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Camo Hat   •   Chapter Eleven

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I'L NEVER FORGET THAT INITIAL MEETING at The Bite. I mean, it was like kismet, or something. It was as if the six of us had been destined to become the best of friends. Oh-- yeah, and Maya, too. Actually, Rafe had a wife too-- Jen. Sometimes Maya and Jen got together and went shopping or something while the six of us guys watched Sunday football or something. So, yeah, it was pretty cool.

The amazing thing was how well we all clicked, right from the start. And in some kind of weird guy-way, we also quickly paired off into couples. Obviously Cam and Adam had a strong bond. I mean, they were both huge and ripped, and both very good looking. Their personalities seemed matched for each other, and even though they had dissimilar vocational interests (Cam was going to be a veterinarian and Adam had been in banking, although he recently had inherited a large sum of money and apparently didn’t need to work a whole lot) they immediately connected-- like brothers.

And then Rafe and I seemed to hit it off pretty well. Again, I don’t know why, but within a few minutes of introduction, Rafe and I were laughing and teasing the hell out of each other. It was really cool.

And then Evan and Gorgeous-- I mean, Drew, they both were younger guys and that age similarity gave them a closer friendship. They were both consummate jocks, and it was fun to watch them talk sports and stuff.

I have to admit, I felt a little sorry for Maya that evening. The six of us guys hung together for the rest of the night, and I got the distinct feeling that Maya felt like a seventh wheel. And indeed, she was.

Fortunately, the next time the six of us got together, we didn’t invite Maya. That worked a lot better. That next time came quickly, too. In fact, two days later, we found ourselves on a train going up to Seattle to catch a Mariner’s game. Seattle’s train station is right next to Safeco Field, and a lot of fans take a shuttle train up from Portland. God, it was so hot being with all of these guys: On the train; at the baseball park; and afterward at a bar arguing about the game (Turns out Adam and Rafe are diehard Yankee’s fans and Cameron comes from a family that is totally devoted to the Red Sox. Tell me THAT didn’t make for some lively discussion!). As for Drew, Evan and myself, we were just happy to see the Mariners beat the Minnesota Twins that day.

On the train ride back, Rafe and I had a pretty deep talk. It’s amazing how quickly we became pretty intimate in what we shared with each other. It seems he and Jen had happened on some turbulent waters in their relationship. Their young marriage was already wearing on both of them. He didn’t come right out and say it, but I got the idea that he suspected that Jen might be seeing someone else. But then, he did admit that he had been less-than-faithful himself. No specifics, but he did tell me that he’d taken to fulfilling his sexual needs “with others,” and another time during the conversation he mentioned “other ways” to reach climax. I took that to mean the obvious-- masturbation.

It was really cool to have him open up like that to me. I mean, I found it very affirming that he would trust me like that. I’ve been told that I’m a pretty good listener, and I think Rafe appreciated that. At some point in the conversation, I think Rafe started to feel like he was dominating the topics, so he started asking me questions. “So, you look like you’ve been hitting the gym for quite a few years.” Yeah, that wasn’t really a question, but I took it and went with it.

“Yeah, ever since I graduated from high school. I guess that makes it almost 15 years now,” I said.

“So, let me see,” Rafe said. “That makes you about 32 if my math serves.”

“It serves you quite well,” I smiled. “And I’m going to say you have to be about mid-twenties?”

“Your math serves well, too, dude. Twenty-five.”

We both congratulated each other on our ability to deduce the age of the other, then Rafe said, man, you don’t seem seven years older than me. I mean… I don’t know.”

“I think I know what you mean. We seem to have similar personalities,” I said.

“And senses of humor,” he added. “You ever compete?”

“Compete?” I asked.


“Aw, no. I guess that’s where we’re different,” I said. “I could never get up on stage like that-- like you do.”

“It’s a rush, man. It really is,” he said. He looked at me in the face and said, “You could do it. You have a great body, man. If you put your mind to it, you could dominate, dude.”

I appreciated his confidence in my ability, and it was almost a boner-producing event to hear him say I have a great body. “Thanks, man,” I said. “But I think I’ll restrict my exhibitionist tendencies to private sessions only.” I could almost sense an excitement in Rafe when I said that, as if he was on the verge of asking me if I’d be interested in discussing that possibility in more depth. But he didn’t go there.

I looked down at his rippling forearms. “I can’t believe Jen would ever have a problem with being married to a guy like you. She needs her head examined.”

Rafe laughed. “Well, like I said, it’s not all her fault.”

I hadn’t noticed it, but we found ourselves talking in hushed tones now, as if we didn’t really want the conversation to be overheard; even though there was no one in the seat in front of us, and the car as a whole wasn’t that densely populated. I looked up a few rows, across the aisle, and saw the back of Cam’s head as he sat in a seat next to Adam. They seemed to be talking. Evan and Drew were in the car in front of us.

I looked back at Rafe’s arms. “I suppose guys like us have more than our fair share of testosterone, dude. Comes with the territory. A guy has to be able to deal with that, in some way.”

“Shit, it’s so good to be able to talk to someone who understands that,” Rafe smiled. “It’s really hard to find someone who knows what it’s like. But I don’t know if bodybuilders are necessarily cursed with high sex drives. I suppose there are other factors, not just muscle mass.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said. “But I think in your case, your sex drive and your muscle go hand in hand.”

Rafe smiled broadly, “Yeah. Or this in hand.” He made a jerking-off motion, and I burst out laughing. He lowered his voice more. “Is it just me, or am I the only one who has to ejaculate more than once a day?”

“Shit, man. You’re not alone in that. Not by a long-shot.”

“So… how often for you?” Rafe persisted.

I liked where this conversation was going.

“Well, I’ve never been married, so my hand is my only friend, dude,” I smiled.

“I didn’t find that marriage made any difference.”

“At least twice a day,” I interjected, answering his question.

“And excuse me, but you’ve got to be kidding,” he said. “Your hand is your only friend? Give me a break, dude. You could have anyone you want, with that body.”

I grinned just a bit. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” I said.

Rafe smiled. “As it was intended.”

“But I just meant that sometimes a cock in the hand is worth two in her bush.”

I thought my ears would burst, Rafe laughed so loud. Both Cameron and Adam turned around to see what the joke was, and I have to admit, I was pretty proud of my quick wit. It took Rafe a good minute or two to quiet down, and when he finally composed himself (and I did likewise), he got quiet again and revealed more.

“That’s really part of Jen’s and my problem. She’s come into the bathroom and caught me pleasuring myself a few times. Shouldn’t be a problem, really; I mean lots of married guys do that. But when you hardly ever initiate sex with your wife and she finds you having sex with yourself, that can cause some problems.”

“Yeah. I guess that would.”

I put my hand on Rafe’s leg and squeezed it. “Well, bud, if you ever need to talk about it, I’m here. You have my number.”

He smiled and put his hand on top of mine, holding it firmly on his leg. “Thanks, dude.” He looked right into my eyes, and I returned his gaze. It was a tad uncomfortable for a second. But only for a second. God in Heaven, he was adorable. Dark eyes. Jet black hair. A build that just never quit. And today he was sporting a nice, dark five o’clock shadow that made me what to whimper.

“I know you’re going to take this the wrong way, man,” he said. We were still holding my hand on his muscular quad. “But I gotta tell you that just talking with you like this-- it means more to me than I can put into words. I kinda feel a connection-- like we were meant to be more than just…” he stopped mid-sentence. Then continued. “I mean, we’ve only known each other a few days, but I already feel like you’re closer than a brother to me.”

He still kept his hand on top of mine, on top of his thigh. Apparently he wanted me to leave my hand there.

“Dude,” I said. “I know exactly what you mean. I don’t want to get funny sounding, but I feel the same way about you.” We looked into each other’s eyes again. His face just made my gut turn somersaults. I’m not sure, but I think I saw his eyes water. Then he looked away.

I could feel my penis growing.

And still my hand remained. But Rafe lifted his hand from mine and moved it onto my forearm, rubbing it lightly. I know mine isn’t the biggest forearm in the world, but it is pretty thick and I have a good amount of vascular stuff goin’ on there. Rafe’s fingers seemed to be attracted to the veins as they bulged on my arm. A little higher. A little higher, and his fingers approached my upper arm.

God, I was getting hard.

I started to do to Rafe’s huge quad muscles what he was doing to my forearm-- slowly and gently feeling out the thick, rippling mass. There was no way he wasn’t getting hard, too. No way.

Our eyes had looked down to watch what we were doing to each other, and then they returned to lock onto each other again.

“You have a nice touch, man,” he said. His eyes were so piercing and romantic. His muscles were so big and masculine. “Really nice.”

“Thanks,” I said shyly. “You do too.”

Then, his hand slipped off my arm and went down onto my hip and down to my leg. Again we watched as our hands felt the other’s muscles. I could see my penis under my shorts. It was obviously engorged. I looked at Rafe’s.

Holy mother of all erections! His cargo shorts were soft and they allowed easy movement; the coverage of the fabric was loose and comfortable-looking. Consequently, his large, thick cock showed under the khaki fabric rather obviously.

I got nervous. I mean, I certainly wasn’t afraid to have my way with a guy, that’s for sure; but Rafe was married. And we had just met. And I didn’t want to complicate the friendship.

Oh hell; who was I kidding. It was obvious from the way we first looked at each other that this was bound to end up more than a platonic relationship.

Suddenly the door at the front of the cabin burst open and in came Drew and Evan. They were dressed in conductor’s uniforms! Complete with hats and pocket watches! They looked hilarious! (And gorgeous-- there’s nothing like a stud in uniform!)

Rafe and I immediately withdrew our hands from each other, and in an instant I went from hard to hardly breathing. Shit, that was scary. Almost caught!

They sauntered down the aisle as if they were real conductors, asking for tickets. It was funnier than funny. They hammed it up, mostly with Cam and Adam, and then with Rafe and me when they got to us.

“Dude, where did you get those uniforms?” I laughed. “That’s outrageous!”

“Just found them in a closet up there,” Evan said, motioning to their car.

The two youngsters continued to act the part, but not very well, actually. They were so full of themselves that they couldn’t keep from laughing. They playfully punched at each other and slapped each other’s backs, tugging on the chains that held their pocket watches. In a minute, they returned to the front of the car and went back to their own coach.

Rafe and I giggled about it for a few minutes, and then I leaned my head back onto my seat. It got quiet again. I felt Rafe’s hand move back onto my leg. “Now,” he whispered.. “Where were we?”

I turned to his face and once again, almost died from an overdose of beauty.

Was he leaning in to me? Or maybe it was just that he was so goddam good looking that he just seemed to overtake my whole field of vision.

No, he was leaning in to me.

I could feel my heart race, and as I placed my hand back on Rafe’s leg, I found a vein that throbbed with his pulse.


His shorts were kinda tight on his quads, so I had to wriggle the tip of my pinky to get it under the fabric. I slid it in just a bit-- only to the first knuckle; just enough to get it in there, but not enough to really do any damage.

Rafe’s little finger moved into a similar position on my leg.

I was hard as a rock.

I broke my gaze from Rafe’s gorgeous face and looked around the cabin. The only person behind us was three rows back, and he was against the window, asleep. In front, beside Cam and Adam, there was only one couple, and they were also slumped in their seats, sleeping. I returned my attention to Rafe who’s facial expression seemed to ask if everything was okay. I half nodded that the coast was clear.

Rafe looked down and watched his hand move onto the top of my denim shorts. His vascular hand rested on my cock. He didn’t squeeze it; he just let rest there. I slid my hand down his leg, slipping it between his huge thighs, exploring the magnificent gorge formed by the two pillars of muscle. It was a place no man’s hand should venture, but we seemed to be moving quickly beyond the social boundaries one might expect to have in a purely platonic friendship.

Rafe kept looking at his hand on my crotch. Then, slowly, he squeezed. Gently. Lovingly. He looked at my eyes, and I’m sure they went half-mast. I let out a soft moan, too. He squeezed it more. He moved his hand over it, tenderly exploring its hardness, its tumescence. Of course, that only turned me on all the more.

“Fuck,” I whispered. “You have a nice hand.”

He didn’t respond. He just kept feeling me out. A slow squeeze; a tender push; a soft rub. God he was driving me insane!

My hand, having gotten lost in the valley between Rafe’s giant legs, finally found the resolve to move up onto his crotch as well. I tried to return the tenderness that Rafe was offering my erection, but I can’t help but feel that mine was a woeful attempt compared to his. I pressed it as gently as I could; he responded by moving his face to mine.

Our lips were millimeters apart. Our eyes lustily locked. Our hands massaged each other. And then, slowly, seductively, Rafe licked his lips, nearly brushing my own as he did it. I couldn’t help but mimic his movement. He squeezed again.

God, I was so close to cumming.

Rafe tipped his head to the side, almost imperceptibly, allowing us to get closer without butting noses. Our mouths were open.


Before our lips touched, Rafe’s tongue slipped itself into my mouth. And then our lips met. He was so gentle. He was so slow. Romantic, really.

As he tenderly kissed me, he likewise massaged my cock through my pants. I think the best part was when he didn’t actually squeeze, but when he just moved his hand over it, rubbing it softly. His tongue explored my mouth like a kitten searching for its mother’s nipple. Oh-fuck he was so hot!

In less than a minute from when his tongue penetrated my mouth, I was cumming in my pants. And Rafe’s hand seemed determined to push as much semen into my briefs as possible. He seemed to smile as we kissed and my body jerked. I took my hand from his pants and moved it up onto his chest, feeling out his massive pecs. And still I came. And still he milked me.

As I finished and we parted, I looked down to my crotch to see if anything had gotten out. I could feel that my briefs were full of my warm, creamy cum; but there wasn’t anything visible. No dark marks, nothing oozing out anywhere. But still, I could tell there was a lot in there, and I wasn’t so sure it would stay hidden.

I took a few deep breaths.

Then it started getting dangerous. Rafe unzipped his shorts and pulled them open. He was wearing boxers. He looked up at me, as if to say, “go for it, man.” God, I was scared. What if someone walked into the cab? Rafe pulled open the slit in his boxers and despite it’s unreal length, managed to force out his penis. Fuuuuuck, it was long and thick! Vascular as hell. A big, purple head. A pronounced ridge. His balls were still inside his boxers. He pushed up his long cock, and it tightened-- looking as if it were throbbing. He let it go back to his torso. Shit, it came up well above his waistline. It was the goddam biggest organ!

I touched it and Rafe let his head drop back against the seat. It was hot-- I mean, it was very, very warm. So fucking rigid. So fucking thick. I slid my fingertips down to the opening of his underwear and poked them inside, feeling a thick bush of pubes. I managed to find his nuts, and began fondling them.

Rafe moaned.

I don’t remember how it happened; if I were to logically evaluate the decision to do so, I would never have done it right there in the train, but somehow I found Rafe’s monstrous phallus inside my mouth. My quivering lips tenderly wrapped around the thick rim of his head, and I gently suckled, luxuriating in the sweet taste of his precum. And there was a lot to taste.

God, I don’t know what got into me. I mean, here I was, sucking off this guy right there in the train car!

The combination of my deft fingers on Rafe’s balls, and my talented tongue and lips on his cock brought Rafe to moaning quickly. I slid up and down his shaft-- fuck it was so thick! And no matter how much I determined to not gag, I just couldn’t take it all in to the hilt. But I don’t think he cared. I think he enjoyed the attempts. His head would hit the back of my throat, and just before I would almost gag, I’d have to pull it out just a bit.

But then, he moved closer and closer to climax; and he seemed to lose a little control. He put his hands on my head and held me on his cock. I got claustrophobic, but I determined to satisfy him. Even so, my body tightened and my leg straightened out into the aisle with a jerk. My arms flailed and I hit the seat in front of us with a fist. Rafe was in control now.

I continued to slide up and down his long, muscular shaft, as well as tickle the underside of his balls. With a yelp that I’m sure should have grabbed the attention of Cam and Adam, Rafe began to come. His jizz spewed into my throat and his strong hands forced my head all the way down. I gagged, pounding the seat again and thrashing all over hell. Rafe was not able to contain himself.

“SHHHHIIIIIIIIIT” he hissed. It wasn’t overly loud, but I know it could be heard throughout the cabin. His hands held me fast, and the cum just kept coming out of his penis like a sprinkler. I fought against him, but it was in vain.

Now comes the unbelievable part. His cock head pressed against my throat and shot hot burst after burst of jizz. As I gagged, I started to panic. I wanted to keep going-- to give him the hottest blow job he’d ever had-- but I was really losing it. And yet, his hands held me firmly on his cock. I breathed in his pubes. And then, it began to happen. The bursts of sperm were so hard that they began going up into my sinuses. I swear this is true-- you’re just going to have to trust me on this one-- as he kept coming and coming, forcing my head down, his jizm started to come out of my nose. I almost went unconscious. I moaned loudly-- now anyone who was awake in the cabin had to know something was going on. More white cream oozed out of my nostrils and onto Rafe’s pubic hair.

At some point the claustrophobia gave way to a resigned peace and I started to relax.

And still he filled my head with his semen.

Allowing my body to go limp, I started to enjoy the rhythm Rafe was producing. The milk kept shooting out of my nose, but now it was all good.

With a forceful, final push, Rafe finished. His hands relaxed. His body went limp.

I lifted my head, allowed his penis to fall out of my mouth, and looked up at his face. His exhaustion quickly turned to surprise-- shock, really. His eyes went big. “Dude!” he whispered. “Dude, what happened?”

I stuck my tongue out and licked some jizz that was dribbling out of my nose.

“Fuck!” Rafe whispered loudly. “Did I do that to you?”

I just smiled up at him.

“Fuck!” he repeated. Then he grinned subtly and said, “Sorry, man. Shit, that was one helluva blow job!” He quickly looked around the cabin. He didn’t seem to see anyone watching.

I sat up and tried to gain my composure. “I think I need to clean up, man,” I said.

Rafe forced his post-orgasmic cock back inside his boxers and wrestled with his zipper. “Shit, man, I’ll have to clean you off before you can get up. You have my jizz coming out of your nose, dude!”

“Tell me about it,” I said. “Like I didn’t know.”

Rafe started to laugh. And when he looked at me, he laughed even harder. Just when he seemed to get his laughter under control, he’d look at my face again and he’d lose it, laughing uncontrollably. He used his thumb to wipe off my nose. My head felt sore. Rafe started laughing again. His whole, muscular, body shook as he laughed. God he’s so hot.

When he was satisfied that I was presentable to the general public, he said I could get up and use the restroom, which I did quickly.

I returned to my seat to find Rafe almost asleep. He nodded at my return. Soon we were both in the ozone layer, hand in hand.

The next thing I remember was hearing silence. The train had stopped. I opened my eyes and saw Cam and Adam standing in the aisle, still about three rows in front of us. I quickly let go of Rafe’s hand. That motion woke him up.

We found Evan and Drew and made our way off the train into Union Station.

“I don’t know about you,” Adam said, “but that was one hell of a train ride.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He paused and then wrapped his big arm around my shoulder. “I think you know what I mean, man.” Then he winked.







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