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Health 413 

by Sean Reid Scott  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Posted: in the 20-teens  ::  Approx. 5,500 words


IOLT SCANNED THE PAGE OF Course Offerings for anything that looked interesting. The 17 year-old was going to be a senior, and more than looking forward to his last year of classes, he looked forward to being done with school altogether. His eyes stopped on an elective titled “Health 413: Masturbation for boys.” WhatTheFuck? he thought to himself. He blinked his eyes to make sure his vision was clear. Sure enough, that was the class title. The Course Description gave a brief overview of the class: “Information on more enjoyable masturbation techniques; as well as exploration into the benefits of mutual masturbation, and homo-erotic visualization during the jack-off session. Topics will include Pornography, Erotica, Homosexual relations, Stenolagnia, Giving Head, and others. This class is a Senior level elective and is open only to boys. Course size will be limited.” Colt wrote the course name and number on his list for electives, chuckling as he signed his name.

• • • • •

The classroom had about 25 desks, arranged in rows, and every one of them was occupied. All the good desks, in the back row, had been taken so Colt had been forced to sit in the front row. He looked around the room and surveyed the guys; he knew almost all of them, if not as a friend, at least by sight-- from seeing them during the past three years in school.

There was some joking and laughing going on, but over all, the mood was hushed. The blackboard was blank; there was no teacher in the room yet. Colt faced the front, got out his cell phone and fiddled with it.

“Well, it’s good to see a full classroom,” a voice said as a man entered through the door. Even without looking up, Colt recognized the voice; it was Mr. Hall, health teacher and coach of the girls golf team. Colt had had Mr. Hall for a freshman health class, but beyond that, he hadn’t really interacted with him much.

Mr. Hall sat some books and papers on the table at the front of the room. He was young and good looking-- fit and lean. Colt figured the guy probably did a lot of running-- it was that kind of build. Mr. Hall turned his back to the class, grabbed a piece of chalk and drew a large figure on the blackboard. When he was finished, he turned to the class and said, “Gentlemen, this is a penis,” pointing to his drawing.

There were a few chuckles, until one guy in the back row said, “That looks about the size of mine,” then the room erupted in laughter, with a few “You wish” remarks coming from the other guys.

Mr. Hall waited for the classroom to quiet down and said, “Well, Mr. Green, by the time this class is over in 12 weeks, I’m guessing we’ll all have a pretty good idea if your claim is true.” This brought a reaction of wide eyes and laughter. Mark Green blushed as he laughed.

“Show off hands,” Mr. Hall continued. “How many of you guys have jerked off already today?” The guys laughed again, and the tone in the room quickly changed to nervousness. Mark Green quipped as he rose his hand, “Four times, Mr. Hall.” Above this latest round of laughter, Mr. Hall said, “I don’t doubt it, Mark. I don’t doubt it.” Mr. Hall continued. “Okay, this is good. I want you to all become comfortable discussing your personal sexuality and habits. This course is going to get... well, it’s going to get intimate, I guess you could say. We’re going to get to know each other pretty well here.” He stepped to the front of the desk and rested his butt against it, folding his arms as he talked. “I want you all to know that if you don’t have any unexcused absences from this class, you will automatically get a ‘B.’ Just show up for the class twice a week, and you get a good grade.” There were some sighs and chuckles of relief.

“There will be no quizzes, no tests, no mid-terms and no final,” Mr. Hall said. “Just show up and you’ll get the ‘B.’ Now, any higher grade than a ‘B’ will be based on class participation.” A bit of mumbling rumbled through the room.

“You’ll be evaluated on how much you participate in the suggested exercises. More on that later.” Mr. Hall looked to the closed door at the front of the room. It had a window in it, and outside he saw his guest speaker had arrived. He motioned for the man to come in, and the door opened.

“I have asked a gentleman to help me with this class,” Mr. Hall said as the man entered, “and today I’d like to introduce Tanner Hansen. He’s going to be my intern student teacher.” The guy was obviously a bodybuilder. Big, broad shoulders; a thick power-lifter-type chest, arms that bulged against his polo shirt; a waist that was nearly equal to the circumference of each of his legs. He was tall, and Colt immediately started getting hard, just looking at him. The guy had a knockout face too.

Mr. Hall shook hands with his guest, and all the guys in the room could see his huge arms as he extended them to the teacher. There were a few hushed mumblings as the guys exclaimed about how built the man was.

Mr. Hall turned back to the class. “Mr. Hansen is a strength coach with State University’s football team. He’s also an amateur bodybuilder-- as if you couldn’t tell.” A few chuckles and exclamations rose from the guys.

“Mr. Hansen has agreed to help me with this course, and he’ll be here for many of the days of the class.” The big man stood still, listening to Mr. Hall, and when Mr. Hall asked him to take over the rest of the day’s instruction, he stepped forward and began talking. “First of all, I hope it’s okay that you call me Tanner,” he said, looking at Mr. Hall for approval, which he got. “Second, I know that some of you guys are a little nervous about this class, and I expect that even if you aren’t nervous now, you may become nervous as we explore this subject.” The hunk stepped forward and gestured with his hands as he talked. He was very relaxed and seemed comfortable being in front of a bunch of young guys. “I guess one of the best ways we can get over the nervousness of this subject is to just tackle it head-on from the beginning,” Tanner continued.

There were a few chuckles, and Tanner could tell what they were about; “No pun intended, about the ‘head’-on reference.” More people got it now, and they laughed.

Then, Tanner continued to talk. He mentioned jerking off, sex with girls, and the negative stigma that masturbation sometimes gets. “And of course, almost all of us guys have done some ‘exploring’ with other guys, whether it was years ago as a curious kid, or more recently.” By now, the class had settled down and for the most part the chuckles were subsiding-- mostly because Tanner seemed to take the subject seriously and didn’t seem nervous about talking frankly.

“Now, I think a lot of people look at masturbation-- specifically mutual masturbation-- as a gay kind of thing. But that stereotype is far from the truth. Just because you jerk off with a buddy doesn’t mean you’re gay. And let me tell you, there are a lot of married guys who continue to masturbate well into their married years; and some of these guys also like to get together and jack off with their male friends. This is normal, and I hope that by the time this class is over, you will have dropped any stigma or negative attitudes toward this very common practice.” Tanner’s talk continued for the rest of the class session, and when the bell rang to dismiss, everyone filed out kind of quietly. It was weird, for sure, to have been exposed to such an open discussion about the subject-- especially in a public school setting.

At the next class, Mr. Hall and Tanner were already at the front of the room when the students started filing in. Colt sat in the same seat he had been in before, right in front. He wanted to be as close to Tanner as possible. The guy was painfully gorgeous. When everyone was in the room, Mr. Hall closed the door to the hall and Tanner began talking again. As he did, Mr. Hall drew another picture on the blackboard, again of a penis. “Okay, guys, today we’re going to talk about some of the intricacies of the male sex organ-- and how it is stimulated,” Tanner said. He turned to Mr. Hall, who walked to stand next to him. “As any healthy 18 year-old guy knows, very frequently there is no manual stimulation necessary to get a man’s penis erect. All you have to do is see someone who stimulates your sex drive-- whether it’s a beautiful woman, or another guy, and ‘boing’ you’re as hard as a pipe.” Most of the guys laughed.

Colt marveled how Tanner talked about homosexual attraction as easily as he did straight sex.

“But sometimes you just feel ‘horny,’ right? Yet you don’t have any actual physical stimulation there-- no hot person to look at. So, we rely on our memories and our imaginations. We fantasize. These fantasy images can also get us hard very quickly, can’t they.” There were a few laughs, nods and smart-ass remarks.

“And then sometimes, when you’re horny, you feel like you could use a little stimulation. That’s where this guy comes in real handy.” Tanner raised his hand and showed his palm to the class. At this point, he leaned his butt against the table. He nodded to Mr. Hall, and continued talking. “But for this discussion, I’ve asked Mr. Hall to, uh-- give me a ‘hand’ in demonstrating exactly how this manual stimulation might work.” Then, Tanner placed his hands on the desk beside his hips, and slightly spread his legs-- just a bit. To the astonishment of all the guys in the room, Mr. Hall then put his hand on Tanner’s crotch.

There were gasps, laughs and hollers.

The class’s reaction didn’t phase Tanner, nor Mr. Hall. Tanner continued talking while Mr. Hall’s hand remained motionless on his crotch. “The stimulation can start by merely placing a hand on the genitals.” Tanner’s triceps bulged as he pushed his palms on the table and leaned backward slightly. “I don’t have to tell any of you red-blooded guys that this feels good.” Everyone laughed.

“Of course, after placing the hand on my genitals, just keeping it there motionless is kind of frustrating. You want more.” Tanner looked at Mr. Hall and the teacher slowly squeezed Tanner’s crotch. “Yeah. That’s nice.” Mr. Hall then continued to slowly manipulate the big guy’s genitals through his slacks, while Tanner continued to talk. “There’s nothing like a smooth touch,” he said to the class. Colt couldn’t believe what he was seeing-- neither could anyone else in the class. “At this point, a guy will start desiring something more-- some additional stimulation. Me-- personally-- when I’ve got something going on down at my cock, I start wanting to kiss. That’s just me.” Tanner turned his face to Mr. Hall, took one hand from the tabletop and cupped Mr. Hall’s cheek in his palm, turning the teacher’s head toward his own. They started a long, slow kiss.

The class turned dead silent. Eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

The two men kissed for about 30 seconds, which seemed like an eternity to the class. At this point, Colt was starting to get turned on. The peer-pressure fear was subsiding, possibly because all the other guys were so taken aback that they couldn’t react anymore. Colt slumped back in his chair, sliding his legs and lower torso forward, farther under his desk. Tanner and Mr. Hall broke the kiss and Tanner’s hand left Mr. Hall’s face. “At this point, I’m really getting turned on. I’m sure Mr. Hall’s hand can verify that I’m getting harder and harder,” Tanner said. “Right Mr. Hall?” “Definitely,” Mr. Hall said with a smile. He looked down at his hand and kept squeezing. Colt could see, from his front row seat, that Tanner was indeed starting to harden. His cock was thick and long under his pants.

“Right now, I wouldn’t mind having some additional stimulation by Mr. Hall,” Tanner continued. He cupped Mr. Hall’s face and they began kissing again. God it was hot. With the renewed kiss, Mr. Hall’s hand left Tanner’s crotch and began to travel up his torso, over his polo shirt. As they kissed, Mr. Hall began to feel out Tanner’s enormous chest. The teacher cupped one of the huge pecs in his hand, squeezing it. Then he moved to the other. Then he moved back down to the crotch for awhile.

This kiss lasted a good two or three minutes, and Mr. Hall took his time in moving his hand all over the muscular Tanner’s body, and his genitals.

When they finally broke this kiss, Colt realized he had dropped his hands off his desk and was petting the bulge in his jeans. He looked at Tanner’s crotch, and could see that Mr. Hall’s hand was totally unable to contain the huge bulge any longer. The thick rod was really big under Tanner’s slacks.

Tanner looked at the class, as if this kind of behavior was completely normal in a high school classroom. “Now, no doubt some of you guys-- I’d be willing to bet that nearly all of you-- have hardons by now. Don’t be ashamed of that. It’s completely normal. When a guy sees sexual activity of any kind-- it doesn’t matter who it’s between-- he gets turned on. Hell, sometimes just watching two dogs go at it can turn a guy on.

The guys laughed.

“So don’t worry if you’re hard right now,” the muscular guy said. “And don’t worry if you’re not. Everyone is different. If you come away with one thing at the end of this class, I want you to remember that. Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your sexuality. You are who you are.” Colt sighed as he squeezed himself. Just hearing a man say that was such a relief. He was staunchly in the closet, and Tanner’s point of view was so refreshing.

Tanner looked down at Mr. Hall’s hand which had been traveling from crotch to torso muscles as he had continued speaking. It had recently returned to his genitals and was steadily, slowly tightening and rubbing the thick banana now. “Of course, even though Mr. Hall has a really nice hand, and it is turning me on quite a bit. You all know what’s coming next, don’t you. If Mr. Hall stopped right now, I’d be one very frustrated man, wouldn’t I...” “God yes,” one kid said, to a reaction of laughs.

With that, the two men started tenderly kissing again, and Mr. Hall’s fingers began to unbuckle Tanner’s belt, then undo his snap, and slowly unzip his zipper.

Again the class was in silent shock. However, a few gasps could occasionally be heard breaking the silence. It wasn’t immediately clear whether they were gasps of astonishment of gasps of sexual self-gratification. Within a few minutes (Mr. Hall was torturously slow) the teacher had Tanner’s pants open and had slipped his hand inside the bodybuilder’s boxers. They both continued their kiss.

Colt desperately wanted to unzip his own pants, but forced himself to keep it zipped, opting for the external hand-rub under the desk. He tried to look around to see what, if anything, any of the other guys were doing, but couldn’t really tell. He didn’t want to look obvious in his curiosity.

Tanner and Mr. Hall gave out a few groans as they kissed. They slurped. It was only too apparent that these guys both had experience in the man-to-man department. In a minute, Mr. Hall partially pulled Tanner’s boxers down, exposing about half of his now-totally-hard penis. It was as thick and big as it had seemed under his pants. Mr. Hall stroked Tanner, up and down. Up and down. Colt could see the reflection of a small bead of fluid at the piss slit of Tanner’s cock.

Just then, the bell rang.

The two men broke their kiss.

At this point the class would normally be shuffling their things together and getting out of their seats to move into the hallway, but all eyes were glued to their teacher and Tanner Hansen.

“Okay,” Mr. Hall said, his hand still stroking Tanner’s cock. “Class dismissed for now. See you next Tuesday. Have a great weekend, guys.” It took a few seconds before anyone moved. Finally, though, the guys started gathering their stuff and someone stood up. Then another. The guys actually bumped into each other as they walked toward the door-- they kept staring at Tanner and Mr. Hall at the front of the class. Mr. Hall had stopped stroking, but his hand remained in Tanner’s boxers. After a few of the guys had gone out the door, Mr. Hall pulled his hand out. In a sarcastic tone, Tanner said to everyone who was still inside the room, “Next, we’ll have to discuss Interruptions to the Sexual Process, and the Frustration it Causes.” The guys laughed, many of them shaking their heads.

• • • • •

Tanner wasn’t there for Tuesday’s class. Mr. Hall took up the whole time talking about biology and sexual behavior, sprinkled with a lively dose of Powerpoint pictures and graphics-- some of them blatantly homo-erotic. The pictures and graphics certainly made Colt get hard, and undoubtedly many of the other guys as well.

About halfway through the lecture, one smart-ass guy raised his hand, and Mr. Hall called on him.

“When is that muscle-dude coming back so we can watch you two get it on again?” the kid asked.

The whole class erupted in laughter.

Mr. Hall didn’t miss a beat. “You liked that, huh Richard?” Richard turned red, but some other kid relieved his embarrassment by saying, “Hell yeah, we did. I jerked off all weekend thinking about you guys.” Again, lots of laughter.

“Good,” Mr. Hall said. He leaned his butt against the table behind him. “I’m glad you guys feel free to talk about this, even though your humor is saying the subject makes you nervous.” That was actually a kind of turning point in the class. After that most of the guys did become a little more open about their feelings-- what turns them on the most, etc.; and some of them were able to admit that when it came right down to it, it didn’t matter who was giving them a good time.

“So, what you’re saying, Marcus, is, a blow-job is a blow-job is a blow-job; and as long as it’s a good one, you don’t care if Tiffany Westwood (arguably the hottest girl in school) or Ms. Rodriguez (the head cafeteria cook who looks a lot like Golda Meir, if she had been exhumed three weeks ago)-- gives it to you, right?” The guys almost fell out of their chairs, they were laughing so hard.

“No!” Marcus objected. “I’d never be able to get hard for Roddy! (the school’s nickname for the head cook) “Ahh, so there is something about a person’s appearance that makes a difference?” “Well, yeah,” Marcus said. Mr. Hall stood and walked to his laptop computer, which was hooked up to his projector that displayed his Powerpoint show. He fiddled on the keyboard and the screen went blank, then up popped a picture of Matthew Rush giving head to Zeb Atlas. There were a lot of cheers, jeers and laughs.

“So, class,” Mr. Hall was careful to open the discussion up to everyone, so that Marcus wouldn’t feel singled out. “Who would you rather give you a blow job-- or a hand job: Mrs. Rodrig-- “Roddy” or one of these guys?” It was pretty much unanimous, although a lot of guys abstained from voting.

“Okay. That’s going to be one of my main points. Physical attraction is important. AND, it is relative. AND it can come from sources that you might not have ever considered.” Mr. Hall looked up at the screen and continued. “I seriously doubt that many of you guys have ever admitted to anyone that this scene here is indeed a hot one. In fact, I seriously doubt that many of you guys have ever admitted to yourselves that you are turned on by this.” He walked back to the desk and leaned his taut ass against it again. “Am I right?” Most of the guys nodded.

Serendipitously, the bell rang right then, and class was dismissed. It gave Colt, and everyone, a few days to contemplate what Mr. Hall had said.

For Colt, Wednesday took forever. Every time he passed one of his Health 413 classmates in the hall, they would both kind of avert their gazes.

On Thursday, Tanner was back, and looking in fine form indeed. He wore faded blue jeans and a striped long-sleeved dress shirt. He looked really hot. As soon as the bell rang, the class settled down quickly. Probably record time. “Okay,” Mr. Hall began, “I’m sure you guys are glad to see that Tanner is back today.” He looked at Tanner and added, “They were asking about you.” The guys chuckled.

Turning back to the guys, Mr. Hall said, “And I have to say, I’m very glad he’s back too.” He squeezed his own crotch. More laughter.

“Let’s get it on!” someone called out, to whistles and cat calls.

The two men at the front smiled.

“Well, we were planning on doing that, to be honest,” Mr. Hall said. “In fact, I think you’ll enjoy today’s lesson.” Tanner had been leaning against the front wall, but he stepped forward and crossed to Mr. Hall.

“Today, we’re going to continue our discussion about attractiveness, and how it affects our enjoyment of sexual expression,” Mr. Hall said. “As we discussed on Tuesday, most men are actually sexually attracted to physical beauty-- and in virtually any manifestation, be that male or female. Your brain doesn’t differentiate between male or female, actually. Research shows that. And today, I’d like to give a demonstration of that fact.” He nodded to Tanner who stepped forward.

“Well, I’m honored to be Mr. Hall’s example today,” Tanner started. “Before I begin that demonstration, though, I want to familiarize you with a word that I think is very important whenever discussing adolescent sexual drive.” “Adolescent?” someone quipped.

“Sorry, guys,” Tanner smiled. “Biologically, you’re still considered adolescents; but this word I’m going to give you actually applies to almost all men, even though they won’t readily admit it. The word is: ‘Stenolagnia,’ and it means: being sexually aroused by the display of muscles.” “Oh yeah!” someone called. “I’ve got that!” Laughter.

“I have no doubt that you do,” Tanner smiled. “And that’s what I want to demonstrate to you all today.” He glanced at Mr. Hall who came over to him and stood behind him. Mr. Hall put his hands on Tanner’s traps-- his big traps-- and started massaging them. Tanner was obviously pleased; he continued talking. “Mr. Hall is going to help me show you the attraction that big, flexing muscles have for almost all men.” As Tanner talked, Mr. Hall’s hands moved outward to Tanner’s broad shoulders. They continued to rub and massage through Tanner’s dress shirt. Tanner continued to discuss the attraction that muscles have, and he gave some personal anecdotes about how he had seen guys-- many of them complete strangers-- get turned on by his muscular physique. Soon, Mr. Hall was standing beside Tanner. Through the fabric, he felt out the bodybuilder’s big arms, and thick chest. At this point he began to unbutton Tanner’s shirt, and some of the guys expressed their approval. As Tanner continued to talk, Mr. Hall opened the buttons on Tanner’s shirt, from top to bottom. By the time the shirt was completely open, the guys could see an incredibly ripped and defined torso. His pecs were shredded with striations and a deep, defined cleavage. They were the biggest plates of chest muscle Colt had ever seen.

“Holy shit,” someone mumbled. “The dude is ripped!” Hall put his hand on Tanner’s left pectoral and left it there. He squeezed. Tanner stopped talking and looked down at it. Then he looked up at the class. “You don’t have to answer, but... any of you guys think this is hot?” There were a few mumbles and moans of approval.

Tanner leaned over and kissed Hall. You could almost hear zippers coming open and jeans being unsnapped. (Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.) Hall spread Tanner’s shirt open wider, and pulled it out of his jeans. He lifted it over Tanner’s cannonball delts and pulled it down his arms, eventually lying in on the table behind him.

You could definitely hear gasps. Tanner belonged on the cover of a muscle magazine. He was huge! And he was so ripped-- contest condition! Perfect, satiny, glowing, blemish-free skin that wrapped around his veins and striations like plastic wrap. God, he was amazing!

Colt’s right hand was on his the crotch of his pants.

Hall and Tanner kissed again, and as they did, Hall’s hands ran slowly all the hell over Tanner’s rippling muscles: Upper back, traps, delts, lats, abs, chest and arms. They broke the kiss and Tanner resumed talking. “You guys okay?” he grinned.

The room was pretty quiet.

“Yeah, I thought so,” he smiled. “We’re going to continue this demonstration, and I might not be doing too much talking, if that’s okay. What I want you to see is that it is almost impossible for the teenage male to not be sexually aroused by big muscles in a sexual situation. I want to demonstrate that Stenolagnia is an almost universal condition for the species Homo Sapien.” With that, the two men resumed kissing and Hall continued to undress Tanner. After he got Tanner’s jeans off, the hunk was wearing boxer shorts, and God, did he look amazing. Just blew you away. Muscles out to here. Ripped and rippling. Drop-dead gorgeous face.

At this point, Hall stepped back and Tanner began a modest posing routine. He was obviously used to competing. His routine was slow and powerful: Double-bi; Most-muscular; Side chest; Hamstrings...

The routine lasted a few minutes and as Tanner posed, Mr. Hall spoke to the class, “Okay guys, now I can see that some of you have your hands under your desk.” There was nervous laughter.

“Don’t be embarrassed about it,” Mr. Hall said as Tanner continued to pose. “I gotta tell you, I’m as hard as a tree branch right now. It’s totally natural.” Tanner finished posing and stood, relaxed. To Colt, just looking at the man while he stood relaxed kind of turned him on even more than when he was posing.

Hall moved over to Tanner and pulled his boxers down about an inch, revealing that the bodybuilder was wearing some red posers under the boxers. Hall put his hand inside the boxers, but outside the posers, and held his hand over Tanner’s genitals. The two men kissed again, and Mr. Hall’s other hand found its way onto Tanner’s muscles again. When they broke the kiss this time, Mr. Hall turned to the class and said, “As we continue here, I don’t want any of you to be embarrassed if you have to whip it out-- right here in class. That’s kind of the whole object of this demonstration. We-- Tanner and I-- want you to understand that it’s okay to be aroused by all of this. It’s okay to have to service yourself when you see a guy built like this, flexing all over hell, having someone touch and feel him. It’s perfectly normal. In fact, by the time the twelve weeks are over, I’m confident that nearly all of you will have discovered the confidence to feel free to jerk off in this class-- with no inhibitions.” It was amazing-- that a teacher would be doing this. Colt was incredulous, but his disbelief was quickly overcome by his sexual arousal. Hall slowly pulled Tanner’s boxers down over his gargantuan thighs, and Tanner resumed posing.

Colt glanced over to his right and saw that one guy had stuck his hand down his pants and was pushing quite hard.

Soon, Mr. Hall’s hands were all over Tanner again, but this time Tanner kept posing, flexing each one of his muscles for the teacher-- slowly and erotically. Occasionally, Mr. Hall would grope Tanner’s genitalia on the outside of his posing trunks. Sometimes Hall’s fingertips would venture under the waistband.

Colt had completely forgotten about himself and before he knew it, his pants were unzipped and he had himself in his palm, slowly stroking. In his peripheral vision, he noticed that another guy was all the way out there too. Hall finally got Tanner out of the posers, and the guy’s cock rose in the air. In seconds, he was so hard that his penis looked glued to his abs. It was a hard-on that almost all of the guys in the room envied-- even teenagers didn’t get that hard that easily. Plus, Tanner’s cock was thick and long.

The two men resumed kissing, and Tanner got Hall’s pants open and pulled him out into the fresh air. Hall’s cock was nothing to sneeze at either, but Tanner had the teacher beat in every department.

Pretty soon, Hall started stroking Tanner. The bodybuilder leaned against the table with his palms beside his hips as Hall stroked him. Hall said to the class, “I’m going to just give Tanner a hand job today. As the class progresses, you’ll want to make sure to have perfect attendance so you can see me give him some head-- and I’m sure he’ll reciprocate-- and then by the end of the semester, you’ll want to be sure to be here on the last day for the ultimate sexual expression,” he smiled.

Tanner had his eyes closed and neck tipped back. Hall stroked him slowly, and the bodybuilder’s pre-cum sloshed with each up and down movement.

Colt’s hand was hitting the underside of his desk, so he had to swing his legs into the aisle to give him more stroking room. As he did so, he saw that just about every other guy there was working it. A few had already come. Pants were down around the ankles and knees bent wide. There was a lot of masturbating going on. When Tanner came, his body flexed; his face winced. Mr. Hall pressed down at the base of Tanner’s mighty dick and just held his hand there-- still and tight. Colt could see it throb in the teacher’s hand. Tanner groaned. His face turned red and you could see he was there.

Indeed, he was.

He grunted and bent at his waist. His semen spurt into the air; it was thick and ropy, but juicy too. He hissed loudly, groaning deeply. He gritted his teeth and straightened his back, shooting out a second load. A few of the guys gasped, although it was hard to tell if they were reacting to Tanner’s orgasm, or if they were having an orgasm themselves. A few of the guys who were already done said, in hushed tones, “Oh--- yeah,” --stuff like that.

Tanner’s hips pushed against Mr. Hall’s hand and he gasped and moaned, throwing more and more semen into the air. Mr. Hall pushed the angle of Tanner’s penis downward and away. The jizz looped in an arc, and much of it landed on the tile floor in front of the first row. The demonstration was a total success. To paraphrase an oft’ used expression, “There wasn’t a dry (middle) ‘eye’ in the house.” Tanner had just finished bringing Mr. Hall off when the bell rang. The two men dressed as Mr. Hall encouraged the class to clean up all messes. Then he said to everyone, “I also want to announce that Tanner will be available over the weekend for anyone who wants ‘extra credit.’” He walked to the blackboard and wrote a phone number on it. “He only has a limited block of available appointments, so it’s first come first served.” Pretty much every guy in the room whipped out a pencil and paper and made a note of the number.

After everyone had left, and just Tanner and Mr. Hall were in the room, Tanner’s cell phone rang.







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