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Camo Hat   •   Chapter Twelve

by Sean Reid Scott  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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IO YOU AND RAFE SEEM TO HAVE hit it off pretty well,” Cam said, adjusting his camo-hat as he drove. “Seems like every time I see you, you’re talking to him on the phone.”

I shifted my legs a little in his front seat. “Yeah, he’s cool. We became friends right away.” I didn’t want to talk about it too much, because I had no intention of minimizing my friendship with Cam, and I didn’t want him to get jealous.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” he said. “Adam and I have become pretty good friends, too. And to watch Evan and Drew together, you’d think they were conjoined twins, or something.”

I laughed, and Cam did as well.

“It’s kind of weird, how that happened-- I mean the three of us, and the three of them. Who’da thunk?” I said.

“Who’da thunk,” Cam repeated. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking when he said it-- was he being sarcastic? Was he upset?

“But you know,” I continued, “I don’t think of Rafe as my best friend, or anything.” I looked over at Cameron’s muscular frame as he drove and said the following with great meaning: “That’s reserved for you.”

Cam displayed his drop-dead gorgeous dimples and adorable smile at me. “Thanks. I feel the same way.”

“You do?” I asked, a little surprised.


“But I thought you and Adam were getting pretty…”

“Aw, come on, Matt,” Cam interrupted, “You’re my bosom buddy. Always will be.”

I breathed a big sigh.

“What,” Cam said, more than asked.

I tried for force back a little smile. “I guess maybe we’re both a little unsure about the other-- maybe both of us are a little jealous about all of this…”

Cam put his big paw on my leg. “Relationships are funny, changing things, Matt. But that doesn’t have to scare us. You can rest assured that you’re my number one.”

“Number one? Does that mean that there are numbers two, three and four?”

Cam grinned. “Well, you tell me. How long did you spend on the phone with Rafe yesterday?”

I flushed a little bit. “I see your point.”

“And,” he continued, “who got a blow job first-- Rafe or me?”

I snapped my head toward him; my eyes were huge. “You know about that?”

Cam laughed. “You would’ve had to be deaf on that train to not!”

I turned crimson.

“But,” he said, “I don’t feel bad. At least I got a hand job first.”

Again, my eyes widened, and my mouth dropped open. “You were awake?”

Grinning, Cam said, “The whooooooole time.” He let his eyelids close slowly and then open, and said, “By the way, dude, you have one awesome hand there. Just incredible.”

I felt embarrassed, but the fact that he was laughing about it took all of my nervousness away.

“Matt,” Cam said. “I have to say something, though. I think some of this confusion is because of me. I mean-- I haven’t really… well, I mean…” he pulled the Cruiser over to the side of the road.

Shit, this sounded serious.

He looked me deep in the eyes. “Matt, I didn’t want to rush things. I didn’t want to scare you or anything. I mean, I knew I was mad about you the moment I saw you at that contest. And I could tell by the way you looked at me, there was something on your part, too. Shit, man. That’s what was so totally hot-- just seeing you get all worked up about me. Has anyone ever told you how astoundingly handsome you are?”


Cameron leaned toward me. “Maybe this is just because of what you said-- jealousy and all of this with the other guys. I dunno, but I have to say it now, Matt. I want you to know it now, dude.” He paused, as if accessing deep recesses in his mind, to find just the right words. “Matt, I’m crazy about you.” Then he sighed, frustrated, I think, that he couldn’t get the obvious words out.

“I understand, Cam,” I smiled.

“No. No. I need to say it. It’s just that I’ve never said it to another guy. Ever. Not even to another woman. Ever. But I want to say it to you. It’s just that it’s pretty big to me, and I want it to mean something.”

I held still; heart pounded. It hurt to see him all worked up and nervous like this.

“Matt,” he said. “I love you.”

As he said the last word in that eternal phrase, a single tear fell from his right eye. He didn’t wipe it. It fell onto his tan T-shirt,, staining it.

Oh gawd almighty.

Up until that very second, I only had nervousness. But at that instant I was overcome with emotion. I’ve never had it happen like that-- so suddenly-- but I immediately started crying. “Oh god, Cam.”

We embraced, and kissed. There are no words to tell you what that moment was really like. I told Cam I felt the same way. And we kissed some more. We kissed for a long time; it actually got to be kind of uncomfortable. The front seat of a rig really isn’t that conducive to making out.

“So, I guess it kind of hurt you when I gave Rafe that blow job,” I said after we had started moving down the highway again.

Cam turned to me. “No. No, it didn’t, man. I mean, I guess-- well, we’ve never really consummated our relationship, if you know what I mean. And even then, I’m not really a possessive kind of guy, man. You enjoying another guy doesn’t bother me at all.”

“How can you say that, after you just got done telling me you loved me like you do?” I asked, somewhat shocked.

“Well, I guess we definitely need to talk about what kind of relationship we’re going to have here,” he said, a little saddened.

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“Dude, maybe you don’t agree with this, but here’s where I’m coming from. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

I don’t know, but even though he had just said he loves me, hearing that last sentence had more impact.

But he continued without pausing. “And I hope you want the same with me,” he said, taking his eyes from the road and putting them on me. “But when I say that, I guess I’m not requiring that you stay away from other guys. For me, it almost makes our relationship even hotter--- knowing that you ‘know’ other guys but keep coming back to me.”

I scrunched my face in puzzlement. “But what if I lay with another guy and find that I want to be with him-- and don’t come back to you?”

He grinned, and slowly looked at me again. “You really think that’s possible?”

Damn, this guy had confidence. I mean, I could tell by looking at him that he wasn’t stuck up. He was just very sure.

I couldn’t help from grinning. “You have a point. But--” I was getting confused. “But, actually, it is possible, man. I mean, someday, someone might really be very attractive to me. And plus, even if I don’t leave, what’s to prevent you from finding someone else. I think the possibility of that happening is much greater. I’m not so sure I like the idea of you being with other guys. I’m not as secure as you are, Cameron.”

He sighed.

There was a good half-mile of silence as we drove westward, toward Forest Grove.

“Well, man,” he finally said. “I guess you’re going to have to make a decision. I want to be with you forever. I love you, Matt. I commit to being with you forever. But, you’re going to have to accept me as I am. I’m being totally up-front with you. This may seem foreign to you, but it’s who I am.”

More silence.

“So,” I said, “it’s kinda ‘take me or leave me’?”

More silence.

“You be honest with me, Matt,” Cam said. “Can you honestly say that you will never be with another guy again-- that you’ll only be with me? Can you really say that?”

“That’s kinda what I was thinking…”


I fidgeted again. “Yeah, kinda.”

“If I left you and Rafe in a bedroom alone, can you promise me that you wouldn’t do anything with him?”

I sighed.

“Thought so.”

“I dunno,” I said. “Maybe I’m just old fashioned.”

Cam turned the FJ Cruiser onto a dirt road. I could see a huge mansion in the distance. “God,” I said. “Adam’s place is gigantic!”

“Yeah,” Cam said. “Wait ‘til you see the inside.”

I turned to Cam. “Have you been with him?”

Without hesitating, Cam said, “Not yet.”

At once, my heart sank, but then at the same time I got really stimulated, sexually. I mean, just imagining the scene between these huge musclegods-- it was really unbelievable to imagine. But, I always thought that two people, when they decided to be together…

Cam stopped in front of one of the many garage doors. Adam’s place was immaculately landscaped. It was the most beautiful home I had ever seen.

“I wanted to wait until you could watch,” he said, turning off the key and looking at me.

I said nothing, but raised my eyebrows in curiosity.

Cam burst out laughing. “You are so goddam cute!” he said. Regaining some seriousness, he said, “So… what do you think?”

As if some new knowledge had just been imparted to me, or maybe it was some kind of innate trust I had in Cameron, I suddenly relaxed. I don’t really know why-- but whatever it was, I decided then and there not to be possessive. Maybe he was right. I mean, even as we sat in his driveway, inside that house was one hot muscleman, and in reality, I guess I never expected either Cam or myself to refrain from enjoying whatever fruits of the earth might avail themselves. God, I wish I had my head screwed on as well as Cameron’s was. I mean, he seemed to have already come to terms with who he was. And I realized that I was exactly the same way-- it’s just that I had never admitted it to myself.

I turned toward Cameron, and said with a slight grin, “Let’s go see what Adam’s serving for dinner.”

• • • •

Adam greeted us at the door, and as we walked up to the house he said, “You two discussing world politics out there?”

“Oh,” Cam chuckled. “Yeah. Actually we were just putting the finishing touches on our plans for world domination.”

Adam laughed. He raised his hand and he and Cameron gave each other a high-five and then a quick hug. Adam turned to me and we did the same. But his hug with me seemed just a bit longer than he had done with Cam. I liked it.

Having the hugest muscleman in existence as my best friend-- and now I guess, lifelong partner?-- was the best it could get. But I realized that I would never tire of having any gorgeous muscleman accept me-- and really like to be with me. I definitely got that feeling from Adam.

Plus, he was rich.

Adam escorted us inside, and announced that dinner would be served in the dining room shortly, but first he wanted to take us on a tour of the house. It was truly an amazing home. Just beautiful, and comfortable.

When the tour was over, Adam took us to the dining room, which was actually right off a beautiful “great room.” Solid rock lined one wall-- where the fireplace was. A few steps down into the living room and you were standing under a two-story vaulted ceiling. Beautiful woods and beams were everywhere. Just like I would have built it if I had a bazillion dollars.

We sat down and presently the door to the kitchen was opened, and out came the most stunning man (given this context) I had ever seen. I mean, he was very-well built-- even though not to Cam’s or even Adam’s standards-- but the stunning part was his face. This guy belonged on the cover of GQ. Dark eyes, dark eyebrows, perfect skin, square jaw, thick neck, gorgeous lips. He gave me a tight throat.

“Aw, Dale,” Adam smiled. “Smells terrific.”

“Thank you, sir,” Dale said. He served a tray of hors d'oeuvres and some drinks. It was the beginning of a delicious meal. And the company wasn’t bad either.

As Dale withdrew our dessert plates, Adam finally had to ask. “So, Cameron, I hear you not only do bodybuilding, but you’re quite an accomplished power lifter.”

Cam took a sip of his water and sat it down. “I’ve done a little.”

I practically choked on my marionberry pie.

“I have a few weights out back, in my gym,” Adam said. “You interested in a little demonstration?”

Cam wiped his mouth with his napkin. “You think you have enough plates?” He looked Adam right in the eye, and I think our host got the message that he wasn’t joking.

Adam flinched. “Well, I have enough to push me to my limit; so we should be able to jury-rig something for you. Shouldn’t really need to do much, though, I bet.”

“Want to put some money on that?” Cam challenged.

Adam grinned. Then he move the silverware that remained at his place setting. He looked like he was calculating or figuring in his head. “Well, I’m not really a betting man. You think you’ve got something that might surprise me?”

Cam leaned back in his chair. “Dunno. Actually, I’m thinking that pushing up a bunch of weights might be a little boring.”

“So… what do you have in mind?” Adam asked.

Cam looked at Adam’s body. It was a slightly lusty look. “Well, how ‘bout a little man-on-man competition. You know-- a friendly little challenge?”

Adam seemed to like the idea. “Name it.”

“There’s a little game I like to call, ‘Strongest Man Rides the Other.’”

Adam’s eyebrows raised-- a lot. “And how do we determine who is the strongest?”

Cam leaned forward, across the table toward Adam and said, “I think we already know who that is, dude.”

This time, I did choke on my pie. Cam, in his studliness, passed me some water without taking his eyes off Adam.

Adam couldn’t help but grin. I got the distinct idea that he rarely, if ever, came across a guy who was stronger than he was; and I also got the distinct idea that Cam’s proposal was very appealing to him.

“I think during that tour you just gave us, I saw a bedroom or two,” Cam said.

Adam looked over at me. “And Matt’s okay with this?”

Still, Cam kept smiling at Adam. “He is-- but then, you don’t think I really need permission from anyone, do you?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Besides,” Cam continued, “I think he’ll probably enjoy watching almost as much as you will enjoy receiving.”

• • • •

“I’m still not sure we should just assume who the strongest one is,” Adam said, closing the bedroom door behind all of us. His smile was killer, and his mammoth muscles gave credence to his hesitation to admit submission too quickly.

But one look over at Cameron, and I was ready to concede Alpha status to Cameron in this confrontation. But I had to love Adam for his self-assurance.

From Cam, there were no words; just action. He lifted up his shirt, over his head, and tossed it on the bed. Holy, fuckin’ shit. Just seeing him display his upper body to Adam made me instantly hard-- and instantly light-headed. Further, Adam’s reactionary intake of air was just the reaction I think Cam was desiring. Cameron took a step toward Adam and with just a nod and a look, told Adam to take off his shirt as well.

Adam obeyed. Fuck; he sure didn’t have anything to be shy about. When he took his shirt off, I thought the room would explode with an overabundance of testosterone. The two musclemen stood about a foot apart from each other, staring the other down. It was pulsating power. Pure muscle.

Cam, without taking his eyes off Adam’s eyes, slowly unzipped his pants, and pulled back the opening. Then he just stood there. I think I saw him ripple his pecs, but I was standing at the side of both of them, and I’m not sure that’s what actually happened. Cam continued, lifting his pants away from his narrow waist and moving them down.

Adam’s eyes were locked on Cameron’s, otherwise I’m sure he would have watched Cam pull his pants down; but in all honesty, I don’t think Cam was letting him release his gaze. After Cam forced his pants down, over his quads, they fell to the floor, exposing the muscle giant’s red plaid boxer shorts. Cam stepped out of the pants and kicked them away. He had not been wearing any socks, since he had been in sandals, so he now only wore the boxers-- and a confident (but not overbearing) grin. It was apparent that Adam was impressed; and it was apparent that this was the fist time he had seen so much of Cameron.

I took a position on the end of the high bed, allowing my feet to dangle. I decided to leave my pants zipped for the time-being. It was kind of stimulating to feel the tension of my stiff penis against my pants.

Cam took the lead further and placed four fingertips inside Adam’s pants, using both hands to unbutton and unzip his khaki shorts. Adam just stood there. Cam opened up the fly and pulled the pants down. They dropped to the floor as soon as Cam had negotiated them past Adam’s huge quads, which was no easy task. Adam was wearing navy blue boxers. Both men were now only in their underwear. Cam stood a few inches taller than Adam, and his size was indeed more impressive; but Adam was so defined and proportionate that even Cam’s superior size and development didn’t overshadow him. The two men were face to face, only inches apart.

Adam was getting hard. His cock, although concealed in his boxers, was growing. Cam showed no sign of stimulation.

Cameron moved his hand onto the bulge growing in Adam’s crotch and felt him out.

Goddam it, this was going to get good.

Adam grabbed Cameron’s forearm in an effort to get him to stop. Cam’s actions were purely an act of aggression and domination, and Adam wasn’t about to concede anything. Not yet. But Cam’s hand didn’t move off the growing cock, so Adam took his other hand and grabbed Cam’s free one. In moments, the two of them hand their fingers intertwined, and in the end, Adam was successful in making Cam move off his dick and interlink fingers on that hand as well.

The two men were now locked in a grip with the palms of both of their hands pressing against each other’s and their fingers interwoven. Their arms were straight, pointing straight down.

I could see their faces steel against each other. Their expressions were serious, but they both seemed confident. As they gripped the other’s hands, the show of triceps muscle began to make the room get very, very warm. Or something like that. Whatever it was, just watching them grip and flex as they each tried to assume an air of superiority made me mighty hot. God, I couldn’t stop darting my glance back and forth between Adam’s mighty, rippling triceps or Cameron’s.

Adam’s cock seemed to retreat slightly as his attention was diverted to the struggle-- away from being overwhelmed by Cam’s body. It had never emerged from his boxers, mind you; but the bulge was now a little less obvious.

I looked at Cam’s face. His grip slowly started to force Adam’s wrists backwards, and yet his facial expression didn’t show any effort. Adam stared into Cam’s eyes, and his expression started to show stress, although I could tell he was trying not to let on. Cam pushed harder. Adam’s wrists moved back farther. His face winced.

I sat, enthralled.

Adam began to breathe hard, and I could see it was becoming more and more difficult for him to maintain his position on the carpet. He was putting his whole body into it, and yet his feet seemed to be losing traction. And indeed, he was, in fact, losing contact with the floor.

Cam’s mighty arms grew and grew, and the emphasis moved away from his triceps and onto his bulging biceps. He was forcing Adam’s body off the floor!

Adam presently lost contact with the rug and he fell into Cameron, gasping and whimpering as his wrists were forced backward. Cam held him up, a few inches off the floor-- he just held him there. Adam was forced to rest his big body against Cam’s. He was helpless. Cam’s biceps bent even more, and he extended his arms outward, forcing Adam’s feet out and away, even higher off the floor, moving Adam’s body almost into a 45 degree angle with the floor.

Adam’s head rested on Cam’s chest and shoulder, his face toward me. His eyes were closed in anguish. There was grunting and moaning, but I couldn’t tell who was making which noises.

The doorbell rang.

Cam didn’t release Adam for a second, but after evaluating the doorbell, seemed to think it best to let Adam make a decision as to whether or not to answer it. He lowered Adam down, and the two men released grips. They stood there in silence; Cam looking inquisitively at Adam, and Adam looking as if he were trying to make a decision.

“Let’s ignore it,” he said, trying to catch his breath. “No-- let me see who it is,” he then said. He grabbed his shorts and quickly pulled them on and dashed out of the room, leaving Cam and me.

Cam walked over to me, as a fighter might walk over to his coach in the corner during the break between rounds. He just stood there, relaxed, looking composed. His muscles were pumped, and he was breathing hard, but the breathing was more out of powerful exertion, not desperation. He put his hand on my shoulder, and I melted. I wanted to close my eyes; I mean, here he was, all pumped, masculine, muscular, and powerful-over-his-opponent and everything. He was the total man of my dreams. And he liked me! I looked into his eyes and found serenity and comfort. Strength, of course. Confidence, of course. And Tenderness. And affection! And competitiveness.

There was talking down in the entryway, and it got closer. Adam returned to the room, and behind him walked Drew.

“Gentlemen,” Adam smiled somewhat jokingly, “This is my coach, Drew.”

“Don’t think he’s going to help, dude,” Cam smiled. “But suit yourself.”

• • • •

It took a few minutes for Adam to answer the door, but when he did, I immediately began getting hard. He was only wearing his khaki shorts. He looked winded-- even a little flushed in the cheeks. His body looked a little pumped. Shit, he looked hot!

“Drew!” he smiled. “Cool! You’re here. But I thought you were studying at your mom’s this weekend.”

“I was,” I said. “But I got done!” I grinned, and Adam embraced me. Yeah, he was pumped, winded, and he had been sweating just a bit. “Did I catch you working out?” I asked.

“No,” he smiled. “Cam and Matt are upstairs. We’re just having a little muscle competition, dude.”

I had noticed Cam’s FJ Cruiser in front of the garage.

“Come on up,” Adam motioned. I followed him upstairs and he refused to answer any of my questions about exactly what kind of muscle competition he was talking about. We got to his room and he led me in. “Gentlemen,” he said somewhat jokingly to Cam and Matt, “This is my coach, Drew.”

“Don’t think he’s going to help, dude,” Cam smiled to both of us. “But suit yourself.”

I had never seen Cam shirtless.

I had never seen Cam shirtless.

O yeah; I already said that.

Uh. For that matter, I had never seen him in boxers.

Uh. Shit. Where was I.

Oh yeah, we were in Adam’s bedroom, and Adam and Cam were in various stages of undress.

I thought I had seen everything when I first saw Adam in all of his glory. And when I first had seen Cameron at The Bite that day, I was totally overwhelmed by him-- even clothed. I hadn’t even considered who of the two was bigger or better-built, but now, seeing Cameron like that-- just standing there with muscles coming out of everywhere, I was dumbfounded.


I mean, he was so big. And so built! And so-- unbelievable!


He stood there, relaxed, and smiled at me. Had I noticed those dimples before? Hell, how in the world could I have missed that gorgeous smile? Hell, how in the world was I noticing it now in the naked presence of all his muscles?

“Drew,” Adam said, somewhat agitated. “You want to come in, or are you expecting an earthquake?”

I realized I had been standing in the doorway, so I came in and closed the door behind me.

Matt, in his friendly, smart-ass way, said “I think he’s already experienced the earthquake, dude.” Matt was looking at me, and then Cam, and all four of us knew what he was referring to.

“Sorry, man,” Cam apologized to me. “Do I need to put some clothes on so you can regain your composure?”

I snapped out of my trance with Cam’s body just long enough to sneer a derogatory look at the giant, then made my way over to sit next to Matt on the end of the bed.

But the little intimidation show by Cam wasn’t over. He and his boxers walked over and stood in front of me. Right in front of me.

I-- uh. Hadn’t remembered him being-- so… so big.

He looked down at me and smiled. Shit, his narrow waist. His fuckin’ chest! His arms and shoulders seemed to take up all of my field of vision.

He cupped my chin in his hand and slowly moved his thumb across my lips. He smiled into my eyes. My cock was now full-blown in my pants. His thumb moved seductively over my lips, and I tried to fight off the urge to pucker them as he did so. Not totally successfully.

“Hey dude,” Adam said to Cam, “you want to let me finish what I started here?”

Matt burst out a cute laugh, and from Cam’s grin, I could tell Adam was being sarcastic.

Cam released his hand from my face and turned toward Adam. As he walked away from me, I tried to adjust my penis, but the sight of Cam’s wide back didn’t help things.

As soon as Cam rejoined Adam, he said, “Well, dude, you gunna make me do that again? Or are you going to get back to where we were on your own…” He looked down at Adam’s shorts, and immediately Adam pulled them down and stepped out of them. “Now,” Cam said, “where were we? Oh yeah, I was just a few seconds away from breaking your wrists.”

For some reason, that smack talk turned me on all the more. The image that created in my mind was hot.

“You wish,” Adam retorted.

Without needing to choreograph their motions, the two men laced their fingers with the others’ and pressed their palms together. Their arms stretched out wide, parallel with the floor, as if they were forming a cross. Cam’s span was slightly wider than Adam’s, and I think that even without the larger muscle mass, he would have had an advantage simply because of his longer arms. Within seconds, it was apparent that Adam was struggling. Cam showed no stress. Adam’s wrists were losing the battle and you could tell his body was being forced in toward Cam’s. Their faces grew closer-- Adam’s straining with effort, and Cam’s showing a smirk of ease.

Cam forced Adam even closer, and momentarily their noses touched. Then their lips. As Cam held Adam’s arms out wide in an iron lock, he began frenching Adam. As if the force of Cam’s body wasn’t enough, the kissing made Adam’s knees buckle, and both Matt and I could hear him whimper as Cam’s tongue invaded his mouth.

I know Matt heard it, because he moaned in response. I looked at him, and found his hand on his crotch, rubbing. But of course, so was I.

Cam’s arms flexed and the bulge was unbelievable. Adam’s whole body seemed to wilt, and yet he seemed to want, in some small way, to resist. Yeah- he’s competitive. Still, ever since he, Rafe and I met Cam, Evan and Matt-- Adam seemed to like talking about Cam. I had gotten the distinct impression that he was very taken with Cam’s physique. And now, seeing him being held captive by him, I could see the struggle-- not just the obvious physical one going on in front of Matt and me-- but also the emotional one going on inside Adam. He had never played second-fiddle to anyone. And now, meeting Cameron, I could tell he was both awe-struck and fighting to maintain his Alpha position. Where it would lead, I couldn’t tell.

But no matter. The emotional question, while indeed important, necessarily had to take a back seat for the moment. Adam, no matter how much he was struck by Cam’s body, was not about to take the position of worshipper.

Adam pushed, and tried to get Cam off, but it was in vain. They finally did break the kiss, but only at Cameron’s bidding, as he forced Adam downward to his knees. Adam’s muscular body trembled as his knees bent farther.

Cameron started to perspire, and show just a bit of strain. Yet he maintained the upper hand, edging Adam downward.

A burst of wetness hit my face, and I quickly looked over to see Matt’s cock oozing out his creamy white essence. He had unzipped and started jerking without me noticing. “Fuck,” he whispered between ejaculations. He glanced at my face and noticed what he had done. “Sorry, dude,” he hissed. He continued jerking.

Fuck, that was hot. Matt was surely no slouch in the body department, and seeing him cum to the muscle-scene unfolding before us was pure erotic hotness.

When I looked back at Adam and Cam, I found Adam’s knees fully on the floor-- Cam towering above him. Cam twisted their arm angle and maneuvered Adam’s face so that his mouth was right against his crotch. Adam didn’t need any more coaxing than that. He began to mouth Cam’s boxers. Soon, Cam’s boxers sported a big wet spot, from Adam’s saliva. Within a minute, Cam and let go of Adam’s hands-- it was apparent that Adam needed no more restraining-- he was now a willing servant.

Also apparent was the fact that Cameron was being strongly affected by Adam’s oral ministrations. Yeah-- he was liking it.

I don’t know the exact sequence of events that followed, but somehow all four of us found ourselves naked. Although Matt had already come, he evidently had quite a rebound ability, because he and I-- somewhere along the line-- had wound up embracing, kissing and fondling. I loved the feel of his muscular body, and even though he kept his pubes well-trimmed, I had quite the time smearing his jizz in his soft, brown hair. God, he had a big cock. Not as big as Adam’s, but it was big and thick. His hand was deft at manipulating my cock, and I got the idea that he really enjoyed being with a young buck like myself.

As Matt and I engaged in all kinds of touching and kissing, we never let our attention wander from the much bigger item of interest in the room: Cameron and Adam’s encounter. By this time, like I said, both of them had stripped, and Adam was still “servicing” Cam orally.

How I was able to keep from cumming during all of this visual (and physical) stimulation, I’ll never know-- but I kept fighting back the orgasm, waiting for the perfect moment.

And, after what seemed like an hour, that moment indeed came. (As did I.) Adam found himself on the floor, on all fours. Cam stood behind him, his huge tool riding between his ass cheeks. I had never, in all my life envisioned a cock that big, that veiny, that stiff. I would have liked to hold off until Cam penetrated Adam’s ass, but seeing the giant manhandle and dominate my boyfriend hunk like that-- seeing Cameron’s unbelievable body-- muscles and veins and rippling mass bulging everywhere-- it was too much. As Cam slowly placed his cock in the valley of Adam’s butt and slowly rubbed it, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

As I recall, it seemed that Matt was unusually good at sensing where I was, in the orgasmic spectrum, and at just the right moment, he pressed down hard on my cock, giving me one long, firm stroke-- all the way down to my root. My head thickened and my rod throbbed with my accelerated heartbeat, and as I looked as Cam’s muscles overpower Adam, I shot hard and long. Matt’s firm hand held tight and I let out a gasp-- then a loud moan. Than a grunt. More ropes of thick cream pushed out of my penis as Matt held it upright and still. The globs were propelled into the air and onto the both of us. My whole body jerked in satisfaction, and Matt moved his head and kissed me as I spewed. Fortunately, he cocked his head to the side as we kissed, and I was able to watched what happened next.

As if motivated by my orgasm, Cam pulled his hips back and lined up with Adam’s ass hole. I could see him purse his lips. He was intense. He pushed gently. Shit, he had a lot of self-control. Harder. Slowly, I could see his head part the opening and force its way in. Adam cried out.

It must have hurt.

Cam’s muscles tightened. Fuuuuck, it was unreal. His body was just so-- perfect and all muscular. His arms flexed as his hands steadied themselves on Adam’s hips, then he pushed his head inside-- just the head. The long, thick shaft-- okay, let’s call it a beer can-- still remained outside the hole as his penis head moved inside Adam’s rectum, checking out the scenery. Adam yelled. He jerked in pain.

“Oh fuuuck,” he cried. “Fuck, me Cam. Push it in!” He moaned some more, breathing hard. “Oh it hurts!”

Cam held still.

Matt released his kiss to see what the commotion was.

I kept shooting, regardless.

As Adam began to shoot thick wads of semen onto the carpet below, Cam slowly-- with a methodical, even pace-- began to force his shaft in farther. And farther.

Adam writhed in pain, but kept ejaculating. His stiff cock bounced up and down underneath his abs, shooting burst after burst of white-hot jism.

And Cam pushed harder. His lips moved away from his teeth. His dimples deepened. His muscles tightened even harder-- each muscle group separating from its neighbor. He seemed to get bigger. He was struggling to keep it slow.

Adam yelled out loudly. Shooting.

Cam pushed harder. Inside more.

Adam cried.

Finally, Cameron was up to the hilt, and with one last “umpf,” he squeezed his ass cheeks and forced himself all the way inside Adam’s rectum.

Adam screamed like a baby.

Cam yelled out and hissed. He bucked his hips slowly-- only twice, and then held completely still as he began to fill Adam with what I can only imagine must have been a huge amount of jizz. He squeezed his hands on Adam’s hips, tipped his head back and closed his eyes, and let loose. I could almost feel the room fill with the pulses of his cock as it rhythmically pumped out his superman ejaculations. It’s as if my ears pounded with the bass notes formed by his bursting cock inside Adam.

As if invigorated by Cam’s climax, Adam, despite his obvious pain, renewed his orgasm and propelled out a new round of steamy cum. As Cam filled him, he emptied himself onto the carpet with revived vigor. His triceps bulged under the weight of his rider, although Cameron was more or less positioned behind him, not on his back. But not for long. Cam leaned forward and moved his hands under Adam’s torso, onto his pecs. Adam like this. So did Cam. As he continued to fill Adam, Cam leaned farther forward, finally resting his whole upper body on top of Adam’s. Despite Cam’s immense size, Adam was able to hold them both up. Cam bucked now, and rode Adam with much skill. Adam was strong. Obviously exhausted and in pain, he nevertheless continued to support his superior.

I don’t know how long they kept it up, but I do know that we left quite a mess for Dale to clean up that night.

And despite our frequent forays into the world of four-ways, and even six-ways (yeah, Evan and Rafe joined us too), the relationships that developed out of those friendships lasted.

I eventually moved in with Adam, in his Forest Grove mansion, and he and I worked on his philanthropic causes. Matt and Cam also ended up together; Cam became a veterinarian and Matt often helped him in the office when he wasn’t busy at their place working on his computer business and keeping house. Eventually, Rafe and Jen ended up divorcing and he and Evan got together. Of course, there were many, many trips together; Adam made sure that the six of us were able to see the world. And see it we did-- on Adam’s private jet and on his yacht. And we even realized Matt’s dream of visiting all of the top amusement parks, and got to ride hundreds of roller coasters.

And that was only the beginning…

Even though this is the end of this story.







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