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LogoLevi's Muscles — Chapter 6

by Sean Reid Scott  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Approx. 6,800 words








IHERE WERE THREE PEOPLE ALREADY in line when we arrived at the SwimCenter the next morning. By the time it opened, there’d be a lot more waiting.

Levi had been called in at the last minute; apparently one of the regular lifeguards had a death in the family and they’d asked Levi to cover for him. Levi had mentioned that he was a sometimes-lifeguard, and I remember wondering what that would be like. I couldn’t imagine the kind of distraction Levi would be, what with that body of his—out there in all its glory where everyone could gawk. Now, I wouldn’t have to imagine anymore. I was going to get to see firsthand. I honestly wondered if some people might actually come while they lusted at the enormous-and-ripped lifeguard. Some young teenage boy’s life was going to be turned upside-down forever. He was going to have jerk-off fodder for the rest of his life.

I got to go inside with Levi, and he led me behind the main counter to the lifeguard locker room. There was one guy already in there, changing. When he looked up and saw Levi he froze for a second, then said, “Hey, Levi. Didn’t know you’d be working. You covering for someone?”

They discussed their mutual friend’s sad circumstances for a few minutes. I sat quietly on a bench, and nodded when Levi introduced me as his friend (a designation that gave me goosebumps). The dude was well-built and lean. Gorgeous swimmer’s body. Fuck he was cute—and built. He definitely rated on my scale. And extremely good looking in the face too. His name was Colt.

Levi had to do some work—getting things ready for opening—so I kind of tagged along; at one point though, I just sat on a stool near the main desk while the crew worked at setting up.

While Levi was out at the pool, inspecting the area, Colt worked at the main counter, shuffling things around. The crowd outside the doors was growing. It was about ten minutes till opening. “How long have you known Levi?” Colt said without lifting his head from his desk work.

“Not long,” I said, a tad nervous at the question. “Just a few days, actually.”

“Really?” he looked up at me now; his face showed surprise. “I would have figured you were pretty good friends. Levi’s never brought anyone around here.”


“Yeah. He doesn’t work every week—usually only to fill in for someone who wants to skip a shift; sometimes he’ll schedule in a shift just to help out if we expect to be really busy… but he’s never mentioned any of his friends. We all kinda thought he liked to keep his work and private life separate.”

“Oh, I see,” I nodded.

Colt got back to work. “He never even talks about going on dates or anything,” he said as he pulled out a stamp pad and a rubber stamp for marking swimmer’s hands. “We all came to the conclusion that he likes driving the ladies mad with all those muscles, but he’s probably too shy to ask anyone out,” he chuckled.

I could see where Levi might come across as a quiet guy, but I didn’t think he was in any way shy. And he certainly didn’t seem to aim his mind-scrambling muscle-perfection at women. That much I knew.

“…but don’t get me wrong,” Colt continued, “he’s the coolest guy around. I mean, he’ll take anyone’s shift if they need it. Always staying late to help out and stuff….”

“Yeah, he’s a great guy.” Apparently Levi didn’t flaunt his sexuality. But I was pretty sure he didn’t hide it when it came up.

A minute later, while Colt still shuffled around at the counter, he said, “So, how did you meet him?” Damn, the dude was really curious about Levi. But of course, who wouldn’t be? Was I making him some kind of jealous?

“Oh, actually he… uh…” I didn’t want to mention that I’d made a fool of myself on my cabin’s deck, when I’d been exposed to the shock of seeing his physique in that T-shirt and khaki shorts. “…he helped out with a maintenance thing in my house… my… my parent’s cabin.”

“Ah,” Colt acknowledged. “Yeah… that’s his regular job. And working the grounds.”

I nodded when Colt met my eyes again.

“I can feel my ears burning,” Levi chuckled as he entered the front counter area. “I hope you’re not slandering me.” He pulled open a drawer that was next to where Colt was working, pulled out a whistle on a string, stood tall, and then put it around his neck, over the T-shirt he had on. I wondered if he’d take the T-shirt off while he was out at the pool guarding. I would be pissed off if he didn’t. I chuckled to myself.

“Define slander,” I joked.

He gave me a raised eyebrow.

Colt laughed. “Yeah, you never know, man.”

Levi smiled. “I can’t take you guys anywhere.”

Colt seemed to like that. Levi was a consummate Alpha: confident, intimidatingly huge and built, smart, funny, gorgeous… Colt smiled while he worked on some papers. It was obvious he was taken with Levi. If it weren’t for the wink that Levi snuck to me, I’d have been a bit jealous.

But truthfully, it appeared that Levi only had eyes for me. And I was melting.



IT WAS DECIDED THAT Colt would do the checking-in when the doors opened, stamping swimmers’ hands and helping with directions. Levi and two other lifeguards—both women—would take the first rotation out at the three guard stations. The pool was pretty big, with more than one twisting water slide and a number of other features for kids young and old. There was also a small, very shallow toddler’s pool. The lifeguard nearest that pool had responsibility for it, as well as part of the main pool.

I followed Levi out to his tower—the one near the center of the pool. He stood next to it as the throng began to stream out of the locker room. “Walk!” he called—more than once. He’d holler that word more than any other during his shift here. He kept his shirt on, which was disappointing. But then it was only 10 o’clock. Probably not even into the 70s yet.

As it turned out, he’d take his shirt off a little later.

Within ten minutes, the pool was loud with yelling, screaming, splashing swimmers—mostly grade-schoolers and young teens. As the day wore on, older teens and adults would start to fill in the empty lounge chairs and other areas. By the time Levi’s shift would end, the place would be packed with sunbathers and swimmers.

I swam around for a little while, mostly keeping an eye on Levi—and those who kept an eye on him (which was, you know, everyone). When the littles started getting in the way I decided to get out and plant myself on a chaise lounge near Levi’s position. I had a perfect view of him. He met my eyes continually during the morning, sometimes winking, sometimes just smiling.

Both he and Colt wore blue Speedo-type swimming trunks; not skimpy enough to be mistaken for posers, but way more “brief” than standard swimming garb. The blue trunks were emblazoned with “LIFEGUARD” in white letters across the butt. Nice touch. Both Levi and Colt wore bright white SwimCenter T-shirts, at least at first. The lady lifeguards wore similar one-piece blue swimming suits with matching lettering and logos.

It was obvious to everyone with eyes that Levi was huge—and lean. His legs were actually the only muscles that were exposed to the throng of oglers, so far. And fuck. Every time he took a step or shifted his weight his quads exploded with mind-boggling lines and mountains of rippling, undulating muscle. I kinda wondered if he was flexing on purpose. But if he was, who could blame him?

People stared at him. Little boys, especially. But… everybody. Even an old man or two. One confident kid, maybe 10 years old, struck up a conversation with him. I couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but from the kid’s expression, it was obvious that the topic was Levi’s muscles.

And then came the unveiling. It was about a half hour into the morning. It was an epic moment in the annals of muscle-lusting. It was as if some celebrity or something had just arrived. Heads from all over the pool turned to Levi. Obviously, more than one person had been waiting for this moment. He pulled the shirt up, over his head, with just the right combination of taunting, teasing fun and artistic, powerful grace. He tossed the T up onto the tower’s seat, adjusted his whistle around his neck, and just stood there, making like nothing had happened—as if he didn’t actually know what he’d just done to scores, if not hundreds, of muscle worshippers. In truth, just by lifting his T-shirt off his body, he’d given a gift that would probably be seared into the memory of everyone there… and like I said, especially the memories of the young pre-pubescent and teenage boys.

He was just stupendous—the ultimate specimen of perfect, masculine, ripped, huge muscle. I imagine boners were popping all over the pool. I concentrated on the boys’ and teens’ reaction to his exposed physique, and it was amazing. More than one kid just stood, with the water at neck-level, and stared at this muscle man from heaven.

LifeManLevi’s hairy chest was enormous. His arms were sides of beef. Everything: shoulders, back muscles, legs, abdominals… everything was gigantic (except his waist) and defined beyond belief. Those massive hairy pecs protruded out like twin sentinels, watching over the swimmers. A dark trail of hair led down the center of his defined abs to his trunks, to hidden destinations of glory. And to punctuate how deliciously lean he was, his tiny waist was taut and conspicuously small. He was the perfect muscle man of all time. Truly.

After people realized they weren’t going to be able to wrap their minds around Levi, they seemed to make an attempt to resume their activities. It wouldn’t be easy. Some of the more confident young boys came up to him, including the kid who’d chatted him up before. Levi was very friendly to them, talking and answering their questions while he watched the pool. Again, he had to shout “Walk!” more than once. I distinctly got the impression that some of the kids ran on purpose, for the sole goal of getting his attention. What do they say? “Any press is good press”?

Levi hadn’t yet climbed up onto his tower; he still stood at poolside, keeping his eyes on the crowd while he talked, occasionally glancing at his admirers and smiling. Like I said, I couldn’t hear the exact words that were exchanged, but at one point I think a kid asked Levi to lift an arm and flex it. Levi’s response was a laugh and a wave-off. Not now, kid. I’m working… kind of thing. I did hear their reaction to his refusal: a disappointed, “Awww… please?” and a couple, “Just one time?” It was so hot.

But Levi didn’t acquiesce.


I loved it.

At about 45 minutes into the shift, it was time for the lifeguards to rotate their positions. Colt came out from the front desk and took the station at the shallow-end; the woman who’d been there moved to the position Levi had had, and Levi moved to the deep-end station. The lady there went inside to man the desk.

It was now that Levi climbed his tower and planted himself on his perch. Goddamn. I shuddered at all that muscle, moving and positioning.

So yeah, I think you get the point. Levi was there, and everyone knew it. So fucking sweet.



I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG IT HAD BEEN (time moved in mysterious ways when Levi was around) but at some point, when I glanced up at him, I noticed Levi’s attention zero in on a part of the pool, near one of the diving boards. His face froze for an instant—as if he were analyzing something—and then in a flash, he was diving head-first off his tower.

A young teenage girl, standing near the lower diving board—close to where Levi dove in—was screaming: “My brother! Someone help him! He’s not coming up!”

Levi was actually in the water before the girl had even started screaming. He’d seen. He came to the surface with the boy in his arm. He towed the kid to the edge and while he held onto the side of the pool with one arm, he and pushed the boy up onto the cement with his other powerful arm. Then, in one smooth movement, with seemingly no effort at all, he quickly and gracefully propelled himself up onto the cement, next to the boy.

Levi rolled the kid onto his back. The pre-teen was unconscious. Levi put his ear to the boy’s mouth and listened. Apparently not detecting breath, he quickly fished his fingers through the boy’s mouth, then placed his lips on the kid’s. Everyone was too shocked and scared to contemplate Levi’s kiss. (Well, later, it did come to my mind.)

A crowd formed around Levi as he bent over the lifeless body. Apparently, as part of their protocol, the lifeguard who had been manning the front desk immediately ran out to assist. The other lifeguards maintained their positions, making sure to keep watch on their sections of the pool. The female lifeguard—her name was Angie—kind of took over crowd control, telling the assembled throng to move back.

A few moments later, and the kid still wasn’t responding. Angie had her cell phone with her, and she called 911. Colt was sitting on his tower on the other side of the pool. Angie gave him a hand signal. Colt immediately blew his whistle loud and long and announced: “Everyone out of the pool! Now!” They really had their routine well established, here. Once the pool was empty, Colt and the other lifeguard were free to help out. Colt went to a side gate and unlocked it, throwing it wide so the paramedics could have quick access when they arrived. The other lifeguard came to assist Levi and Angie.

Children were crying. The boy’s sister, who had yelled the initial alarm, was beside herself. Angie knelt down and comforted her. Others in the crowd covered their mouths while Levi patiently worked on the boy. He switched, back-and-forth, from chest compressions to mouth-to-mouth, working a prescribed and obviously well-rehearsed routine. Yeah, they were well-trained.

Some adults came and stood by their children, obviously debating in their minds whether they should take their kids away from this horrific scene or not.

All the while, Levi’s enormous muscle body worked and worked. He was nowhere near frantic, but he was intent. Obviously, he wasn’t the type to panic, and that was good, since, you know, he was responsible for saving the kid’s life right now.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the boy sputtered and spit, then started coughing. I could see Levi take a huge breath of relief. He’d probably worked on the kid for well over two minutes without any response. But now the kid was coming around. A gasp from the crowd was immediately followed by a collective, loud cheer. People’s tears of anguish and horror turned to tears of joy. Hugs were exchanged by everyone. The sister sobbed in relief.

At that moment the paramedic squad arrived—lights and sirens—and made quick time to the side of the pool. The kid sat up after he stopped coughing. The paramedics examined and talked to him. Levi stood up and—and this is the truth: The whole crowd cheered again! It was electric.

Levi ignored the praise as long as he could but was finally forced to acknowledge their cheers, if only by raising a hand and smiling. He immediately refocused his attention on the boy, who was now standing. He crouched down next to the boy and they talked for a few seconds, Levi putting his hand on the kid’s shoulder.

The paramedics accompanied the kid and his sister to their emergency truck, and I don’t really know what happened with him after that. Eventually Colt closed the side gate and the lifeguards took their positions again—except for Levi. Angie took position at his tower; he went into the building. People slowly made their way back into the water, although some decided to call it a day.

As Levi walked, people came up and thanked him—some even being brave enough to take advantage of the situation to give him a friendly pat on the back—something you knew they wanted to do ever since they’d seen him, but now had an excuse for.

I followed Levi into the building. “You okay?” I asked when we were alone.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” he said. And I believed him. Damn, he was one strong dude. “I need to fill out a report about this though,” he continued. “It has to be done immediately, while my memory is fresh.” He gave me a look that said he needed to be free from distraction.

“Okay,” I said, double-checking him to make sure he was okay. I mean, the dude had just saved a kid’s life! It had to be an emotional thing. I mean, it was a total emotional thing for me, and I hadn’t done anything! “I’ll be outside then,” I said. “Come and get me when you’re done, okay?”

He nodded, and I left.

It had been over 20 minutes and Levi was still inside. I had no idea how extensive his report had to be, but I was curious as to how he was doing. I got up from my lounge chair and walked to a window of the office to check.


Inside, Levi was hunched over the counter, his head resting on top of his folded forearms.

I quietly moved inside. He raised his head, opened his eyes, and looked at me. Shit. He’d been crying. His eyes showed just a tiny bit of redness—they were wet too; it was obvious he’d had some kind of release.

“Are you okay?” I asked, almost too afraid to approach.

He gave me a pursed-lips smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. It just kind of hit me all at once.”

I didn’t say anything, but I took a few timid steps closer to him.

He sat up tall on his stool next to the counter and took a deep breath. “That was pretty mind-blowing,” he said. “Just the emotion of it all… I didn’t expect it to impact me like that.” He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Have you ever done that before? Saved someone’s life?”

He shook his head. “Naw. I think the most I’ve ever done to help someone—medically at least—has been to grab a bandage out of the first aid kit,” he chuckled.

I smiled. “Damn, Levi. You saved that kid’s life!”

He smiled back. “Yeah. Pretty amazing shit.”

“Ya think?” I sighed.

He wiped his eyes again.

“Are you finished with your report?”

“Yeah,” he indicated the piece of paper, then looked at me. “I should probably get back out there.”

“Are you sure? I mean, shit, Levi. They make you finish up your shift—after something like that?”

“Well, if it would have ended more seriously than it did, yeah. No. They’d close the whole pool and… you know…. But since the kid ended up being okay, it’s good. All good.”

“Yeah, but what about you? I mean, I’d be a pile of jello if I were you.”

“Kinda am, to be honest,” he smiled. “But there’s also something to be said for getting right back up on the horse, you know?”

“Yeah, I guess there’s logic in that. But… are you sure?”

“Tell you what,” he smiled broadly. “How ‘bout you come and stand next to my tower for the rest of my shift. I only have another few hours. If you keep an eye on me—and stand by my side—I’ll be fine. Okay?”

Yeah. Like I’m supposed to be a support to this mega man? And I don’t just mean muscle man, I mean mega—as in all-around-consuming-strength of person. “Okay. Deal,” I said.



WHEN WE GOT TO LEVI’S PLACE after his shift ended, I gotta tell you that I was so totally head-over-heels in love with the guy that I wanted to burst. He was a hero! My hero! He’d saved me from… well, I dunno exactly. But he was a hero, and he was mine, so that translates into my hero, okay? Deal with it.

First thing we did was to grab some beers out of the fridge. I raised mine to a toast: “To the hero,” I nodded.

“No, we’re not going there, man,” he said seriously.

“Fuck, Levi. Accept it. What is more heroic than what you just did?”

“I was just doing what I was trained for, Callum. That’s all.”

I shook my head. “Tell that to the kid’s parents, dude. No, you’re a hero. And if you can’t handle the title, I’ll just have to keep using it on you until you get used to it.”

“No… no,” he scoffed. “Please don’t do that. I’ll take on the title. Just for today, though. As long as you do not call me that anymore, okay?”

I sighed and frowned. “You’re no fun at all, man. I really wanted to fall for a real-life, bona fide hero. And now that I found you, you go all shy and uncomfortable on me.”

He sneered at me and raised his beer to mine. “Okay, but like I said, if you call me hero one more time, I’m gonna have to take action.”

We drank our toast and as we lowered our bottles I asked, “Oh? What kind of action would that be?”

He hemmed and hawed. “Well, I dunno. But you won’t like it.”

I grinned. “Well, how ‘bout this. You’re determined to use the stick to keep me from calling you a hero; what kind of carrot are you going to use to motivate me?”

A sheepish, knowing grin crept across his mouth. “Oh, now that sounds like more fun anyway.” He blinked slowly, while he thought. “How about we slip outside to my hot tub and I… well, maybe I could persuade you to back off from that term.”

“Hmmm…. Sounds intriguing,” I smiled. “What do you have in mind?”

“Well, let’s just say that if you promise to be a good boy, and dump the hero talk and all, I’ll give you a taste of what you can expect over the next few weeks.”

I grinned widely.

He moved close to me. When he arrived right in front of me, he pressed his lifeguard T-shirt-clad torso against mine. His chest rested on top of mine. He pushed his goddamn huge legs against mine and wrapped those arms around my body.



LEVI HAD ALREADY SLIPPED INTO the hot tub when I emerged from the bathroom to the outside deck.

And there just aren’t words to describe him. He was standing in waist-high water. So the entirety of his massive, V-shaped upper-body rose from a very narrow point—his hips—upward and outward. It was the most stunning thing I’d seen in… like… 30 minutes. The farther a body part was from the water, the farther it grew outward, until it climaxed at his gigantically broad shoulders. And his torso was long, not squat. He was just stunning. I could search for the right words forever, and I’d still not be up to the task of describing how amazingly beautiful he was.

He just stood there, in the water, the bubbles brushing up and lapping against his waist. His perfect, bulging arms hung at his sides. His pectorals mocked the overhang of the deck’s roofline, protruding freely into the air with such mass that they forced his big, dark, areolae to point directly down at the frothy, hot water. I swear that I saw the pinkish-purple head of his cock poke up through the water a couple of times. It didn’t look like he was fully erect, but I could only guess he was getting harder and harder. Or maybe I was just imagining it. The water was churning pretty hard.

He smiled up at me. “Come on in, the water’s fine,” he joked.

I slipped one toe, and then my foot, onto the top step.

“Mh-hmm,” he shook his head. “This is a clothes-free zone, buddy.”

I raised my eyebrows in a mock question.

He nodded. “Off,” he ordered.

Not one to disobey a legal order from my commanding officer (don’t ask how I got to thinking military), I withdrew my foot. For some reason I was nervous again. Yeah, I was always nervous in Levi’s presence, but here I was again, stripping down right in front of him. I slid my swimming trunks down and stepped out of them. My cock sprang forth and up, waving in the breeze.

I started descending into the water. By the time I made it down to the bottom step, I was totally hard. And it was at this point that I saw that I hadn’t been imagining anything, regarding his cock. Now it clearly stuck out of the water, almost plastered against his abs. I estimated that an inch or two of his shaft—below his cock head—now pointed right at me. Damn, the thing was thick and long.

Apparently, Levi hadn’t been standing at his full height, because now, when he straightened his legs, he rose up, and exposed his entire genitals. The water now came up just below his low-hangers, and his shaft pointed up at a 45 degree angle; despite being wet from the water, it was easy to see that he was dripping with pre-cum. And his entire body dripped with virility.

During the night last night, we’d done almost everything—including me fucking his adorable, hard ass. What we hadn’t done—and I don’t know if he just didn’t want to hurt me or what—was having him fuck my tender ass. As I lowered myself into the water, I got the impression that was about to change. His expression was friendly, but… I guess, determined.

I just wanted to stare at his muscled, erect body forever. I bent my knees and lowered myself to sit on the tub’s bench. The water came up to my neck.

Levi towered over me; his enormous erection and billiard-sized balls were right… there. His big testicles looked heavy; they pulled his generous ball-sacs down, stretching them with their onerous burden. The backdrop for all this genital supremacy was a wall of expanding muscle: Abdominals and lats formed a glorious stage on which his cock and balls were mounted; chest, arms and shoulders framed the entire muscle scene.

He hovered over me. I looked up at his peanut-sized nipples. He tightened his body and everything rippled—slowly. I shuddered at that. He slowly flexed his muscles—yet he didn’t actually move his arms, or anything. He just tightened and relaxed his pecs, arms, and abs—all the while just… standing there.

“You want me to pose for you, before I fuck that ass of yours?”

I gulped. Yep, we were going there. I gave the slightest of nods, and immediately I questioned my ability to contain myself while he posed. Contain my semen.

Levi lifted his Herculean arms and flexed them into a double-biceps pose. Each arm divided into two, rising, expanding, ripped heads of muscle. He smiled down at me.

I shook my head in disbelief. “How—how big?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Lose your tape measure?”

“It’s in my pants pocket.”

“We’ll have to confirm it later then,” he said, rotating his forearms, then pointing his thumbs outward. “But for now, all I’ll say is they’re over 24 inches.” (60.9cm)


KindaHe extended his arms out, then brought them up again, forcing his peaks even higher. He slowly rotated his body to the right, extending his left arm out and bending the arm closest to me. The fuckin’ mass of his extended arm didn’t diminish at all. The dude didn’t even have to bend his arm all the way to show off how big it was.

I was so fucking hard.

With fluid elegance—if I can use that word—Levi moved from pose to pose, each position showcasing his exquisite physique more and more. And he watched me the whole time, obviously taking in my dumfounded reactions to his muscles.

I couldn’t believe I was sitting here, naked, in a hot tub with a naked bodybuilder like this—a bodybuilder who was simply supreme.

“You wanna touch anything?” His interrogative brought me out of my muscle-worship stupor. He smiled down at me with devious eyes.

Fuck. He probably knew that if I did touch him while he flexed his muscles under my hand, I’d immediately start adding my jizz to the bubbling water.

Receiving no answer, Levi bent down and crouched right in front of me, our faces now only inches apart. Only our heads were out of the water. He moved closer to me, and as our lips met, tenderly, I felt a hand move onto my fully-hard shaft.

Fucky, fucky, fuck. I was going to come. Just from that one touch. And despite all the hot water that surrounded me. Our kiss was long, soft and so very romantic. He was tender with me—at least as far as kissing me. His tongue explored my mouth; I moaned. I placed my hands and arms around his wide, muscly shoulders. We must have kissed for many minutes. And I think, in the end, the only reason our lips parted was because I involuntarily jerked with orgasm. His lips had been tender; his hand on my cock had been anything but. His strong grip had moved up and down my shaft, and it pushed me over the edge.

When I yelped into his mouth with my first ejaculation, Levi pulled back and gently lifted me out of the water with his strong arms. I stood on the bench and squirted my jizz right at his smiling face. His big hands held me at my hips. I let my head fall back. “Ohhhhhh… fucky, fucky, fuck! Daaaaaamn, Leeeeevi…” As I groaned and moaned, Levi leaned in and took me into his mouth. He swallowed. My orgasm jerked inside his mouth—I could feel the roof, sides and tongue in his mouth while I emptied myself. It was the most erotic thing ever.

When I was done, although I was somewhat disappointed that I’d come so soon, I realized there would be plenty of time for more. The afternoon was only half over… and we had the evening and all night. Then, by the look on his face, I also realized that what was coming next would make my orgasm pale in comparison. He penetrated me with his lusty stare.

“My turn,” he smiled.

I fully expected panic to engulf me. He was going to fuck me. But the panic didn’t come. Apprehension, maybe, but not panic. His gentle, strong way with me put me at ease—somewhat. Was he going to take me into his bedroom? Or… was he going to do it right here? In the water? It quickly became clear that he’d chosen the latter.

He had me sit back down on the tub’s bench. “Spread your arms and grab onto the edge,” he ordered.

I did as I was told.

Levi’s hulking body moved in. He grabbed each of my ankles. He spread my legs, lifting them up, rotating my body so that my sphincter pointed right up at him. My ass was just above the water line. My back was bent in a curve. I tightened my grip to maintain stability.

“This alright?” Levi asked. “You hurt?”

I shook my head. “No, this is fine. Just… try to take it easy, okay?”

He smiled widely. “Aw, come on, Callum. You afraid of this little thing?” He straightened his legs and stood taller, exposing his cock and balls. He placed his mighty shaft against my ass hole, then rubbed the thick, long, hard organ between my cheeks.

Holy shiiiiiiit. I felt it, and saw it, rise and pull back, running over my cherry hole. Fuck it was long and thick. I mean, yeah, I’d sucked it, felt it, enjoyed it all through the night. But now… now, it was getting ready to go inside me. I could feel the individual veins that covered the shaft as they moved over my crack. When his balls pushed against my butt, his monolithic shaft rose in front of my eyes, dripping with anticipation.

He must have teased me like this—rubbing his massive cock against my hole—for five minutes. His gaze pierced me. His hands held my ankles wide. It was only slightly uncomfortable, but the water gave me buoyancy.

Eventually, Levi pulled back. It was time.

His big muscles flexed and twisted while he positioned himself—and me—for his penetration. He placed his dick-head right at my ass hole and held it there, studying my face.

With my eyes, I tried to convey pleasure and acquiescence, if not a bit of trepidation. Please be gentle….

He rotated me again, angling my ass just so. Then, he pushed. Damn, he looked so powerful. How in hell was I going to accept this thing into my body?

I winced, but he didn’t back off. He pushed more. My eyes pleaded, but at that moment I realized he knew that if he backed off every time I flinched, he’d never get inside. His head began to push me apart. Levi adjusted my ankles. He pushed more. Fuck this was going to hurt. There was just no way around it. The man was big.

I bit my lip and grimaced. Owwwww. But as they say… It hurt so fucking goooooood.

He pushed more, opening my ass. In a moment the rim of his plump, hard, head would be inside me and there would be no going back. Not, of course, that I’d want to go back—back to my pre-Levi life. His mighty sex organ was now making its mark on me. It would be permanent. And I loved that it was happening. I’d proudly bear his imprint on my ass forever.

But fuck, it kinda hurt. I could feel my eyes watering.

But he didn’t relent. He was slow and cautious, yes. But he had no intention of stopping. And honestly, that was totally fine with me.

When my sphincter wrapped itself around the lip of his cock head, there was momentary relief—a feeling of satisfaction as I felt like I was pulling him inside now. But that sensation was short lived. I wasn’t doing anything. It was all Levi. His muscular body tensed and he pushed in farther, now less cautious and more… in control of the situation.

“Ohhhhh… fuuuuuuuck… fuck me, Levi….”

He did.

His obscenely huge shaft moved inside farther. And while it moved, it seemed to expand me. I have no idea how I accepted that thing. No man I’d ever had was even close to his size. No dildo I owned compared to his gorgeous mass.

He kept pushing. Goddammit this was glorious.

When he got all the way to the hilt and his balls pressed against my ass, he grunted and gave another push.

“Ohhhhhhh… OWWWWW… fuuuuuuck, Levi!”

I can’t tell you how good it hurt. Fuck. I was being overwhelmed by this total man. His physique, his cock, his beauty, his ultimate control over me. I was becoming delirious.

Levi started fucking me with just millimeters of movement. Back and forth. In and out. Gently, actually.

The pain of that initial invasion subsided somewhat. Not that a person could ever get used to that thing. But as I felt his ribbed, veiny shaft moved in and out—just slightly at first, and then more and more—I became more at ease with my situation. And Levi was obviously enjoying himself.

“Caaaallluummm,” he whispered. “Fuuuuck, you’re so tiiiiight. Gonna come so fast….”

That would actually be fine with me. It still was hurting. But truthfully, I could live in this position for the rest of my life. Just giving Levi pleasure. Bringing him to climax. How it was possible that I could please his muscle body like this, I’ll never know.

Then, with a powerful thrust, after what seemed like just a few pushes, Levi forced his cock deep inside me. His muscles all tightened into rippling lava flows. He held himself inside and against me. His pubes pushed against the hole that his cock filled. He froze. I watched as his bulging muscles hardened into rock.

Then I felt his dick jump and expand. His jizz blasted into me.

And then I came again.

He fell onto me, releasing my ankles, pushing his mighty body against mine, ejaculating hard bursts of semen into my body. My semen squirted between us, but he’d let my ass slip under the water, and now my cock was under the surface too, so my jizz floated away.

Levi grunted. His mouth found my right ear. He cussed. He moaned. And he pushed himself harder and harder inside me, forcing my body up the side of the hot tub a bit more.

“Fuuuuck Callum. Fuuuuuuuck,” he groaned.

His seed filled my body; mine kept squirting into the water. His gorgeous body enveloped mine. His expansive back curved around me. And he kept depositing his semen into me.

Spent, I ran my hands over his wide lats, and then down, onto the most glorious gluteal muscles on the planet. Hard globes of tight—really tight—muscle bucked and solidified under my hands. Goddamn! His ass was… indescribably wonderful!

When Levi was done, he remained inside me, holding still. He kissed my ear, then my face: my chin and then my lips. We remained in that position, in the water, for quite awhile. It didn’t feel like Levi was getting soft at all.

“You okay?” he finally whispered between kisses.

“Uh-huh,” I smiled through my butt’s discomfort. “Never better.”

“Good.” He pulled up just a bit, but made no effort to withdraw himself from inside me. “Because we’ve just begun, Callum.” He smiled and asked, “You okay with that?”

I nodded slowly, intently gazing into his beautiful eyes. “Yeah. I was kinda hoping that would be the case.”

He smiled. He bent forward again, kissed my lips, then proceeded to wrap his strong arms around me. He pulled me up, out of the water and stood tall in the middle of the hot tub; I was impaled on his hard-as-ever shaft. He held me close to his muscle body and walked up the steps of the tub. We emerged onto the deck, still locked in sex. And then, Levi started walking toward the glass door. I was held by a triumvirate of power: two arms and a monolithic cock. He carried me in this position—impaled as I was—through his living room, down his hallway, and into his bedroom. He gently placed me on his bed, on my back, and laid down on top of me, still inside me, supporting his upper body on his bent arms.

I slowly ran my trembling hands all over the mounds of his back muscles. “Are you going to do that again?” I asked with a smile. “Come?”

“What do you think?” he grinned.

And with that, not having even pulled out of me, Levi began to rock again. And again. And again.



The REAL End? Hmmm....






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