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LogoLevi's Muscles — Chapter 5

by Sean Reid Scott  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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IEVI LED ME DOWN A HALL, through his laundry room, and out to his triple-wide garage. His uncle’s place was bigger than it looked from the outside.

Fully one-third of the garage was taken up by a gym—very well-equipped. The astounding thing was that on the bench, there were a bunch of weights on a bar—so many weights that you could see the bar slightly bending. I counted the plates and did some quick math in my head. With all those big plates, plus some small ones on the end, there were 500 pounds on the bar!

“What the fuck, Levi!” I said, staring at the bowed bar.

Levi sounded sheepish… a little embarrassed. “Yeah, I should remember to un-rack my weights when I’m done.”

“No, I’m talking about how much weight that is! You can bench 500 pounds? Holy fuck!”

“Oh, that,” he said. “But not quite for ten reps yet.” He looked at me, his naked, muscular body oozing with virility and strength. “But I’m working at it.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Yeah, right. No way in hell, man. Nice try, but I’d be shocked to see you do even one rep at that weight—and you do it without a lifting shirt? Gimme a break. And who do you get to spot you?”

“Yeah, no shirt,” he said, almost indignantly. “And I don’t use a spotter.” He walked toward the bench, stopped, and turned toward me, leaning against the weights on one end of the barbell. “I’m always very careful to stop before I hurt myself. Which brings up an idea… I’d be much more likely to hit the ten rep goal if I did have a spotter. Interested?”

I laughed. “Come on, Levi. If you were able to bench 500 pounds without a shirt, that’d be… unbelievable. If you were able to bench it for more than even one rep, you’d be some kind of superman. There’s no way you even get close to ten reps.” I frowned at him and added, “You racked all that weight before I came over, just to pull my leg.”

He stood tall and raised his arms into a double-biceps pose. The fucking peak on his arms! Then he gracefully transitioned into a most-muscular. It nearly shot out the lights, I think. He stood somewhat relaxed and started to wave his hairy, gigantic, delicious pecs—slowly and methodically. “You don’t think I can do it, huh?” he smiled.

“Not hardly,” I scoffed.

He stopped rolling his chest muscles and gave a faux hurt-feelings face, complete with sticking out his lower lip. “I’m hurt,” he said.

“Dude, it’s just not possible,” I said.

“Wanna put some money on that?” he grinned.

“Oh—so you thought you might lose some money tonight too?” I smiled.

He looked all coy. “Maybe. Maybe not. Put your money where your mouth is, big talker.”

I looked down at his flaccid cock. “Honestly, I’m thinking about putting something else where my mouth is,” I smiled.

“Well, that sounds like a possible bet,” he shrugged. “How about this. If I can do eight reps at this weight,” he nodded at the bar, “you can put your mouth wherever you want.” He hefted his genitals in one hand, pushing them toward me.

“And if you fail?”

“If I fail, I get to put this,” he lifted his cock and balls more, “wherever I want.”

I raised one eyebrow. “Really?”

He nodded.

I chuckled. “You must really want a blow-job, man.”

“Actually, I really wanna fuck that ass of yours. And I’ll be doing that in just a few minutes, Callum,” he grinned.

This guy had to be absolutely nuts. There was no way he could do that. This had to be some kind of trick. “One stipulation. I get to inspect the weights.”

He stepped back and extended an arm toward the weights. “Be my guest.”

I approached. I un-did the clamp that secured the opposite weights and slid off a plate. It was, indeed, 45 pounds.

“You gonna take all of ‘em off to check ‘em out?” he asked.

I didn’t answer. The fucker was so damn cute when he got cocky. I gave him a look and continued my inspection. I put the weight back on and secured the clasp, then I tested the entire weight of that end of the barbell. I couldn’t budge it off the struts. I tried to move the other end. Nothing doing. I looked up at Levi’s face, those gorgeous, powerful pectoral staring back at me. “Okay, man. You are certifiably insane if you think you can do this, but… be my guest.”

He chuckled. “Not insane if I’ve done it countless times before, my little man.”

I’d never been called “little man” before. But in Levi’s presence, it made sense.

“Excuse me,” he said, crowding me away from the bench as he moved onto it. “You might want to stand back. Big man workin’ here.”

I rolled my eyes again and stepped away. Truthfully though, his hubris was pretty hot. And the fact that he even wanted to attempt this had me started toward a very fine erection once again. When he lay down on the bench and spread those big arms out to grasp the bar, I reached full-mast faster than I ever had. The idea of watching this massive muscle man struggle—with any amount of weight—was so erotic to me. (Have I mentioned that I am a card-carrying muscle worshipper?)

He glanced over at me, standing a few feet away in all my erect glory.

I put my hands “down there” to cover my blatant arousal.

He chuckled. “Callum, there’s no reason to be shy about it. And now that I think about it, you don’t have to stand all the way over there. It’s safe.” He cocked his head in a motion for me to come closer.

I did so. I arrived at his right side. Looking at him, he was at my right side. My fully-stiff cock waved in the air, not far from his right leg and hip.

Lying on the bench, he stared up at my face, then my cock. “Damn, Callum. You’re determined to make this difficult for me aren’t you.”

“I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about,” I said coyly.

“Well it won’t work. You’re quite the gorgeous distraction, little man, but I got this.” He raised his arms again and wrapped his hands around the bent bar.

This was incomprehensible. Was he actually going to do this? Without even a weight shirt? No spotter? (I’d thought about volunteering to spot him, but then I realized how worthless I’d be. No way could I even help with 500 lbs.)

I mean, I knew that the raw record was, like, 750 pounds or something, but the dudes who were able to do that were power-lifters, not bodybuilders. They had zero appeal as far as I was concerned. Here was a man who had something like a 32-inch waist and seven percent body fat! And yes, I believed him about the fat percentage. He was muscle on top of lean, rippling, defined, blow-all-the-other-bodybuilders-away muscle. And he was about to bench 500 pounds. For reps.

Without even realizing it, I moved my hand onto my erection.

Levi’s arms tightened. He adjusted his totally naked body into position; his feet found their correct place. He arched his back to reposition his torso one final time. And it was at that point I noticed the effect all of this—my muscle lust?—his desire to accomplish this in front of my worshipping eyes?—was having on him. His oversized genitals were moving. His long, thick shaft was responding to this.

I think I gave myself a long, slow stroke. Fucky, fucky, fuck this was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced, in all my masturbating, muscle-worshipping years. Nothing else even came close to the situation in which I now found myself. Levi’s splayed muscle body was the epitome of sexual desire to me.

Now apparently satisfied he was in position, his mighty arms tightened once again; his biceps and triceps bulged. He took two deep, long breaths.

And then… the struts creaked; the large collection of heavy weights rattled against each other. The bench on which Levi lay protested the stress of 500 additional pounds being pressed against its legs. He rotated the bending bar away from the struts on which it had been resting, moving it laterally, from right above his eyes to right about his massive, twitching chest muscles. The mass of the weights on the ends of the bar was astounding. Just astounding weight.

Pre-cum wet my entire cock now, making it shiny while I slowly stroked myself.

Levi was seemingly not aware of my self-pleasuring over his strength. He was concentrating. He held the bowed bar above his pecs for just a moment, then began to bend his elbows; the bar slowly lowered. His strength was shocking. He lowered the bar in a steady motion, totally in control of the vast weight.

His gigantic pecs rose to meet the bar, in a sense kissing it with his erect nipples. His arms tightened harder and the bar began to rise. His arms straightened; one rep completed. He began to lower it again.

I gasped. He was really, honestly able to do this! The pace of my stroking increased. The tightness of my grip did too.

Levi’s face showed control and concentration. There was no straining—at first. Just deep breaths and magnificent mastery over what to any mere mortal would be an insurmountable amount of weight.

He hissed loudly with his third rep. But his progress didn’t slow. His muscles bunched, bulged and rippled with his efforts.

It was, without a doubt, the most magnificent display of perfectly-honed muscle I’d ever seen. More amazing than I had ever even fantasied about.

By the time he pressed the bar up from his chest a fourth time, I could feel myself coming to a climax. How could I not? No normal muscle worshipper could keep his seed to himself in the presence of this demonstration of bodybuilder-might.

I jerked off with quick, intense movements. My forearm rippled with the effort to tighten my hand around my erect shaft.

Levi’s fifth rep signaled a slight change. He began to slow—ever so slightly. He breathed harder and louder. Sweat beaded on his forehead; the rest of his muscle body began to wet with perspiration as well.

His sixth rep brought some vocalizations, and he really began to strain. Goddamn. God. Fucking. Damn.

I was getting close. Just a few more seconds.

When he lowered the bar for the seventh time, I came. My jizz shot in long, thick ropes onto his torso. Some of the initial ones shot past him and landed on the garage floor. But most of them hit their mark, plopping haphazardly on Levi’s massive, hairy chest, his abdominals, and even in his pubes.

Startled by feeling my seed landing on his body, Levi flinched.

Holy fuck, was I going to cause him to fail? To hurt himself?

His eyes flashed his awareness that something was happening, but it didn’t seem to register exactly what was happening.

I groaned and, trying to offer him some context for the sensation he was feeling as my jizz landed on him, I said, “I’m coming Levi. Fuck, I’m coming all over you!”

I don’t know if that helped him compartmentalize what was going on, but he did seem to find it in himself to move on from the distraction. He steeled his eyes, fixing them on the ceiling of the garage, and pressed the weight up again.

I rotated slightly to my right and coated his gigantic legs with cum, then returned my aim to his upper body. I hit one of his massive arms.

Just before the bar reached its apex again, his extreme arms began to tremble—vibrate with the straining effort. His face tightened. He bared his teeth. He growled as he made his seventh rep.

As I pressed out the last of my jizz, I gasped. He was going for one more rep. Fuck. I felt dread, and hope, and renewed arousal. He was pushing himself to the limit of his amazing strength. His muscled body tightened and undulated while the bar moved down. Once again, his pointed nipples rose to kiss the bar again. And as he pushed and pushed, struggling with all his might to get the bar up, his long, hard cock erupted. All over him. He was orgasming over his own unbelievable strength! And possibly, over my lusting release as well. The bar moved higher while his mighty arms trembled—and his cock released shot after powerful shot of his semen. Some of it joined mine on his chest, neck and face. His abs as well. Some of it, like mine had, flew all the way over his body and landed on the floor behind his head.

ChestWetHe squinted; he hissed; he rolled his head from side to side, struggling to make it. Was he going to fail?

“Ggggggggttttrrrrrnnnnnnnggg!” he groaned. The bar was stuck. Fuck. Shit. Goddamn.

If it wasn’t for the apparent peril he was in, I’d probably have come all over again—even so soon. The sight was unimaginable. Here was this beefy, ripped, muscle hunk, struggling against incomprehensible weight, trying desperately to push the bar up—while he came. (I did squeeze out a few more ejaculations right at that moment, actually.)

Still the bar seemed stationary—just stuck. Levi turned red. His arms wavered more. His feet moved. His cock jerked with what looked like renewed ejaculations.

Finally, he took one final breath and hissed as he pushed the bar up, slowly, straining to the end of his strength. His arms straightened. A teaspoon of semen landed on his chin. He locked his elbows and rotated the bar laterally above his head. The weights slammed down onto the struts, clanging as he released them.

He panted. A last burst of his seed splashed onto his mounded, separated abdominals.

Holy. Fuck.

He lay with his eyes closed for a minute, letting his arms fall out to his sides. His beautiful chest rose and fell with his recuperative breaths. His cock bobbed, still completely hard, dribbling out the last droplets of his foamy, white milk. He opened his eyes and looked up at me. He smiled, still breathing hard. “You alright?” he gulped.

I lifted my eyebrows. “I should be asking you that.”

He closed his eyes again and said, “I’m alright. Pretty damn, good, actually.”

Fuck, it was so hot to watch his enormous chest rise and fall as he breathed.

I was still stroking myself, very slowly now, coming down from this apex of sexual explosions. Just looking at his cum-soaked muscles, all pumped and bulging all over hell, hairy in just the right places, a small waist that, both up and down from its tiny girth, expanded into the most unreal display of powerful muscles imaginable.

He opened his eyes and lifted his head. He examined his body. The pools of our collective cum were all over. “Fuck,” he said. “What the fuck happened here?” he said with faux indignation.

“Um…” I started, “I think you… I… both of us had a little accident.”

With his eyes still moving over his massive, wet muscles, he chuckled and said, “Not an accident, bud. Happens all the time when I work out.”

“What? Really?”

“Yep. I’m constantly cumming when I work out. Can’t help it.”

“Fuck.” I couldn’t help it either, actually, but I was jerking myself off. He hadn’t even touched himself. “Dude, if I looked half as good as you, I’d be cumming in my pants 24/7.”

He chuckled and sat up. He stuck his tongue out. Fuck, it was long and sexy. He licked the big glob of jizz off his chin, using a finger to help with what his tongue couldn’t reach. He looked at my still-hard shaft, with my hand holding it. “You like watching big muscles work, huh?” he smiled.

I nodded silently.

“Well, that’s good. I kinda like having you watch.” He examined his legs and torso again. “Shit, man, what a mess.” He looked up into my eyes and added, “Think you might be able to help me clean up?” Without waiting for an answer, he laid back down.

I hesitated. Don’t really know why. I mean, come on! What was I thinking?

“Come on, dude. Climb on. I don’t think I can clean all of this stuff off on my own.”

So, I did. I climbed on, sitting just below his erection, balancing my ass cheeks—one on each of his tight quad muscles. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing—what I was doing!

Levi started working on his face and arms, while I started with his torso. I’d have to examine his quads once I got up. I scooped some up with my finger—off his abdominal bumps. They were lightly dusted with hair, but insanely defined. I’d never seen abs so pronounced and thick—with such deep valleys between them.

“Dude, you’ll never get all of it that way,” he said.

I looked up at his face. He’d lifted his head and was staring at me.

“Use your tongue, man. It’s a lot more efficient.” Then his face got stern. “I don’t want some half-assed job done, man, okay?”

I smiled. Fuck, he was just… perfect. All that muscle, and a bit of bossy fun too. “Yes, sir,” I mumbled.

He smiled then and dropped his head back, resuming his own work pattern.

I leaned down and began combing his gorgeous, brown pubic hair with my lips and tongue. There was a lot there, so it took some time. I had to lift his mighty cock to one side, with my fingertips, to access the lower portion of his abs. Shit, there really was a lot of cum. Most of it was his, of course, but I’d squirted out a good amount as well. I ran my tongue over and between each and every abdominal mound. The guy wanted me to be thorough, and there was no way I was going to disappoint him. The thought occurred, though, if I wasn’t thorough enough, maybe he’d make me do it over? Ah, hell. I figured there would be more opportunities, right?

“You getting everything down there?” he asked while I worked.


He did a fantastic imitation of Yoda: “There is no try. There is only do.”

“Yes, sir,” I said between licks. My tongue absently (?) slid against his amazing, hard shaft, and well, might as well make sure that was clean too, right?

He moaned.


And how was it, after he’d just had what seemed like the worlds most intense orgasm—while benching, no less—that he was still as hard as the World Trade Center?

I licked it. All of it. More than once. While he gave moaning approval.

“That’s it, man,” I heard him whimper. “You keep at it like that and I might just have more for you to clean up real soon.”

I said nothing—just continued working his cock with my tongue, and occasionally my lips. I realized I was just making more work for myself, if you know, I was going to make him have another mess. Such are the drawbacks, I guess, of having such a fine specimen of manhood to work on.

The obelisk, laying against his torso, was definitely totally hard and long again.

I cupped his balls gently in one hand. I licked that thing till it shined like the top of the Chrysler building. He’d started producing pre-cum again, and I suckled on his piss slit to bring all of that into the polishing mix as well. I extended one hand up onto his glorious hirsute chest and began feeling him out. His chest was the most magnificent thing I’d ever seen—or touched.

I was now hard again as well. Levi had a way with that: making my recovery time epically short. Who knew…. I was dripping my own pre-cum on his crotch area and legs.

I kept licking his shaft. And his balls. Teasing him behind his big balls.

He was moaning now, and his body shifted. “Ohhhhhmmmmmm…” He arched his back, and I felt him reposition his feet on the floor. Then, I took his cock in my thumb and fingertips, lifted it off his abs, and held it still, giving him a slight squeeze, and then a long, slow stroke.

He was breathing hard again. And groaning. “Ummmph… Mnnnngggg…”

I felt him flex his cock in my hand. His body solidified into a mass of hard, rock-like, defined, bulging muscle. His shaft twitched, and I felt the first blast of his seed travel up his urethra and exit into the air with an audible squirt, flying through the air and landing somewhere out of sight above his head, undoubtedly joining the splotches produced by his previous, glorious ejaculations.

His second burst came with a vengeance and also landed somewhere unseen, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if it hit the wall behind his head. It was fuckin’ powerful.

This, of course, put me over the edge. I began ejaculating. Since I was somewhat hunched over his lower torso, still with my ass cheeks being pulled apart by his gigantic, veiny, hard quads, most of my jizz squirted onto my own torso: abs and chest. But there was quite a lot, so it dribbled down onto my crotch, and some of it fell onto his pubes, which were just inches away from my own. Damn—all that cleaning I’d just done had been for naught.

Ha. Not. The things you do in the name of cleanliness. I’d just have to buck up and go over that section once again.

Meanwhile, back at his firehose, he was delivering a lot more work for me as well. His pecs and abs—and face—were, for a second time since he’d assumed this position, wet with his jizz. And his cock was throbbing in my hand. Hard.

I can’t find adequate words to convey how over-the-top hot this evening was turning out. I mean, just… stop. Just. Fuckin’. Stop. Unbelievable.

When we were both done, I slowly climbed up his body and rested mine on top of his. Semen moved between our torsos. He smiled up into my face. “Looks like you’ve got more cleaning up to do, bud.”

“Yeah. Kinda makes you wonder when it will all end,” I said softly.

“I’m willing to find out if you are,” he said.

I nodded. “But first… I need to do this.” I lowered my lips to his. We kissed. For a long time. A long, long time.

We eventually moved back inside the house and ended up in his king bed. Didn’t actually get much sleep in that night. But the next day was Saturday and Levi had it off. Which was good, because we fell asleep at about five o’clock, and slept in till almost 11.

And it was only the first Saturday. I had a whole month ahead of me at the resort. With Levi, and his muscles.



The End (but you never know...)






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