Kris Evans





The Church Camp Lifeguard 

by Sean Reid Scott  
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Posted: 2023  ::  Approx. 6,500 words


AUTHOR’S NOTE: We continue further into part of my fantasy that—if written from the perspective of the adult—would seem to treat the idea of pedophilia as something acceptable. But please remember, this is being told from the perspective of fantasizing me—a little boy. NOT the perspective of the adult. And this IS fantasy. Nothing ever happened between Alex and myself. He never even knew I existed, I’m sure. That said, if you have a problem with this kind of material, please put this down, and go find a rerun of the Brady Bunch to watch (Greg was SO hawt!). Thanks for your understanding and your support.






WE STAYED LIKE THAT FOR... years, I think. My mind swirled with thoughts…. Alex was like me! It was one thing to know that I wasn’t alone, but it was another thing to know that Alex was a guy who felt like I did—not some loser dude (like me), but someone really cool, big, and beautiful.

I would end up going to a (Christian) therapist during my high school years… and later. But the counselor dude would end up doing nothing for me. In retrospect, now that I can glance back through the lens of time, Alex revealing to me that he was gay did more for my emotional growth than any hour-long session with a religious guy who thought I was going to hell.
While I lay there, basically under this god of muscle, I thought to myself, I might just be okay. Maybe I’ll be okay! It was dizzying.
I eventually glanced toward a window. It was totally dark outside now.
Alex pushed himself up, to a sitting position next to me. “Here, time to get you cleaned up.” His smile made it seem like he was interested in more than simple clean-up. He crouched next to me. “Just relax, okay?”
I nodded, lifting my hands and placing them behind my head, watching his every move.
He looked down at the mess on my tummy, and the strings I had shot onto his hand and forearm. “Holy hell, Bry. You made a huge amount of jizz! You’re drenched in cum, man,” he giggled. 
I was no longer hesitant. Not after what we’d done. His physical reaction to my touching him—and coming—made it clear that he was not trying to trap me.
He pulled off my shirt, then my pants, then… well… I was totally naked. And getting hard again. I felt so fricking exposed, yet Alexander made me feel totally comfortable about it. The way he looked at my body… it was like he really liked it. He liked me! He stood up next to me. He was still wearing his posing trunk thingys, and it was easy to see he was still aroused.
When he had all of my clothes on the floor, and I was looking up at him, he started fingering the jizz around my cock. “Damn, Bry. You put out a lot for a kid your age. And your cock is big for a twelve-year-old.”
I soaked up the encouragement. Alex thought I was big?
His fingers, right next to my cock felt good. I was hard again in a second. My wiener was little then. But Alex didn’t make fun of it. “Do I have permission to clean all of this up?” he said, looking at the white globs on my crotch.
I nodded.
I had no idea that he’d planned to “clean” me up in the manner he then started to use. He propped himself up and to the side, lowered his head to my genitals, and…. Holy fuck… he stuck out his tongue, and started licking up my semen! And swallowing it! And he enjoyed doing it! I couldn’t believe this was happening. My very own muscle-god, Alex the Lifeguard, was doing this! Licking up my semen!
His tongue moved all over my crotch, but not onto my erection. There was some jizz on my balls, so he licked those. And he licked them a long time. The guy was very thorough in wanting to make sure he got all the jizz off my balls. And fucking fucking fuck, I almost came when he did that. And truthfully, I kinda wanted him to lick my cock too. Maybe suck on it. I’d seen some gay porn pictures, so it was kinda hot to think of Alex doing that to me.
I didn’t have any pubic hair yet; his rough tongue on my tender skin was just amazing—it felt soooooo damn good.
He was very thorough. Sometimes, though, he interrupted his licking and cleaning by kissing me. My belly button, my stomach, even between my legs! He was tender, caring, intimate, smiling and so fucking wonderful.
“There,” he finally smiled, “I think I got all of it. Feel better?”
“You liked that? Having me lick up your jizz?”
He smiled. Then he leaned close and half-whispered, “Well any time you want me to do that, you just let me know, okay?” 
“Tell you what,” he said, “why don’t you help me out.” He pulled his waistband out, took my hand, and placed it down inside… right on his cock. “You like touching it?”
In retrospect, he sure did like asking me if I liked touching his muscles and his privates. I thought it was so cool the way he asked—like he wanted to point out that we were here for my pleasure, not just his.
I nodded.
I moved my trembling hand over it, up, down, and around it. Fuck I couldn’t believe this. His abs and legs filled my field of vision, with his covered genitals and exposed pubes front and center.
“When you’re ready, you can pull my posers all the way down, bud.”
“Oh….” I pulled my hand up, curled my fingers over the waist band and started to pull them down. Fuck. His pubes were so amazing. And now I was starting to see… everything! Wow! 
I pulled down more. About half of his thick, long cock was visible now. I pulled more. Alex just watched me, his hands at his sides, his fucking huge, hard, rippling muscles bulging all over the place. This was the hottest thing in my life. He was letting me. Letting me uncover his cock! The back of my fingers moved against his hard, warm shaft.
“Oh….” And now it was free. And it grew harder. Taller. Thicker. Bigger.
Alex stuck his legs out from the bed, and pushed the too-small garment down over his too-big, veiny legs. He flicked them away with a toe.
I stared at his erection. “Wow.”
He chuckled. “What do you think?”
“Wow. It’s so big—and it looks really hard.”
“Thanks,” he said politely. He pressed his thumb against the base of his shaft, making it lift into the air. He just let it wave at me. Right in front of my face. “You like looking at it?”
“Wow… yeah.” I just stared at it. He was so hard. His balls were shaved… under them too. The only hair was above his cock, a thick patch of blond hair.
“You want to touch it some more?”
I knew I was going to end up touching it. I wanted to touch it so fucking bad. It was so big and veiny. Just beautiful. And his balls were large too… and they were in some really loose sacs. I couldn’t believe this. Like I said before, this entire encounter was just one huge fantasy for me. A fantasy that was coming true.
My hand moved slowly. When it got to his erection, my fingers just grazed over it… up the length of his shaft, then down. I cupped one large ball, then the other. Then I grazed my fingers up the shaft again. I had been right. One of my hands wouldn’t be able to wrap all the way around it.
He lay very still, watching my hand on his privates. Then he let out a soft groan.
His urethra was really thick and pronounced. And squishy compared to how hard the rest of his dick was. I played with his cut head a bit. A gurgle of his pre-cum came out, and I touched it, making my fingertip wet.
“You like it? Touching it?”
“Holllly… yeah.”
“Good. I’m glad. You can feel it all you want.” 
I continued to move my fingers up and down his shaft, and his balls. And his pubes. He watched while I played with his genitals. 
At one point he dropped his head back and sighed. “Ohhhhh, Bry…. You have no idea how good that feels.”
“Wow. It’s just so big! And hard!”
He lifted his head and looked down at me with a smile. “Yeah, I get that a lot.” He exhaled the air from his lungs, and while I held his hard, warm cock in my hand he made his skin kind of shrink away into nothing around his abdominal muscles. I stroked him long and slow. “You like holding it?”
After a minute, he started fondling my cock and balls. “We can touch each other. You can feel my muscles and… well, just touch anything you want, man.”
So I did. While he played with my cock, my hand feasted on lumps of hard abdominals, globes of pectorals that were hard and that sometimes danced for me, and his legs, and his balls and his monolithic cock. The whole encounter made me think it was a dream. I still couldn’t believe I was doing this—exploring Alex's entire, naked, erect muscle-body. I was dizzy with excitement.
I was so lost in lust—in knowing that Alex himself liked me and trusted me enough to bring me into his cabin and let me do this!
Sometimes when my hand moved over a muscle—like his quad, for example—he’d flex it. His abs and chest too. He even flexed his gigantic, hard biceps for me a few times when my hand ventured there.
At some point I had rolled onto my side I guess. And well, he must have enjoyed me feeling him more than him touching me, because he let go of my genitals, and my little wiener was pushing against his hip while my hand worshipped his body. And I hadn’t realized it, but my hips were flexing, making me rub my penis up and down against him. It occurred to me that I was basically humping him—his hip. My cock pressed against him; I touched all of his muscles and his cock.
And well… here we go again! When my hand moved over his narrow waist, up his abs, onto his pecs, and down again, onto his hard, bobbing cock, I started to burst out jizz. It came with hard blasts, and even though it wasn’t much—especially compared to what I’d see blast out of him a bit later—my white worship juice began to coat his hip and abs.
“Nice,” Alex said softly. “Dude, that’s so hot… seeing you do that.”
I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was naked, next to a naked muscle god, and I was orgasming onto his muscles, and he liked it. He encouraged it!
“Oh, yeah man. Squirt out. Spray your seed all over me, Bryan. Fuck that is so hot.”
My eyes rolled back into my head, and I came, and came, and came.
“Fuck, Bryan,” he chuckled, “I love it when you do that. It’s so cool to watch. I love seeing your cock squirt like that… all over me, man.” Then to make me cum even more, he flexed his cock under my hand, and flexed his abs and legs… His entire muscle body tightened next to me… and it was so fucking hot! My orgasm only intensified, and my semen blasted more and more onto him. “Dude,” he said, “you’re gonna make me come too, just watching you!” But he didn’t come. Not yet.
When I squirted my last, I collapsed, exhausted, next to his muscles.
“Gonna have to do another clean up job I guess,” he smirked. “Nothin’ I like better than to lick up your jizz, buddy.” He paused then said, “Well, almost nothing better.” He chuckled.
After he licked up my semen, he lay down next to me again. “You doing okay little buddy?”
I liked that. I liked that he called me little buddy. “Yeah.”
“So, dude… I really have to jerk off, man. I mean, I’m nearly there already, and I haven’t even stroked myself yet.” He did give himself one long stroke, and I thought I was going to die. “Can I show you how I jerk off?”
“Awesome,” he smiled; it was a big grin. He scooted back from me just a bit. “Maybe you can help me. Is that okay?”
“What do… how?”
“Well, you already touched my cock and balls a lot,” he started, “I kinda think you might like to do more with it. Right?”
“Well…. Like, what?”
“Well, I just cleaned up all your semen, by licking it up. Would you ever want to lick my cock? And balls? It’d really get me ready to explode, man.” He smiled at me. “I bet you’d make it feel so good.”
At this point, I didn’t have to be asked twice. I scooted down his body. My face was right in front of his cock now. Damn. It was dripping with clear fluid.
“Go ahead, buddy,” he coaxed. I’d seen the videos on the ‘net, so I kinda knew what to do.
I stuck my tongue out. I moved the tip of it onto his shaft and started licking it like it was a lolly pop.
“Fuuuuuuck,” he moaned. “Yeah. That’s so good.”
I licked, kissed, and sucked all up and down the shaft. Then his big balls too. And he just lay there, letting me. Eventually I put the head of his cock inside my mouth. Alex's entire body went hard, flexing his muscles into a statue of hard muscles. I sucked and licked, tasting the salty pre-cum that he kept gurgling into my mouth. His words were nasty and hot.
The veiny shaft felt amazing on my tongue, and inside my mouth. I couldn’t swallow much of it, but that was okay. He just lay there and let me suck. And suck. And lick, and kiss, and suck some more.
Eventually, he pulled out of my mouth. He was panting: “I gotta come now. Fuck, I love you doing this, Bryan.” He pulled my face up to his as we lay on our sides facing each other. We kissed, then he said, “It’s not gonna take much for me to come now. Fuck, Bry….”
He moved his hand onto his shaft and started stroking—very slowly, just warming up.
“Fair warning, you might need your umbrella!” He laughed while he stroked.
I grinned. “Don’t want one. I wanna see you squirt. I want to see your cock explode with your cum.” Yeah, I was totally feeling this.
“Alright then!” he grinned.
I looked up at his face and nodded. His skin was golden tan; it was without a single blemish. He was gorgeous with that blond hair. I was in love. Fucking in love.
“Okay… well, here goes. I don’t think it’s gonna take much for me to cum, so get ready, dude.” His hand tightened on his enormous shaft. He took his balls with the other hand, and started masturbating himself—hard and fast.
God on a cracker with anchovies. God in the heavens. I was watching naked Alexander masturbate! Fuck, fuck!
His strokes were fast, but intense and… methodical. His fucking forearm—so thick and muscular—was vascular when he tightened his hand around his cock like that. He moaned almost right away. His pre-cum gurgled. His hand was slick in a few seconds. His pace increased. “You like watching this?” he panted.
I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. When he was erect like that, his big hand barely contained it. “Yeah.”
“You wanna kiss one of my nipples little buddy? It’ll help me come.” He kept stroking himself.
I leaned close to his chest and began sucking his nipple like I was a nursing baby. And that was the most amazing thing ever. My face, right against his protruding, hard, warm pectoral… my tongue and lips manipulating his nipple. Holy Jesus kill me now.
He liked that, because he moaned and said, “Yesssss… suck my nipple, Bry.” I kept sucking it, and kissing his chest. I kissed all over his chest.
He was getting more and more intense. Harder and faster jerks, up and down his veiny cock. “Feel my muscles, Bry. I know you like it.”
I took a hand and moved it onto his abs, and started feeling more and more of his flexing muscles. The bicep of his stroking arm was hard and big. It was so fucking huge and rippling—and I was so getting turned on again. Within a minute I was hard again, rubbing my little penis against his hip while he masturbated.
“Sweet. Little muscle-worshipping Bryan… likes… touching me?” He was panting now. “Likes to watch me… jerk off? You wanna see… your big muscle man… come… all… over himself?” He was stroking fast. “Mmmm… gggnnngh…. You like looking at… my big muscles… huh, dude? You like touching muscles, huh? Got some big fucking… muscles for you to… touch… any… time you… want…. You like e’m?”
I tried to answer with, “Yeah,” but he was too busy getting himself off to hear me. His hand flashed up and down his giant, shiny organ, and he continued to say nasty things between panting: “Fuckin’ like looking at my muscles, huh? Fuck, I love when… you look at me… and get all fuckin’ hard. Bryan… you want… so bad to feel my muscles. You… wanna… suck my… dick, Bry? Huh? Kiss it? Suck on it? You want me to suck… on your little dick too?”
Damn, the man was vocal when he got off.
I kissed his torso, all over. Sometimes I’d lift my head to watch him masturbate. His body jerked with his movements on his cock. He was so lean, and… muscles everywhere…. I loved watching his thick forearm go up and down. I was mesmerized by how lean and muscular he was. And of course, entranced by his big, long, thick cock. The man was gorgeous. And the fact that I was lying practically on top of him, kissing his muscles, nursing on his nipples, while he jacked off… was almost enough to send me to the hospital.
This was impossible, right?
I rested the side of my face on the pillow that was formed by his magnificent pectoral. It was hard, yet the silky skin on him made it so comfortable. It was warm… really warm. And it moved slightly as he kept rubbing his cock, working harder and harder to orgasm.
He was getting close. He’d been right, it didn’t take him long. “Fuck, Brya… Bryan… fuck I’m getting… close….” His skin was getting even more silky from the sheen of sweat he was working up. Nothing major… just the right amount to make his body barely shimmer.
Shit he was amazing! And at that moment, he was all mine!
“Bry… let me… kiss you,” he moaned.
I lifted my head and we kissed. He groaned into my mouth while he breathed hard and loud through his nostrils. I made sure to open my mouth so he could do whatever he wanted. He Frenched me, and groaned into me.
Then he pulled back. I watched his face; he squinted. His pace was interrupted. He opened his mouth in a silent scream… just a few clicking sounds from his throat, a gasp of air… and then nothing… just an open mouth. 
He was frozen… at the precipice; at the apex of sexual fulfillment.
I couldn’t decide on what to watch, his pained & pleasured face? His bulging pectorals? His rack of stone-like abdominals that narrowed as they approached his tiny, fat-free waist? His brown/blond pubes—a gorgeous patch of masculinity at the base of his up-pointed cock? Or that enormous pole itself, while his muscular arm and hand squeezed it up and down?
He pushed down on his shaft—and froze. “ZZZZZZzggngnn… Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” he yelled. Then he held his breath. His red cock throbbed, ready to burst. His purple head looked ready to erupt. His muscles flexed and tightened. His face turned red. Then… he let loose with a loud yell: “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! Fffffff, fffff, ffffuuuuuuuck!”
His cock expaaaalooooded with a long, curving rope of white. For a minute there, I thought maybe he’d hit the ceiling. “Bryan! Bryan! Bryan! I wanna be… your… fuuuuck, Bryan! I… your… man… Bryan… oh fuuuck Bryan! I… I… I wanna… fuuuuuck you so bad….” Soon, his cock was clicking out burst after hard burst of semen. It flew up onto his chest, his face, and onto the wall above his head. His pecs and abs were soon a pool of white; it dribbled down his sides. It pooled between his abs in rivulets and globs. It got in his pubes. By the end of his orgasm there were rivers of jizz running down his cock, over his big hand, making a huge mess of his balls too.
All the while, Alex kept cussing and saying all kinds of things about me: fucking me, me fucking him, sucking, licking. The man was a sex monster. And he thought about me while he orgasmed!
I couldn’t believe it.
When he finally let go of his erection, it flopped loudly onto his torso, splashing into the pools of jizz it had made.
“Godddddd DAAAAAAMMMN,” he said loud and low. Then he whispered. “Fuck, Bryan, I’ve been dreaming of doing this with you for so long. Fuck… fuck… fuck….” He breathed hard, and his whole body rose and fell with the breaths.
I lay still next to him, caressing his heaving body. The muscles were so pumped. His chest grew and shrunk with his breathing.
He put his forearm over his eyes. His smile was big. “Fuuuuuck, man…. I don’t think I’ve… ever… blown my load like that. Oh, fuuuuuuuck that was good.”
My hand moved up and down his body, stopping to feel whatever it wanted. I almost felt disconnected from my hand. It just moved where it wanted. And there was a lot for it to touch. Muscles and jizz.
Alex pulled his hand off his face eventually. He lifted his head and kissed my forehead. “You have no idea, man.” He kissed me repeatedly, and smiled at me. “That was perfect.”
It was one thing to lie next to his naked muscles like this; it was a totally other thing to hear him talk like that. There was almost a romance to is tone. A caring. An attraction that was definitely grounded in sexual desire and fulfillment, but I don’t know… it felt like more than that.
“Damn, dude, I can’t believe you let me do that with you,” he said.
I, for one, just decided to kiss his pec muscles some more. And suck on one nipple while my fingers played with the other one.
“Did you like that?” he smiled at me.
I looked up at him and said, “Yeah.”
So kill me for not being able to find many words.
“Good, man,” he smiled. He looked up at a round clock hanging on the wall. It said quarter after midnight. “We should try and get some shut-eye.” He lifted his head and looked across the room to the other bed. “Would you be okay with sleeping here with me? In my bed? I’d really like to be next to you, if that’s alright with you.”
Holy cow. “Okay.”
“Good.” He scanned his muscled body. “Holy shit, I made a huge mess,” he chuckled. Then he cocked his head to my side and looked at my cock. “Fuck, man. Did you come again?”
Shit! I had! I came again and didn’t even realize it. I must have just rocked up against him while he jacked himself! Holy fuck! I looked up with wide-but-questioning eyes, as if to say, Guess so!
He belt out a loud laugh. “Four times?! Without ever touching yourself? Holy fuck, Bry, you’re a twelve-year-old sex machine! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be like when you’re… like… seventeen!”
I felt so good. Embarrassed a bit, but honestly not. Alexander seemed so extremely pleased with me! With who I was. With me, Bryan.
Whatever you do, please don’t wake me up. This had to be the best dream anyone had ever had. Ever.
But it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t. Was it?
Alex rolled on top of me. His warm, hard, solidity encased me. It felt like nothing you can imagine. He covered me in his strength and warmth. His eyes were a pool of excitement, and appreciation. He stared at me with a comfortable smile. He kissed me lightly. “Damn, Bryan, I hope you’re okay with me going bonkers over you. I really… just… kinda love… this. I mean, you. I do, bud. I love being with you. I love how you love me. I love you, dude.” He pulled his face back and gazed at me with puppy-dog, loving eyes. “Sorry if that makes you feel funny, but I just needed to tell you that.”
I shook my head with barely-perceptible movements. I could not believe this. This was more than what I’d fantasized about. I’d always wanted a big, strong man to notice me. Just notice me okay? That would have been enough for Pete’s sake! Just to… like, notice me! To have a man… this man who blew all other men out of the water… share himself with me… pursue me… say he loved ME… look at me that way… let me touch all of his body… let me watch him masturbate and come… and to yell my name while he did it! …It had to be a dream, right? It was a dream, right? What else could it be? No way in hell was this anything even remotely associated with reality, right?
Almost instinctively, my head came up and my lips met his. I wrapped my arms around him, tightly, giving him a deep, sincere, needy kiss. I kinda crawled up his body. I couldn’t speak at that moment, so the kiss would have to convince him I was more than okay with this.
Then he paused with a devious look in his eyes. “I don’t think I can resist,” he said. His mammoth legs were straddling mine. His warm, hard, enormous muscle body enveloped me. His gaze was soft and warm. “Dude, would it be okay if I…” he hesitated. For a moment it looked like he was going to forget what he was proposing. But then he said, “Do you want me to stick my cock inside you?”
I had thought I’d already reached the pinnacle of sexual excitement. But no.
“You don’t have to say yes,” he said, backing off. “Only if you want. And I promise not to hurt you.”
Hurt me? I wondered what he meant. Would it hurt? Well, his shaft was so big, maybe it would. But in truth, I was totally willing to find out. At this point I’d let him do anything to me. “Okay. Yes…. Okay.”
“You sure?” His face was soft, concerned, but he couldn’t hide his anticipation. “You tell me if you want me to stop, okay?”
Staring deep into his eyes, I nodded.
He smiled. He was hovering over me, supporting his body with his big, strong arms. He lifted one hand, smiling, and flicked my once-again-hard penis. He leaned forward, lifted my erection up, and took the whole thing in his mouth… balls and all.
I arched my back with a loud yell. “Aaaaahhhhh… fffffffffuu….”
He rolled my genitals around in his mouth, manipulating me with his tongue and with little nips of his teeth. My balls, my penis…. When he was “satisfied”, he pulled off. “I love having you in my mouth,” he grinned. Then he said, “But fuck, I want to put my penis inside you so bad, Bry.”
He hunched down, onto his elbows. He kissed me. Long. Tongues.
He lowered his body totally on top of me. His big cock nestled between my legs. Instinctively, I spread for him. He moaned, smiled, then kissed me some more. I felt his hips start to buck. I put my hands on his back, ran them all over his mounding, lumpy, hard, wide, back muscles, then down onto his undulating ass. I spread my legs more.
He nudged his thick cock up between my legs until it hit my ass hole—my sphincter.
I lifted my legs and wrapped them around him. He rotated his hips; I caressed his hard glutes. He kissed me. We frenched, deep. He moaned and pushed his steel-hard erection harder against my opening, spreading it just a bit.
I moaned.
He lifted his head, studying my face. “I won’t do anything if it hurts. You be sure to tell me, okay?”
I nodded. He could gut me with a knife and I wouldn’t stop him. I spread my legs even wider, inviting him.
His muscle body tensed and tightened over me. I could feel everything get harder. His enormous cock pushed against me harder, and I did my best to open for him. He pressed farther.
It hurt. But I tried not to let on.
No one would ever know how close we were. He was friggin’ on top of me, and his semen was being smeared all over my body! And he was pushing inside me!
He pushed more, and when my ass hole muscles clamped around the lip of his cock, I grimaced against his mouth.
He pulled his face back again. He’d just pushed his full cock head inside me, and his eyes had rolled back, but now he wanted to make sure I was okay. He said nothing… just studied my face.
I said nothing, gazing wistfully up at him.
“Is he a relative? How do you know him? You seem pretty close…. What’s he like?” “…I’d give anything to have a brother like that.”
He nuzzled his face between my neck and my shoulder, arched his back just a bit, and pushed in farther. The copious amounts of his jizz, smeared all over his muscles, moved and squished between us. It felt dirty. And cool. And amazing. His cock pushed in farther. Oh, holy hell it was big. And hard. It hurt. He was filling me up with his penis. And… my eyes rolled into the back of my head.
It felt like… like… I couldn’t describe what it felt like. But it was big. And so hard. Mostly… what it felt like mostly was… Alex. Alex was… somehow… inside me. Alexander. Oh, fucking Alexander. “Alexander… Alex… oh… you’re inside… inside… me. Oh fuck.” I moved my head from side to side, moaning. “Oh, yessss….” I tried to let him know this was a good thing.
“Oh fuuuuuuuuck,” he said slowly—as slowly as he was pushing inside me. His enormous cock moved like a… well I don’t know. It was slow… and so thick…. We kissed between his cussing—and mine too.
I could actually feel the protruding blood vessels on the outside of his cock as he pushed it inside me. God. Fucking god! His muscle body, on top of mine, was hard and warm. It covered me—enveloped me. He totally controlled me. Dominated me. And I loved it all.
“Fuuuuuuck, Br… Bryan… fuuuuuck.”
We kissed some more. And he moved in farther. Farther. My insides were full. Then they got fuller. My sphincter tried to clamp down hard on his shaft. And it did, but… but the thing was so big… it hurt. Hurt so much. And so good. I saw stars. I stared into his dreamy face. He was lost. Lusty. Near the edge.
He rotated his ass and gave one… last… gentle, but forceful… push. Before….
Holy fuck.
I wrapped my arms around him—tight. I wrapped my legs tight.
Then I felt… I felt him come. He started to fill me with his warm wetness. His entire body jerked and hardened into stone. Then he jerked again. And again. His body spasmed with each ejaculation while he squirted into me. He came, and came. He cursed… “Fuuuuck…. Goddamn fuuuuuuuuck!” He kissed me, and I kissed back. His entire body was tight and warm—flexed into hardness while he came and came inside my ass.
This shaft vibrated and trembled inside me. It was the most amazing sensation I’d ever experienced. I was being fucked. By Alex. He was filling my ass with his essence.
I whimpered, “Shiiiiit.”
Then… I started coming. My little cock beat in time with his inside me. We shot in rhythm together. My semen sprayed in between us… onto my flat stomach, and onto his gorgeous abdominals, and his enormous chest too. Fuck, this was intense! I came and came, until there was no fluid left.
I literally did see stars.
I kept ejaculating dry jerks until I nearly fainted.
The man orgasmed forever inside me. His gigantic muscle body flexed and undulated, covering me in his protective armor. He kept kissing me and moaning, whispering things that were mostly unintelligible. His big, strong arms squeezed me. The feeling of his jizz pushing out of his cock and into my body was incredible. Fuck it felt so good. It felt so good to bring him this pleasure.
When he was done ejaculating into me, he relaxed on top of me. His enormous body rested on me—somewhat supported by his forearms. He was damn heavy, but I could endure practically any weight if it was Alexander's body. I was exhausted. And so was he. I think we both drifted off into the ozone layer.
At some point, one of us jerked with a spasm that apparently brought me out of my dream state. Him too, obviously, because he blinked as I opened my eyes. “Oh, I think I might have fallen asleep.”
“Me… me too,” I said. Damn his eyes were gorgeous. His whole face… he should have been a model. And coupled with all those big muscles, I was convinced this was heaven. The Gospel According to Bryan had just been written.
“I could sleep like this all night,” he said softly, kissing my lips gently. “Inside you.” He flexed his cock and… fuuuuuuck. He was still inside me. I don’t know if he’d gone limp and grown back, or if he’d never gotten soft from his orgasm. It didn’t matter. He was hard inside me, and I never wanted anything different. I never wanted to move.
We fell asleep again. For how long, I don’t know. Then we woke just long enough for him to roll us both onto our sides. He stroked my face, looking at me with romance-eyes. Then we fell asleep again, and didn’t wake for awhile.
Alexander rustled, and I slowly woke. He moved over, rolled me with him and stood up. He held me easily. He kissed me and whispered. “Let’s climb under the covers, ‘kay?” We’d been on top of them.
Easily holding me with one hand, he pulled the blankets and top sheet back, then lay me down, and climbed in, pulling the covers over both of us. The clean, white sheets were cool on my skin—a great contrast to Alexander's warm furnace-body. He was still hard; his dick poked and moved against me. He pulled me close to his furnace-body. He wrapped me up in his warm, hard muscles, and kissed me again until we both fell back to sleep.
I AWOKE IN MY OWN BUNK. The dream had been so vivid… so real… that I panicked when I woke up. I totally expected to be in bed with Alex. Obviously, me being 12, and he being 20… that would have been problematic.
It had all been a dream? Fuck. It was merely a cheap story device! What kind of author does this?!
Yet this was no “device.” It wasn’t! It wasn’t! In this case, I really had that dream. But it was just a dream. Well, I need to add that not all of it was a dream. I did go to Alex’s cabin—more than once. It’ll have to be up to the reader to figure out how much of my cabin experience with Alex was real, and how much of it was fantasy.
Regardless, it all became a kind of reality for me. I held onto it with a dogged tenacity through my middle school and high school years. Alex was my god. He was my fantasy man. He was the man I wanted to be like… to be with. And his presence at Church Camp permeated me for years to come, not just as far as sexual fantasies go, but in a very real, emotional way.
I was smitten. Fixated. Obsessed. Infatuated with my Alex.
Is there more?*





* Yep.






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