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Bachelor Party 


by Sean Reid Scott  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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TNE OF MY BEST FRIENDS down at work was also one of the best looking guys I had ever met. He easily could have gone into modeling if he wanted to. I think, though, that he didn’t really have any idea how good looking he was. His eyes and facial features still make me catch my breath when I see him.

Over the course of our friendship, I made an occasional remark about sexual things-- specifically gay kinds of ideas. I’m not out down at work, and so I wanted to find out if he was amenable to, you know, some man-to-man fun. It was funny, because there were times that I thought he actually might get what I was suggesting, and was sort of interested. But there were other times that he seemed so oblivious to gay ideas that I totally convinced myself that he’d rather deck me than let me give him a blow job. One of the clues I read to think he might not be totally heterosexual was the fact that he hardly ever talked about his conquests in the bedroom, like the other guys did-- even though he dated quite a bit. Then one day, he and I were talking about taking girls to bed and he said that maybe he was “old fashioned” but that he really needed to get to know a girl first. That was a red flag to me. I hoped… The other thing that made me wonder was the fact that here he was turning 32 and he still wasn’t married, nor did he ever seem to date someone for more than a few months. Again, he claimed to have intimacy with girls (after he got to know them…) but I couldn’t verify that at all. By the time it came for me to get to meet the woman, they’d break up.

But recently, Johnny had been dating one particular woman for quite a while. More than once Johnny told me that “this is the girl.” I took it with tongue in cheek. I was surprised when they announced their engagement.

So, as the wedding approached, a bunch of us guys planned a bachelor party for Johnny. He had said he didn’t want a stripper (“Teri would kill me.”) and many of the guys were disappointed (I couldn’t have cared less). We decided on a golf tournament and then barbeque and drinks afterward at Tim’s house. When the day of the party came, nothing could have prepared me for the guy from out of town who joined us. He had been Johnny’s roommate in college and had flown in just for the party-- he was going to be the best man. His name was Dustin, and he made my heart stop. The same age as Johnny, Dustin was now a systems analyst in Chicago; still single. When he appeared at the club house, he wore a rich yellow polo shirt and khaki shorts-- making his beautiful bleached-blonde hair look gorgeous. God, he was drop-dead HOT! He had the requisite 2-days growth of beard, which is a total turn-on to me. But his face and hair weren’t his most amazing features. He was built! I mean, shoulders out to here-- a thick chest, and arms that looked like they could easily bend the golf clubs in his bag. And all of that upper-body muscle poured gracefully into his waistline, which I swear had to be 30 inches or less-- and this on a guy who was probably 6’ 2” and easily weighed 250 pounds! I’m not kidding! His tiny waist almost looked too small, except for the fact that it just looked so damn awesome!

His ass was pure torture. As we played our 18 holes that afternoon, I just couldn’t stand to walk behind him-- his glutes were perfect, flexing globes of muscle as he walked. Yet, I couldn’t stand to not! Powerful, thick legs and freaky-big calves rounded out the foundation of this unbelievable guy. I kept looking for the paparazzi to jump out of the bushes on the course; he should have been on TV or something.

When Johnny first introduced Dustin to the other six of us, you could tell the guys were awed. This guy was off the scale, as far as testosterone and good looks go; and these guys were all sports nuts and jocks in their own right. They knew a real man when they saw one. It was fun to listen to their reactions when Dustin excused himself to use the restroom before we went out to tee off.

I was elated when Johnny chose Aaron and me to play with him and Dustin, and I think I could see disappointment in the four guys who had to play behind us-- and not just because they wouldn’t be with the bachelor of honor.

Anyway, as we progressed through our holes, I was able to find out that Dustin was an avid sports jock himself-- played football, baseball and basketball in high school. In college he dropped the team sports and took up weight lifting (duh). He had entered some power lifting contests and had done really well, and he had done some bodybuilding contests as well-- also doing very well. He seemed to not want to really talk about his conquests at the bench or on the stage though; not that he was shy or anything, he just didn’t think it was a big deal.

It was a hot day on the course, but Dustin’s polo shirt stayed dry. I’m sure that my gazing at him was obvious, but dammit, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off those arms-- hell that whole body!

By the time we got to Tim’s house, we were really ready to eat. The beers and hard liquor didn’t hurt either. Dustin held his alcohol well. When I was getting a buzz on, he still seemed to be totally sober, despite drinking as heavily as the rest of us. He laughed and joked with us, obviously feeling confident despite being the outside guy in the group. God, his laugh and his smile just melted me.

As the sun started to set, we all sat around on the patio at Tim’s. Somehow, even though it was Johnny’s party, the attention frequently turned to Dustin, and occasionally to his buff body. More than one guy made a point to compliment his build, and they all seemed interested in how much he could bench, etc.

But the intriguing thing to me was the fact that Dustin seemed to look back at me almost as often as I checked him out. Late in the night, the party started to die down, and a few of the guys left Tim’s. At the end, I was the last one there beside Tim himself, and Johnny & Dustin.

“You staying with Johnny?” I asked Dustin as we cleaned up the beer bottles.

“Yeah,” Dustin said, smiling at his host.

Johnny looked back at Dustin, and I could swear there was a “look” exchanged between them.

The driving arrangements had worked out so that I needed a ride home, and so Johnny offered to drop me off. I sat in the back while Dustin rode shotgun. “You going to invite Sean to come over for awhile?” Dustin said out of the blue.

Johnny turned around to me and said, “You want to, Seanny?” “Uh-- sure,” I said. It was well past 1:00, but it was a Saturday night and I certainly wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to spend some more time with Dustin-- and Johnny, for that matter.

When we got inside Johnny’s house, the three of us crashed in the living room. Johnny and Teri were living together, but because of the bachelor party, she was out of town, staying with girlfriends. Dustin looked at me, and our gaze lingered-- as it had done a number of times before, that day. Then he looked over and Johnny, who was resting his eyes as he slumped back in his easy chair. “Johnny, I think you should tell Sean about us,” Dustin said.

Johnny’s eyes flew open, then he caught himself and acted like he didn’t know what Dustin was talking about. “What…” he said.

“Or, maybe he already knows,” Dustin said, looking back at me.

“Knows?” I asked.

“What are you talking about, man?” Johnny interrupted. He looked perturbed and slightly embarrassed. At that point, Dustin stood up and walked over to Johnny. He bent down and kissed Johnny on the lips-- and Johnny didn’t resist! Dustin held Johnny’s head in one hand, and placed the other on Johnny’s chest. They continued kissing while I watched-- while I became hard. Eventually, Johnny’s hand moved up onto Dustin’s forearm; it was obvious he was enjoying this.

Dustin’s broad lats pushed against his polo shirt as he hovered over Johnny, and his ass-- godalmighty, that ass. Like I said, I was hard in a few seconds and getting harder.

When they broke the kiss, the both looked for my reaction. Dustin grinned. “Looks like you were right, Johnny,” he said. “Sean’s already got a hard-on.” Well, yeah. My hand was clearly rubbing on my crotch.

Johnny smiled broadly.

“You were right?” I asked him. “You thought I was gay?” “I was suspicious,” Johnny answered. “You seemed-- well, maybe it’s just gaydar.” I took a look at Dustin’s marvelous body, then at Johnny again. “I take it you guys did more than just study when you were roommates in college,” I smiled.

They looked at each other and said in unison, “You could say that.” All three of us laughed.

Dustin came over to me and put his hand on my pants, squeezing lightly. I nearly squirted right there. I had been pretty closeted over the years, and really had very little experience with other guys-- preferring to masturbate to porn over actually picking up guys. Dustin’s thick forearm was veiny and very muscular. He looked like a true bodybuilder, with no hair on his arms at all. He smiled down at me. Within a few minutes, Dustin was actually laying right on top of me as I reclined on the couch. His heavy body was warm and so tight! We kissed passionately, but tenderly. I held his wide lats in my hands as we frenched. Johnny came over and joined us, touching Dustin, kissing us both, and undressing himself and us.

Johnny’s was the first cock out. I had wondered how endowed he was; he was not only good looking, but he worked out quite a bit and I loved his body. Certainly, he was nowhere close to Dustin’s league, but he was well built in his own right-- a “swimmer’s build.” I hadn’t ever seen Johnny totally naked, but I frequently had sole a look at his crotch; and although I couldn’t tell for sure, I suspected that he had quite the large member there.

I had no idea.

OhMyGawwwwwd it was huge! This thing looked like it belonged on a horse! It’s funny how some guys who are on the skinny side sometimes have the most gigantic organ imaginable. I can tell you that I had never seen anything like this-- not on any porn site anywhere! Johnny was still limp-- probably from all the drinking and just from the state of exhaustion we had all been in.

It was hairless-- Johnny had shaved his pubes totally-- and he looked amazing.

He stood with that thing dangling next to Dustin and my faces, and just the heat of it made us stop kissing and take notice.

“Aw,” Dustin said, “I have missed that thing…” he turned his face to it, took one hand and coddled it, and then started kissing it. It didn’t take long for it to start growing, and then Dustin began to lick it. It rose in the air, getting harder and harder. Dustin’s tongue gave it a bath worthy of its size and shape. My eyes must have bugged out of their sockets, because I couldn’t believe that just a few inches from my face was the most gigantic, gorgeous cock in the universe, growing and tightening under the careful stimulation of Dustin’s tongue. Dustin lapped up any secretions of precum that Johnny’s giant dick produced. By the time the musclegod was ready to take it in his mouth, he had provided it with a glossy sheen.

Dustin couldn’t contain all of it, but he did give it a gallant effort. It was so hot to watch this huge guy struggle to open his throat enough to service the thing.

As for me, Dustin’s heavy body was still on top of me, and I found myself pressing my cock against his, moving ever closer to the edge of climax.

But it would have been a shame to cum that soon. I mean, Dustin was still fully clothed! I had to see that body-- all of it. I started untucking Dustin’s shirt from his shorts, and this was enough to clue him into what had to be done. He let Johnny’s hard penis pop out of his mouth and then dismounted me. He didn’t make it very suspenseful; just took off his clothes rather unceremoniously. But he didn’t have to make a big thing out of it. Hell, he could have thrown up the whole time he stripped, and he still couldn’t have made it any less spectacular. God, the guy was so ripped and lean! He was just huge! He could have gone on any bodybuilding stage in the country, right then and there (well, he would have needed some posers) and he would have been a contender, easily winning pretty much any amateur contest, for sure.

Dustin could tell I was flabbergasted. He smiled at me; then he raised one arm, knowing he had me where he wanted me, and flexed it. He watched my face bug out. His biceps grew into a football-like mass of rippling stone! “Fuuuuck!” I exclaimed. Quickly, I took off my clothes and started stroking.

Dustin looked at Johnny, and the two naked men embraced while they kissed again. Hands ran up and down Dustin’s back and ass.

The god broke their kiss and looked back at me-- I was wanking away. “Now, where were we…” he said with a smile. With that, he laid back down on top of me-- our bodies now both naked-- and Johnny positioned himself where he had been before, with his boa constrictor next to Dustin’s face. The muscle freak laid on my trembling body as he once again took Johnny’s cock in his mouth. I ran my hands up and down his back, occasionally squeezing his tight ass globes and pulling them close to me while I bucked my hips to press my cock into his. When he had been standing there, he started to get hard-- and now both our organs were at their full potential. Of course, even though both Dustin and I weren’t anything to laugh at in the cock-size department, neither of us could hold a handle to the massive thing that was in Dustin’s mouth at the moment.

I bucked my hips again, pressing hard against Dustin’s torso, and before I could stop it, my penis began squirting out hard shots of cum between our abs.

Dustin moaned as he sucked on Johnny-- it was almost a chuckle. He appreciated that he had made me cum just by lying on top of me. As for me, I just pressed and jerked. My hands trembled as they felt Dustin’s impossible muscles.

Johnny tipped his head back, and it was apparent that he was being ramped up toward climax by Dustin’s very effective ministrations. Indeed. Before I was even done, Johnny hollered and flexed his body tightly. Dustin didn’t seem to miss a beat. Maybe he was really used to taking Johnny’s essence, but he just began swallowing and taking it all in. Johnny looked like he was in pain-- it must have hurt so good.

The mess between Dustin and myself ended up crusting over, since we spent the next few hours sucking each other off. It started with me working on Dustin’s dick while Johnny kissed the muscleman-- after that, I can’t remember all of the positions we took. All I know was that the windows started getting light before we were done. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and didn’t wake ‘till noon.

After the wedding, Johnny felt some kind of obligation to cut back on the homosex encounters, but that meant more time for me to be with Dustin. We ended up being quite close; every time he flew in from Chicago to visit Johnny & Teri, he stayed with me.

Remind me to tell you about Johnny & Teri’s wedding night. I can’t say for sure, but I’d be willing to guess that the best man and myself might have had a better honeymoon night than the bride and groom….


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