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Camo Hat   •   Chapter Nine

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IVAN PULLED HIMSELF UP QUICKLY. We were at the end of our back workout, and after having pummeled ourselves with lat pulldowns and bent-over rows, we were finishing with high-rep chin-ups. Evan was on his third set and you'd never know that he had just spent 45 minutes thrashing his lat muscles-- he easily pulled himself up past the 15 rep mark, and was heading toward 20.

When all was said and done, Evan squeaked out 23 reps and dropped to his feet. He breathed heavily.

"Nice, man," I encouraged as I patted him on the shoulder.

He stood hunched over, his palms resting on his knees.

"You still going over to Cam's with me tonight?" I asked.

Evan stood all the way up. "Yeah, man," he panted. "I'll be there with bells on, dude."

"Cool. Cam's making salmon. He's been looking forward to having you over."

"Really?" Evan asked as he wiped his forehead with his towel.

"Yeah. He thinks you have a lot of potential, man. I think he has designs on getting you into some competition."

Evan took a drink from his water bottle. "I don't know about that. That'd take a lot of work, man."

"Yeah-- and commitment. But you have the genetics, man. It's yours if you want it. Just depends on how much you want it."

• • • • •

"Come on in, guys," Cam smiled. He opened the door wide and then turned away from us, leading us into his apartment. I always like how he did that-- just assumed. Evan went in first, and I closed the door behind us. I could see that Evan was transfixed on Cameron's back; his lats spread like two wings that refused to cooperate with the tank top that tried to contain them, and narrowed into his denim shorts. And then there was that butt. Shit. Just from watching the back of Evan's head, I could tell he wasn't letting his eyes off of the unreal muscle in front of him. "It'll be about 15 minutes 'til the fish is done," Cam said. "What are you guys drinking?"

"Coors Light for me," I said, plopping down on Cameron's couch.

"Same here, man," Evan said, sitting in the overstuffed chair.

"Coming up," Cam said. It was funny, but I wasn't sure if he intended a double meaning when he said that. Sometimes he's hard to read, and his killer smile can occasionally appear as devious. Certainly, any man with half a gay bone in his body could "come up" just by watching Cameron pull bottles of beer out of his fridge-- not to mention watching him use his big, strong arms to power his hands to twist the caps off the bottles. He handed us our beers and opened one for himself.

"Nice place," Evan said as his eyes took in Cameron's living room. He spotted some of Cam's veterinary books on a shelf. "You have much school left before you start cutting up animals?"

Cam chuckled. "Another year or so. Then I'll have my license to kill. Or at least maim."

Evan laughed and looked over to Cam, who was fiddling with some food in the kitchen.

"So, dude," Cam said, "Matt tells me you're just itchin' to get into bodybuilding competition, huh?"

Evan looked over at me with a surprised expression which quickly turned to darts coming out of his eyes. "Oh really? He did, did he?"

Cameron immediately started laughing and said, "Well, maybe not in so many words, dude. But I told him that I thought you'd be killer up on stage."

"Shit." Evan said. "Coming from you, I'll take that as the highest compliment."

By now, Cam had moved back into the living room area and was heading out to the barbecue on the patio. "I mean, it, Evan. I think you should consider it. It'll awesome. There's nothing like standing up on stage and having people appreciate all of your hard work. Knocking other guys out of the competition is cool, too." He stepped through the slider and opened the lid to the barbecue. A little smoke escaped and Cameron tested the meat with a fork. Satisfied that progress was being made, he closed the lid and returned to the living room.

"I dunno," Evan said. "I have a lot of irons in the fire. I don't know if I have the time to make that kind of commitment. I mean, I know it takes up your whole life when you compete."

Cameron smiled broadly. "Yeah, you're right. It's a lifestyle thing, that's for sure."

The meal was superb. Everything was fantastic. The temperature that day was a little cooler than it had been, so we ate out on the patio.

Afterward, we leaned back in our chairs out there, enjoying some more beer. I suppose Evan had had about four-- maybe five. Apparently it was enough to loosen him up to the point of being pretty comfortable with Cameron.

"Shit, man," Evan said, setting his bottle on the table, looking at the tank-topped Cameron. "You are the best-built guy I've ever seen. How do you do it, man? I mean, you look better than anyone I've ever seen on competition day, and you're not even dieting for a contest!"

Cameron smiled and took a drink from his own beer. "Just lucky, I guess," he teased.

Evan stared at Cam's upper arm. "So, how big is it?"

Cam looked down at it, then raised it into a flexed ball of rippling mass. "This little thing?" he grinned.

"Fuuuuck," Evan said.

I have to admit, at that point, seeing Cameron tease Evan like that brought me from limp to taut in about five seconds.

"Let's see yours, man," Cameron responded.

"Aw, don't be cruel. Mine's puny compared to yours."

"You probably have a good 18 inches, don't you?" Cam prodded.

Evan looked a little embarrassed, but maybe a little proud too. "Yeah. They're 18, pumped." He looked back at Cam as the muscleman lowered his arm. "And yours?" he persisted.

"Oh, I dunno," Cam sighed. "It's such a pain to measure them. Keep breaking the measuring tape," he smiled, with his indented dimples probably having the same effect on Evan that they did on me.

Evan and I both laughed, and I said, "If it weren't so painfully true, I'd accuse you of having a big head, dude."

Cameron continued to grin and turned my statement into a double entendre, "A lot of people have told me that my head is pretty big." He looked down at his crotch to emphasize his point. Then, to my horror, he said, "And you ought to know."

That caught me totally off guard. Evan looked over at me, and I could tell my face redden into 150 shades of embarrassment. I felt hot all over. I froze, and then tried to force myself into a relaxed position; then I laughed. "Yeah, right. You wish," I finally said.

Cameron was laughing full out now. "You should see how red you just turned, man!" By now, Evan was laughing as well, albeit with some hesitancy. As the laughter calmed, Cameron said, "Just playin' with you man." He took another drink from his beer, and I tried to watch to see if he would give me any further indication of how serious he had been.

Did he know what I had done that night when he was drunk on the couch? Had he really been asleep?

I questioned myself for the rest of the evening, and afterward. A pit of pain came and went from my stomach. All the "what if" questions spun around and around my head whenever I would let them. It was unnerving; but in the end I told myself that even if Cam knew what I did, he evidently didn't care enough to let it make a difference in our friendship.

Evan again demonstrated that he had more than enough to drink by saying, "Well, man. That's obviously not the only thing that's big on you." His eyes flowed all over Cameron's exposed muscles, and even those that were covered by his shirt and shorts.

Another sip of beer. "Thanks, man," Cam said. "I think you might be into bodybuilding as much as ol' Matt here."

There was an uncomfortable silence.

"Seriously, man," Cam finally continued. "If you want to get into it, I'd be glad to help you out. With workouts, diet, posing, supplements, and stuff."

"Yeah, the posing," Evan said. "That's gotta be pretty tough. Don't know how I'd do with that."

"Piece of cake," Cameron replied. "You just have to practice it. A lot." He looked at me and said, "But Matt and I would be good for that. You could come over here whenever you want and pose. And I bet Matt would help too."

"You bet," I said, wiping my mouth as I put my beer down.

"I'd teach you,” Cam encouraged. “You and I could just strip down to posing trunks and I'd walk you through it. It'd be work, but you'd pick it up."

Evan let out a funny noise that was half laugh, and half uncomfortable sigh. "Yeah, that'd be tough."

"What would." Cam prodded.

Evan fidgeted. "I mean... that'd be tough... to stand in posers, next to you in posers. Don't know if I could take that. I have some self esteem, you know. You're pretty intimidating, dude."

Cam smiled. "Aw, I'm just a sweet lovable teddy bear once you get to know me." That grin again. Then he raised his arm out in front of himself and tightened it, without really even bending it very much, flexing his forearm. Fuuuuuck. The rippling veins and muscles just danced all over his forearm and upper arm. His biceps muscle just seemed to keep growing and growing, threatening to separate completely from the rest of his arm. This impromptu demonstration of freaky muscle blew both Even and me away completely.

"Shit," Evan whispered.

I echoed the sentiment.

Cam twisted his arm a bit and allowed his audience to continue gasping, rotating it so we could see even more of its size and virulent vascularity. Finally, mercifully, he relaxed his arm and let it return to a resting position at his side. I could actually feel my pulse in my erect penis.

Evan opened another beer.

• • • •

The Jamba Juice was pretty busy this morning-- and with good reason, I suppose. It was going to be a scorcher outside. The forecast called for temps above 90 degrees. It looked like Cam, Evan and I weren’t the only ones who decided to grab a cold smoothie before heading to the beach. Even wore a muscle shirt, as did I. Cameron, however, had opted for an oversized T-shirt. The thing had to be XXXL, which had the effect of hanging loosely on his oversized frame. But even the excess fabric couldn’t hide Cam’s development. There was no hiding it. The sleeves of the shirt weren’t filled by his gigantic arms, but even so, you could see the size of them. But the thing that I kept staring at was his muscled back. Shit, his traps really were huge under the thick cotton fabric.

More than one of the patrons also noticed Cameron; yeah, even covered up like this, he was awesome. And of course, a cursory glance at his legs under his shorts, and his calves just blew you away. Clearly, these were not naturally occurring calf muscles.

We grabbed our smoothies and jumped in Cam’s car. The city is about two hours from the beach, especially when there’s traffic, and, being a Friday, there was traffic. But the trip went fast, and by noon we were in Cannon Beach, looking for lunch. There is a good pizza place there, and so we made our way through the throngs of off-duty beach-combers-turned-window-shoppers and had our fill.

The beach was unusually crowded. I mean, at least as far as I had ever seen. I guess I never made it down here in the peak of the summer season. The sand was filled with dogs chasing balls and Frizbees, kids being drenched with sunscreen by their moms, sand castles, and of course, plenty of skin-- both female and male.

The three of us found a pretty good spot, considering the density of sun worshippers, and we set up our spot. I glanced out at the water. It was filled with mostly guys, body surfing. The Oregon coast isn’t known for surfing, but body surfing is popular. I spread out my beach towel and took off my shirt, watching Evan as he did likewise. Damn, he was hot. I mean, I had to ask myself how I didn’t attack him when we worked out together. He spread out a little lotion on his hands and started with his abs. Shit, he looked fine!

And then, Cameron. Oh my god. Even without meaning to do so, Cameron pretty much destroyed the whole beach. One would think that in this setting, a mega-developed bodybuilder like Cam would look a little out of place. Like-- too big, or like he’s too bulked out for his own good. Musclebound guys can really look painful sometimes. The way they stand there with their arms sticking out to their sides, as if they are up on stage or something-- it can be kind of over-the-top. But Cam took off his oversized T-shirt, replaced his sunglasses and started joking with Evan and me as if he was just a regular Joe. No pretense, no showing off, no flexing, no checking the crowd to see who’s looking. Just Cameron. And his gargantuan muscles somehow looked slimmed down, as if he was able to adapt his physique to the beach scene. I know he really didn’t change, but he just looked totally balanced-- just perfect.

His swim trunks came down to cover most of his quads-- maybe a few inches above the knees. They were a tan and green print that looked like trees, or leaves. They really complimented his tan skin.

What Evan had started in my groin, Cameron more than completed. I really didn’t know what to do, other than stand there with a Frizbee in front of my boner. But active, energetic Cam wouldn’t have anyone just standing around. He started running off and called, “I’m going long, man! Send it out!”

What could I do. I couldn’t just leave him hanging there. I had to throw it. Cam jumped up in the air and retrieved the disc and then threw it to Evan, who had already started a lateral run. The three of us played for awhile, and I did my best to not keep checking out by penis. Pretty soon, I felt pretty comfortable.

The afternoon was filled with sand, sun and plenty of water. I have to tell you that Cameron looked as good wet as he did dry-- if not better. Of course a shirtless Cameron is like a magnet, or a vacuum. It can’t exist all alone; it attracts. It pulls.

And pull it did. Within an hour, dozens of teenagers and twenty-somethings were engaged with the three of us in games of beach football, volleyball, kite flying and even sand castle building. Someone had brought a long rope in his trunk and the climax of the afternoon was a monstrous tug-of-war game. Obviously everyone wanted to be on Cam’s team; and in the end, his opposing team required that they get two more guys than his team-- just to be fair.

But, even with that adjustment, the opposition just wasn’t enough to compete against Cameron’s massive biceps as they pulled the rope and won the game. Yeah, a lot of the studs on his team actually thought they participated in the contest, but I know better.

Finally the crowd dispersed, but only after Cam had treated them to multiple flexes of his various body parts. When the last adoring teenager reluctantly turned to join his friends back at his car, Cam plopped down on top of his beach towel, exhausted. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving-- and pooped,” he sighed. He closed his eyes and I watched his chest and abs rise and fall with his breathing.

“Wanna go into Seaside and find something to eat?” Evan asked, pulling on his swim trunks to see how tan he had gotten.

“Yeah, I’m starved, too,” I said.

Without opening his eyes, Cam said, “Too tired to drive. Let’s find something here.” He paused for a second and then said, “What do you guys think about finding a room and staying here for the night?”

Evan and I looked at each other. Then Evan’s face dropped as a thought struck him. “Uh...” he started. “Well... I told my brother I’d help him move tomorrow. I kinda need to get back to town.”

“Aw Evan,” I said. “You’re too dependable. You need to work on your flakey side. This is the perfect opportunity for you to grow up and act like a mature, unpredictable adult,” I said.

“Yeah, Ev,” Cam smiled, again without opening his eyes. “Who can you flake out on, if not your own brother. He’ll understand.”

“You can’t tell me he wasn’t ever 18, huh? He knows what it’s like to be irresponsible,” I chided.

“Well… I don’t know. I said I’d help.”

“He’s probably got ten buddies helping him tomorrow. He’ll never miss you,” Cam said. He folded his hands on his abs.

Evan rolled his eyes in a somewhat reluctant manner and turned away as he grabbed his cell-phone out of his back pack. He walked a few feet away and put the phone to his ear.

“You think we can find a place? I said to Cam. “It’s a Friday night in August. The whole town has to be sold out, man.”

He raised his head and opened his eyes. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I can’t reach him,” Evan said, rejoining us. “I left him a voicemail.”

“Good,” I said. “But now we need to find a motel with a room. Might be a challenge.”

• • • •

“They always leave one room open, just for emergencies,” Cam smiled as he plopped his duffel back down on the queen sized bed.

“Yeah, but one this nice?” I countered.

The room was more like a suite. It had a fireplace and a hot tub and huge windows that opened out onto a deck that overlooked the beach. Two queen beds were on one wall, and there was a small kitchen.

“And that girl at the front desk-- she gave us a huge break,” Evan said.

“Well, she took one look at Cam and almost died,” I said. “I think she had it bad for you, dude.”

Cam barely acknowledged me. He was busy testing the water temperature in the hot tub.

We got settled in and relaxed on the beds while we watched TV. A beer run had garnered many alcoholic beverages, as well as snacks aplenty. When we were sufficiently loosened up, Evan and I began working on Cameron to give us a sample of his posing routine.

“You know you have some posers in that bag of yours,” I said. “You always carry some.”

Cam relented, and Evan and I settled back on the beds, trying hard not to stroke ourselves while the show got underway.

It was the most stimulating half-hour I had ever experienced. I know both Evan and I came more than once, although I think we both hid it pretty well. Cameron’s absolute beauty and supreme muscular development was pretty much overwhelming. And Cam seemed only too willing to indulge our muscle worshipping fantasies. He let us put our hands on just about anything we wanted to, and then he’d just flex-- very slowly-- while we’d feel, and feel, and feel. I know it was during one of these touching sessions that Evan came. I could tell.

“Well,” Cam finally said, “you boys care to join me in the hot tub?” Without waiting for an answer, he stepped into the very warm water and walked down the steps. He stood there, with the water coming up to his mid-thighs. Shit, he looked so hot! He was pretty pumped from all the flexing and posing. Evan and I looked at each other, silently communicating our trepidation. We both had kept our swimming trunks on for the evening (we really hadn’t packed for an overnight trip), and we both had a huge amount of jizz inside them.

Cameron, still standing in quiet, thigh-deep water, looked down at his black posers and slipped his thumb inside, running it back and forth. He looked up at both of us and gave a devilish grin. He lowered his trunks just a bit, exposing the root of his cock.


He looked down at himself, admiring everything, then slowly removed his thumb from the inside of his waistline. What a tease.

“You guys don’t want to come in?” he said innocently. “Promise I won’t bite.” Then another, more subtle grin, and he said, “Unless you want me to.”

Evan was the first to move. He walked over to the tub and started down. “Man, this feels good,” he said. The hot tub wasn’t that big. It could seat four comfortably, but if two people stood, you were right next to the other person. Cam stepped back slightly to let Even come all the way down, and Evan did so. They were almost touching. Evan’s face hit right at Cameron’s pecs. I could tell that Cam was attracted to Evan. And for some reason, it really didn’t bother me.

Evan just stood there, looking up at Cam. God, he was strong. I mean, he seemed to know that he was turning Cam on, and he just let it happen.

Cam started growing in his posers.

Both of them just stood there.

I started to rub my crotch through my trunks.

“Shit, man,” Evan said to Cam. “You are amazing. How do you stand it-- having all those muscles?”

Cam didn’t answer. He moved his hand toward his posers, then slipped his thumb inside once again, running it back and forth, slowly lowering the this strap on the sides of his waist. Evan watched.

I could see Cam’s huge chest rise and fall. His breathing was getting heavier. And his cock was getting harder. Within just a few minutes, his posing trunks were perilously close to losing containment. Cam’s face winced as he tried to adjust his cock, which was restricted and forced into an uncomfortable position.

“You want some help with that?” Evan said, gazing into Cam’s beautiful eyes.

Again, Cam didn’t answer. He just waited.

Evan was a master. He obviously had much experience with women, but I was surprised at how he was able to take the lead here. I guess he just transferred his heterosexual skills to homosexual mode. He slowly slipped his hand inside Cam’s trunks-- very slowly-- starting with his long fingers. His hand moved downward, and Cameron was visibly stimulated. I could see he was holding his breath as Evan’s fingertips moved inside his posers and began to surround his thick, vein-lined shaft.

Evan held his hand there. It was fully inside Cam’s posing trunks. I watched with rapt attention, focussing on Evan’s hand. He gently squeezed it.

Cam held still. It was as if he was resisting. He was determined to not react to Evan’s touch. He was determined to remain in control.

How Evan was able to seemingly reverse the expected roles here, I’ll never know. Again, I just have to chalk it up to Evan’s vast experience with women.

But, Evan wasn’t totally in control of everything. A glance at his face, and his stare at Cameron’s, quickly revealed that he was coming to the end of his own rope. As he held his left hand inside Cam’s skimpy posing trunks, his right hand-- almost involuntarily-- moved onto Cam’s big chest. Cam bristled when Evan’s palm brushed over his nipple.

In response, I took my hand and moved it inside my swimming trunks. This was getting really good.

Now it was Cam’s turn to make his move. He gently pulled Evan’s swimming suit down. Evan’s totally erect cock sprang upward in salute, and Cam pushed the trunks down into the water. Evan wiggled just right so the trunks would go all the way down. I could see him step out of them, and shortly they were floating on top of the water. Cam didn’t waste any time; he tenderly started stroking Evan’s hard-on, occasionally running his fingertips into Evan’s already cum-drenched pubes. Evan was doomed.

A few gentle movements of Evan’s hand inside Cam’s posers seemed to reverse the balance of power for just a second, but only for a second.

Soon, Evan had removed Cam’s posing trunks all the way, and they joined Evan’s trunks, floating on the surface of the warm water.

Cameron leaned forward, and the two of them began kissing. They wrapped their arms around each other. The kissing was passionate, but mind-numbingly gentle and tender. It was soft and slow. Tongues, lips, nipping, frenching. Kissing. It was so erotic. Hands giving long, slow strokes. Moans. Hands running slowly over bulging muscles, feeling, touching, caressing.

Cam seemed to particularly enjoy touching Evan’s milky pubic hair; there was a lot of semen there to touch, and Cam took every opportunity to return his fingertips to the black forest, sampling the ejaculate that Evan had produced entirely because of Cam’s muscle-posing.

I had completely stripped as well, although I don’t remember how or when it happened. I was trying to drag it out a long time, but when they started kissing like that, there was no way I could stop it. With a hard jerk and a loud groan, I shot up a long string of semen. It happened suddenly, surprising even myself. Cam’s eyes glanced over at me as I began my orgasm, and I could tell Evan realized what I was doing even though he didn’t look over to me. He was too busy kissing Cam. Maybe it was my encouragement, I don’t know, but not long after I began my heavy ejaculations, Evan did likewise. Cameron squeezed his body into his own, and Evan almost yelled into Cam’s mouth as he shot. Cam pushed down on Evan’s cock and held still. I could see Evan’s penis throb with each burst of cream, and the jizz plopped up onto Cam’s abs and chest.

And they kept kissing.

When Evan was finally done, Cam turned him around and forced his hands onto the edge of the hot tub. Oh, god.

Cam placed his hands off Evan’s hips, and rested his rigid pole in the crack of Evan’s butt. His mammoth cock reared upward. Glistening beads of precum dribbled down Cameron’s penis and onto the small of Evan’s back.

Evan looked horrified. He even whimpered a little.

“Don’t worry, little guy,” Cameron comforted. His voice was shaking, as if he was struggling to maintain control of his own body. “I’m not going to fuck you. Not today anyway.”

I had never seen anything so long, with such a thick girth as Cam’s cock. And it was laced and rippling with veins-- all over it! The purple head grew and pulsed with each slow slide between Evan’s ass cheeks. I don’t think Evan would have been able to received it. Certainly it would have taken some time, and it was obvious that Cam didn’t have that kind of time. His grip on Evan’s hips tightened, and the muscles in his arms exploded with size and definition. The separation was unreal. His whole body wrenched; his traps swelled; his shoulders morphed; his gargantuan arms rippled. His head tipped back, and he bared his teeth in an almost barbaric growl. Evan whined in pain. Cam’s grip must have been unbearable.

Cameron’s whole body came to a climax. It wasn’t just his cock that came. Every muscle seemed to join in a beautifully painful expression of muscular sexuality as his cock opened up and began to fire like a hand-held plastic squirt gun. I happened to be in the position where Cam’s cock was pointing-- albeit about ten feet away. Nevertheless, my right thigh received the very first volley of Cam’s semen. It plopped onto my leg; it was warm. I looked down at it; there must have been a good tablespoon of jizz laying on my quad. A second round landed on my face. Holy shit! I wiped it off and just sat against the bed, watching in unbelief. Cam continued to shoot, and Evan held still. Cam hissed, but didn’t yell out loud. Cam’s subsequent ejaculations landed on the carpet and Evan’s back. Fuck, I had never seen so much jizz in my life! He produced much more than he had when I jacked him off in his sleep on my couch.

His huge rod kept sliding up and down Evan’s butt crack. God, that sight was incredible. Just incredible.

I had taken the generous amount of Cam’s semen that had landed on my body and used it as lube on my own cock. Despite multiple orgasms in the past hour or so, the sight in front of me actually made me cum again. It was awesomely painful. One of the best ever. Just seeing Cam’s naked, erect, jacking body like that-- more ripped and proportionate-beautiful-muscle than you could ever imagine-- it was enough to feed twenty orgasms, if that were humanly possible.

The room was awash in sperm by the time we hit the sack that night. We didn’t really even make an effort to clean it up much. I often wondered what the cleaning staff thought then next morning after we checked out. I’m sure there were many random globs of hardened jizz on the furniture, walls, TV remote, telephone and carpet. And I’m sure we never cleaned up the sheets on the one bed we used that night.







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