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TLEX CLOSED HIS BEDROOM DOOR BEHIND HIM as Victor checked the room out. It was somewhat sparse-- typical guy stuff: A few posters of almost-naked women; football posters; some baseball stuff; a couple of tennis rackets in the corner (Victor wondered how a big guy like Alex would do on the tennis court); a small collection of books on a shelf. It wasn’t messy, but it wasn’t decorated, by any means. On a shelf just above the books, there were a few power lifting trophies; a couple for bench and two or three for other events. Shirtless Alex cracked a slight smile at Victor as he closed the door. Victor had had to hold up his pants, since they were still unzipped from their encounter in the living room.

Alex approached and pulled Victor’s pants down. “Take off your shirt,” he said softly.

Victor did as he was told. When Alex had Victor’s pants and briefs down, he started taking off his own shorts and boxers. Now, they were both naked.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Alex said, nodding to the bed. Victor lay back on the queen-size bed, on his back. The nerves had totally left him now. He was in the presence of a god, and the god was friendly. He couldn’t believe where he was, but he was totally accepting it now. He put his hands behind his head and looked at the naked musclehunk that stood at the foot of the bed. “Good,” Alex smiled. “I want you to keep your hands there for the next few minutes. Don’t move your hands until I give you permission.” Victor smiled.

And then, Alex began to pose.

He hit a double-biceps first, and Victor strained to keep his hands behind his head-- how he wanted to touch himself as Alex’s gigantic guns flooded with hardness, peaking with baseball-sized peaks which sat on a triceps that looked like a football. Alex held the pose for quite a few seconds, rotating his wrists slightly to make the muscles flex, fold and bulge with ripples.

As Victor watched, his boner returned to him quickly. It bobbed as he flexed it in response to Alex’s amazing arms.

Next, Alex moved into a side chest pose, slowly rotating and then grasping his hands just below his inhumanly-developed pecs. Victor could see the striations in the cleavage. There was so much meat on those things too-- just pure poetry-- strong, powerful poetry.

Alex winked at Victor as the worshipper’s cock pushed out a clear bead of pre-cum that glistened on his stomach.

The musclestud smiled as he slowly turned away from Victor. He gave his worshipper a lat-spread. Oh my fucking god. It was like a manta ray! As Alex relaxed the pose, his whole back rippled with waves of rock. Victor was beside himself.

Alex raised his arms and gave him a back double-bi. His arms looked even harder, and more lumpy from this angle. Victor tried to guess a number for their measurement, and he was sure it was well over 20 inches. Well over. Slowly, Alex put his arms down and turned to face Victor again. As he did, he had a shit-eating grin on his face. But Victor’s eyes quickly moved off Alex’s face. As the musclegod’s torso rotated around, Alex’s now-erect cock swung into view. It was totally erect! Obviously, Alex liked being worshipped-- a lot!

Alex continued to grin, and amazingly, his cock continued to move higher! What would be a full-erection for most men was only about 80 percent there, for Alex. By the time the huge man put his hands behind his back and prepared for an abs/leg flex, his cock had continued to grow and rise, until it now was pasted firmly against his abs! All the way! There was virtually no space between the throbbing dick and Alex’s abdominal muscles.

But Victor didn’t have much time to marvel at this sight. Alex, with his hands behind his head, started to wiggle his right leg, making the loose, huge mound of muscle flop back and forth. Then, in an instant, he hardened it. Oh, goddddddd-- it steeled into cables, ropes, lumps, mounds and mountains of granite-hard muscle. Alex’s legs were so huge, it made Victor gasp. At the same time, Alex exhaled and tightened his abs. It was the most astounding display of muscle-- totally naked, erect muscle-- that Victor could have ever imagined.

Victor, absentmindedly, removed his right hand from behind his head. His cock demanded attention, and he moved to comfort it.

“Ah- ah- ah!” Alex clucked. “Not yet.” Chagrined, Victor slowly placed his hand back behind his head. He looked longingly at his cock. Alex did too, and they both saw it bob up and down, begging for a hand. Alex smiled. Then he resumed his posing routine. He was slow and graceful; just an amazing poser. He lowered his arms and placed his hands on his hips. It wasn’t a true bodybuilding pose, but it was one of the most powerfully erotic things Victor had ever seen. Alex’s perfect, perfect teeth shown bright and white as he grinned. Akimbo, Alex just smiled; his cock still pasted against his abs.

Victor could see the first vestiges of pre-cum begin to wet the purple cock-head of his god-in-the-flesh. Alex changed from the relaxed pose to a front lat-spread. Just so much power and pulchritude… Then, Alex moved his position slightly and went into a most-muscular pose. As he did so, his whole body seemed to tighten and thicken. God, it was awesome.

Victor wondered how long he could hold out. His cock screamed for attention. This was pure torture! Next, Alex relaxed for a second. He looked down at his pecs, and then at Victor. With his eyes still on Victor, he tightened his pecs into two moons of boulder-like muscle. They hardened, rippling as they did so. And then, Alex did something that Victor had never seen before-- in any of his bodybuilding videos. Alex actually tightened his pecs even more! As he did so, his chest rose! It moved from tight and hard, to high, tight and hard. Victor had never seen anything like it. It was pecs on overdrive, higher and bigger than ever!

“Oh, goddd,” Victor moaned. His dick jumped up and down as he involuntarily tightened it.

Alex liked the adulation. The young musclehunk relaxed his chest and walked to the side of the bed closet to his admirer. He stood over Victor, looked down at him, and the began to slowly-- painfully slowly-- ripple his pecs. “You like pecs?” he teased as his chest moved in lazy waves-- up and down. And then-- from side to side! It was unbelievable!

Alex bent his knees. He lowered himself to the side of the bed-- his knees pressed against the side of the mattress-- so he’d be right above Victor. He was still slowly flexing and relaxing his pecs.

“Oh shiiiiiit,” Victor whispered.

“Okay, buddy,” Alex said. “Go ahead and take one hand-- and feel my chest.” Victor didn’t have to be told twice. He moved his shaking fingers onto the rolling muscle. Alex continued his erotic pec flex. The muscle moved in languid waves under Victor’s palm. Alex held still-- except for his pecs-- as he gave Victor’s worshipping hand the ride of it’s life. Victor felt Alex’s pecs-- both of them, slowly moving between them. As he did so, his eyes couldn’t decide what they wanted to look at. It was a toss-up, but most of the time they moved between the amazing biceps, that were just inches from his face-- those amazing roped, biceps, with that cephalic vein, thick enough for a marine to climb in a training exercise-- to his big, long cock, wet and plastered to his cobblestone abs.

Victor’s hand tightened on Alex’s right pec as the first involuntary ejaculation of cum shot out of the worshipping cock. He didn’t actually realize what was happening until the second burst landed on his own face. His penis, totally un-stimulated by physical touch, had held out as long as it could. But now, only minutes after its first orgasm, it couldn’t help it. The third blast actually made a squeaking sound. Victor’s fingers grasped Alex’s mammoth pec hard as he struggled to remain conscious. It was the most powerful thing he had ever experienced in his life. Not missing a beat, Alex climbed onto the bed, on top of Victor. The 245 pound beast of muscle enveloped young Victor, and kissed him tenderly as Victor continued to explode between their bodies. Alex gently pressed his torso-- and cock-- against Victor, giving the bottom guy a little resistance, which served to invigorate his orgasm.

Victor’s one hand stayed on Alex’s pec; his other embraced Alex’s back, hugging him hard. He pressed his pelvis against Alex’s as he continued to shoot. Alex’s gentle tongue explored Victor’s mouth once again, and in spite of that, Victor moaned into Alex’s mouth as he spasmed with his lusty orgasm.

When Victor was done, Alex lost no time in positioning himself. He pushed himself off Victor, lifted Victor’s legs-- grabbing them by the calves-- spreading his butt hole before his appreciative eyes.

“I’ve… I’ve never… done this… before,” Victor said, somewhat embarrassed.

“I know,” Alex comforted.

“You do? How?” “I could tell. I have a knack,” Alex said. “I like virgins the best.” Victor didn’t know whether to be embarrassed even more-- that both his lust and his inexperience were so obvious-- or be comforted that perhaps since Alex had experience with virgins he’d be sensitive to their apprehension. Whatever, he sure did seem to know what he was doing-- and what he wanted. Alex gazed at the little red cherry that was Victor’s hole and smiled. He reached up to Victor’s abdomen and scooped up a portion of cum. He moistened his finger with it and pushed it into Victor’s hole.

Victor jumped. Although he’d often dreamed of something like this (well, not really like this-- nothing in his dreams even came close!), and although he’d stuck a number of foreign objects up his ass before, he wasn’t prepared for the long finger of Alex. As Alex continued to “prime the pump” so to speak, Victor moaned. God that felt good.

Alex withdrew. Still holding one calf up with his right hand, Alex got a second helping of Victor’s jizz with his left, and this time pushed two fingers inside. He wriggled them just a bit, and then slowly pushed them all the way in-- as far as they’d go. Victor moaned more.

“Just getting you ready, buddy,” Alex smiled. “Need to make sure you can take all of me.” He wriggled his two fingers inside Victor. “God, you’re tight. This is going to be nice.” He slowly pulled his fingers out, then grabbed Victor by both calves and adjusted him on the bed with his mighty arms. One last time, Alex went to the pool of lust that Victor had produced, and wet his fingers. But this time, he applied the milky potion to his own cock. He wet his bulging cock-head, and then lubed most of his thick shaft, all the while smiling at Victor. “Thank you for providing this,” he said. “It’ll make it easier for you, and more enjoyable for me.” Without further delay, he leaned forward. His big cock was so hard and tight against his own body that he had to pull it away from his abs and lean forward even more, to get the angle right. It took a little maneuvering, but eventually, as Victor held his own legs out wide, and Alex supported himself with one had next to Victor’s torso, and aimed his cock with his other hand, he began knocking on the door. Alex pressed just hard enough so his cock-head would stay in position, while he leaned farther forward and now supported his muscular upper-body with both hands on the bed, on the outside of Victor’s torso. Alex gazed into Victor’s eyes with a mixture of calm, comfort, anticipation, and dominance.

He rotated his hips just a bit, flexed his glutes, and pushed.


Regardless of how gentle Alex was, Victor was totally unprepared. He cried out as Alex pushed inside. Victor’s sphincter spread apart with great protest.

“Just relax, little buddy,” Alex smiled. “The more you relax, the easier it’ll be.” Victor tried to relax, but as his ass hole muscles closed around the lip of Alex’s cock-head, he whimpered. His whole body tightened. Alex grinned; god, he loved overwhelming guys like this. Hell, he loved overwhelming girls every once-in-a-while, but with guys-- fuck, it was much hotter. His musclebody was a thing of astounding beauty and power, and having this power over another guy was just-- just so fucking awesome. “Affffhhhhhgggh,” Victor moaned, tossing his head deep into the mattress.

Alex paused, only for a second, and then pushed again. Like a downed fir tree trunk being somehow pushed into a long, dark tunnel, Alex moved his thick cock inside Victor. He flexed his glutes. He flexed his back, and Victor’s hand felt it ripple and bulge. He flexed his hamstrings. He flexed his toes. He sighed as he moved farther inside, invading-- dominating-- overpowering not just Victor’s ass, but his whole body; his mind too; his entire being was being controlled now. Alex was in total control. He pushed in farther, slowly. As his cock neared the halfway point, he leaned forward and began kissing Victor’s moaning mouth. He bent down, resting on his elbows now, holding Victor’s head still with both hands, kissing him, frenching him, covering his body with his massive muscles. As Alex moved in to the hilt, he pushed harder, squeezing his ass muscles together, flexing his whole body with amazing power.

Then-- Alex held still. Just pushing. Hard. Kissing. Holding still. Enjoying the feel of the power he had over this guy.

He slowly pulled back, maybe half way. Victor moaned again, now not wanting it to leave.

He needn’t have worried.

Alex reversed, and slowly-- powerfully-- pushed all the way back in. Then he held it again. Hard. Powerful. Still.

Inside Victor’s rectum, Alex flexed his cock. It stiffened and tightened. Victor could feel it.

Alex did it again. Flexing his mighty tool, inside Victor, he extended his hold on the smaller guy’s body-- his psyche-- his… everything.

It only took a few more flexes, and Alex’s whole body began to tighten. His breathing was hard, blowing a stiff breeze out of his nostrils onto Victor’s face. Alex’s tongue continued to rape Victor’s mouth-- and within seconds his enormous muscle cock began to erupt inside Victor’s ass.

Victor could feel the warm liquid as it shot hard out of Alex’s cock head. Alex held his breath and squinted his eyes. Victor’s hands now moved all over the muscleman’s back, feeling the ripples of muscle as they rolled and hardened. Alex’s torso seemed to steel, his butt flexed more. As he pulled his tongue out of Victor’s mouth, Alex gasped, and then groaned. He lifted his head up, cranking his neck back.

Victor looked up in lust, as the thick neck and traps as they flexed with sexual fulfillment. “Aaagggggggghhhh,” Alex moaned. He began to push in rhythm as his penis filled Victor’s rectum. He put his head down and resumed the mouth-rape as his cock erupted like a volcano with his steaming, white lava overflowing Victor.

Again, Alex’s whole body tightened, and now froze. He held perfectly still now, all except for his giant cock, which throbbed with an orgasm that Alex couldn’t remember besting. He held still as his cock opened and closed, depositing his seed; it lasted well over a minute.

Finally, it was over.

“You okay?” Alex smiled as he brushed Victor’s hair with one hand. “Yeah,” Victor whispered.

“You realize, it’s all downhill from here,” Alex smiled. “I’ve ruined you for any other man.” Victor chuckled. “I think you’re right. And I think you’ve ruined all other men for me. Every other guy, from here on out, will be…” he actually couldn’t complete his thought, because while he was talking, Alex flexed his cock inside Victor’s ass and pushed out the last of his jizz. Alex chuckled too. “Sorry to ruin it for you man,” he said. “Maybe you’ll just have to stick with me, huh?” He smiled, a genuine, adorable smile.

“Yeah right,” Victor said. “I thought you like virgins best.” “I do. Doesn’t mean I don’t like coming back for more helpings, though.” They must have lied there for 15 minutes-- maybe 20-- before Alex began to pull out. When he did, Victor grabbed the musclebutt and pulled it close. “Don’t,” he begged. “Not yet.” Alex didn’t argue. They resumed kissing. Victor could tell Alex was still very hard inside, because he’d continually flex and tighten it as they kissed. As Victor’s ass continued to enjoy the dominating member, his hands moved all over Alex’s massive musclebody, enjoying all that the superhunk had to offer.

Eventually, maybe 10 or 15 minutes later, Alex slowly pulled out, the objections of Victor notwithstanding. As his penis popped out, it smacked back up on Alex’s abs.

“God in Heaven,” Victor exclaimed, looking at the red, wet cock, “you’re still hard?!” Alex grinned. “Just a very blessed man, I guess.” “Holy shit…” With that, fully-erect Alex began posing again-- exploding his gigantic, beautiful muscles all over the place. And even though he couldn’t believe it, Victor soon found his own cock re-hardening.

The End

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