “Sorry, man. She riding you pretty hard?” “Yeah. You could say that,” I said.

We rode silently for awhile. As we left the congestion of the city, Adam said, “Well, Drew, I have an idea that might interest you. And maybe it’ll help with your mom situation as well.” “Oh?” I said.

“What would you think about coming and working for me?” Adam asked.

“What do you mean? What kind of job would you give me? Grounds keeper?” Adam laughed loudly. “Naw, I already have a staff to do that,” he said. “I was thinking more along the line of your interest in business and law.” “Go on.” “I’m planning on starting up a foundation with some of my parent’s money,” he said. “I’d like you to be my administrative assistant.” “Wha?” “Wait a minute,” he continued. “Let me finish telling you the whole plan. I know you’re going down to Eugene in the fall, for school, so here’s what I’m thinking. You come and live at my place during the summers, then during the school year you can work on your degree at U of O, and all the while you can learn the ropes of running a charitable foundation. Your schooling in business law will prepare you for more responsibilities as you progress, and that way, I can help with your tuition.” “Wait a minute. Live at your place?” I said incredulously.

“Yeah. Free room and board, college tuition and on-the-job training. Plus,” he smiled, “Free workout room and personalized bodybuilding training. What do you think?” He grinned.

“Uh--” I was dazed.

“Oh, and one other benefit,” he said. “Occasional fuck buddy,” he grinned. “But we don’t have to tell your mom that part.” I laughed, but the humor was totally eclipsed by the unbelievability of the whole offer. “Wha-- why?” I finally got out. “Why?” I repeated.

“Because I really want to-- well, I guess it sounds a little mushy, but I really want to share myself with you. I really like you, Drew. And I want to see you go places. I don’t really have any family left, man, and I want you to be that brother I never had. We just click, dude. We just click.” “Shit. I don’t know what to say.” “Well, don’t say anything right now. Sleep on it. And there are no strings attached. If you decide to change colleges or majors, no problem. If you want to move out and discover other horizons, no problem. Whatever you want, I want you to have it as a gift-- the tuition, living at my place, the job. I just want to give you a start at life, even if that’s all I can end up doing.” We pulled onto his long driveway and drove toward the house. Inside I was ecstatic, but confused. It seemed too good to be true. He really liked me! But what would my mom say? Well, I’m 18 now. I can make my own choices, I thought. But regardless, it might be a huge conflict. I looked over at Adam. Immediately I relaxed. He could sell a cement-filled bed to my mom. She absolutely adored Adam. Somehow I felt it would all work out.

Another car was parked in front of the garage. It had Washington plates.

“Oh he’s here already,” Adam said.

I had a good idea who he was talking about, but I asked anyway. “Who’s here?” “Rafe,” Adam smiled. He’s going to spend the weekend with us while Jen is down in L. A. at a conference for her work.” My pulse increased even more. A weekend with Adam and Rafe. I couldn’t even imagine how hot it might become, but I had a feeling this was going to be a weekend I would never forget.

I grabbed my duffle and followed Adam in the side door to the kitchen.

“Rafe!” he called out. “We’re home!” From somewhere deep in the bowels of the house Rafe called out, indicating he was coming.

When he arrived in the kitchen, he was wearing a dark blue T-shirt and cargo shorts. Even though it had been weeks since his contest, you couldn’t tell by looking at him that he had hardly increased his body fat at all. His shoulders and chest looked amazing! But it was his rippling arms that just sapped all of the energy out of me.

“Dude!” he called out when he saw me. He grabbed me, picking me up effortlessly, and hugged me hard. I hugged back. When our embrace was done, he looked at Adam and the two of them locked eyes. “Fuck, man. It’s good to see you.” The way he said it, I could tell he meant more than just a regular guy thing. And what came next removed any doubt as to what he was thinking.

The two musclemen embraced enthusiastically. They hugged hard. And then, their grip loosened and their eyes locked again. Slowly, their faces moved closer, and then began the most sensual kiss I had ever seen. Holy fuck. Adam moved his right hand up onto the back of Rafe’s thick neck, in order to hold his head in place. Rafe slowly ran his hands up and down Adam’s wide back. They both closed their eyes and opened their mouths. I could occasionally see their tongues meet as their lips opened slightly, then wrapped themselves around the others’. One of them moaned very softly, but I couldn’t tell which one it was. It was soft, it was passionate, it was tender and quiet. It was the most-fucking-hot thing I had ever seen.

Their pants pressed against each other, slowly gyrating, causing their muscle butts to flex and move. Both of them had the tightest, tiniest waists, and their enormous lats flared out as they continued to hug and kiss. After minutes, they released, slowly, and in spite of their obvious infatuation with each other, Adam looked over at me-- the 18 year old muscle worshipper standing in his kitchen.

“Drew. Dude. You have a beer can in your pants, or you just happy to see us?” Rafe laughed as he looked at my pants. I hadn’t even noticed how hard my dick had gotten, but it was obvious that I was maximally excited.








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