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LogoLevi's Muscles — Chapter 7

by Sean Reid Scott  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Approx. 8,100 words








ISAT NEXT TO LEVI; HE SAT ON an aisle seat, which was pretty-much a necessity because of his size. He practically sprawled into the walkway, which, if he didn’t pull himself in, might endanger the bride when she came down the aisle with her father.

The Central Oregon day was perfect for an outdoor wedding: brilliant sun in a rich, blue sky; bearable temperatures, since it was only 11 am, and a nice breeze that made the bridesmaid’s hair move gently in the wind. But of course, I was more interested in the groomsmen than the ladies-in-waiting.

And obviously, none of the groomsmen held a candle to Levi—my date for the occasion. Actually, if you want to get technical, I was his date. His invitation had said “plus-one” and since he and I had hit it off during the past two weeks while I was vacationing here, he’d asked me to be his plus-one. I needn’t tell you how blown away I was when he asked me.

“But I’m here on vacation,” I’d protested. “I didn’t bring anything appropriate for a wedding!”

“Relax, Callum,” he’d insisted, “it’s casual dress. It’s an outdoor affair. No ties. Nothin’.”

“Nothin?” I said with a sly smile.

“Well, you do have to wear somethin’,” he smiled. “The wearing nothin’ part will have to wait till after the reception.”

I play-slapped one of his pecs. “Oh, you…” I fawned.

So here we were. The wedding party had all step-pause, step-paused to the front. The groom had entered from the side, and waited next to his best man. And I was Levi Broadacres date! It was enough to make a gay guy cry. If I did start crying, that’d be why I did it… because I was overwhelmed at being Levi’s date. I certainly wouldn’t be crying for the bride (or groom). I didn’t know them from Eve and Adam. Levi said the bride was a family friend.

So, as I am wont to do, in my mind I rated each groomsman as he walked up the aisle with his bridesmaid partner. (Yeah, I don’t rate the women.) Actually, dressed in their jacket-less tux ensembles (I seriously doubt any of them referred to them as ensembles but who, after all, is telling the story here, huh? Yeah, a gay guy. Deal.), they were quite dashing. They wore bright white dress shirts, royal blue slacks, and vests that were shimmery-silver on the front and sky-blue on the backs. It worked quite well, to be honest. And the vests were somewhat torso-hugging, so for a couple of the groomsmen, it really showed off their fit physiques.

The groom himself was… okay, I guess. Nothing to write home about. But if I were stuck in a malfunctioning elevator with him for two hours, I suppose we could get some stuff done. The best man was better looking than the groom. And more in shape. But the hottest, best man up there was the guy next to the best man. Damn, he was fine. Broad shoulders, skinny waist, gorgeous model-like face. I’d do him in a minute… if it weren’t for the fact that I was sitting next to the most gorgeous, manly, physically-perfect specimen of manly manhood this side of the Mississippi (and likely, the other side as well).

Levi was all humble as hell about the stares he got. He had to be used to it.

I, however, beamed with pride that I had arrived with him. And that best-looking-buff-man I mentioned? The one who ended up standing next to the best man? He had been the “usher” dude who seated us. And I saw numerous glances at Levi from the dude. (Everyone stole glances at Levi, so I couldn’t blame the guy.) Yeah, his envious eyes (and did I see more than envy?) were all over my man. I gave the guy a glance myself. One that said: You can look, but you can’t touch.

Okay, Levi wasn’t actually my man. But he was my date. And I was a puddle of gushing, fawning lust. Levi emanated heat as he sat next to me. He was so big that even though he spilled into the aisle, we were forced to touch—mostly at the arms, but also at the legs.

If you’ve never been on a wedding date, you really should consider it. It was so fantastic. I think the bride looked like Ethyl Merman or something. I really don’t remember. The music was nice, but too long. The message by the officiant was nice, but too long. The reception afterwards was nice, but too long. And every time my eyes found Levi’s crotch, his cock was nice, and too long.

Damn, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. With the ladies, he was the consummate man’s man (double-entendre intended): dashing, friendly, gorgeous, powerfully big (did I mention that before?), and well… just… Levi. When he hung with other guys he turned any other Alpha into a wannabe Beta. Just by being.

And I was his date.

As soon as we hopped in his car to leave, I said, “That was nice.”

He looked at me deadpan: “You were bored out of your skull.”

I laughed. “We’ve only known each other for about two weeks and you can read me like a magazine.”

“Not a book?”

“Nah. That’ll probably take another two weeks.”

He chuckled, put his stick in gear (something I would’ve been willing to help with—if he’d only asked), and we headed toward my place. Time to get out of the stuffy “casual dress” clothes we had on. Time to get out of all the clothes we had on.

AT LEVI’S CABIN, WE PULLED OFF OUR clothes and got comfortable. And I do mean all of our clothes. Seems Levi had been serious about what he wanted to happen after the reception. We both stripped—totally nekkid.

You’d think I would have been self-conscious, being naked next to this naked muscle man and all. Not that I was out of shape or anything. I could hold my own in the gym. Regardless, Levi always put me at ease. But you know… it was Levi.

It was around 2 pm and we were in his kitchen, blending up some margaritas. The doorbell rang, and Levi started for the front of the house.

“You’re going to answer the door like that?” I chuckled as he walked away.

He stopped, looked over his shoulder at me, and said, “Why not? It’s my house.”

I shook my head and chuckled again. Whoever was at the front door was going to be blindsided by Levi’s naked body. A few seconds later, I heard talking coming from the entryway. Then Levi returned back to the great room. Behind him was Colt. Colt, from the swimming pool. His eyes were glued to Levi’s back side, but when he saw me, he stared right at me and flushed red.

“You remember Colt, don’t you Callum?” Levi smiled as he stood between the two couches in the big living room.

“Sure,” I smiled at Colt. “How you doing man?”

Colt looked back and forth, between Levi’s naked body, and my naked body.

I could see the What the heck is going on here? wheels turning in his head. I tried to keep my smile to myself.

“We just got back from a wedding,” Levi said to Colt. “Callum is making some margaritas. Please, join us.”

“Well… I, uh…” Colt fidgeted. “It was a nudist wedding?”

Levi laughed, “No. We lost the clothes after we got back. Have a seat, man.”

Colt hemmed and hawed. “Well, I dunno…”

“It’s up to you, dude,” Levi said. “But you’re more than welcome.”

“Well, I don’t mean… mean to inter… interrupt.”

“Not interrupting, Colt,” Levi insisted. Colt had yet to come all the way into the room. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable.” Levi turned to me and added, “Throw in some more for Colt? I have a feeling he’s gonna want a drink.”

I chuckled. “Sure.”

Colt was just standing there, on the edge of the vaulted great room, staring at Levi and me. “Um… I’m not… I really didn’t mean to intrude.”

Did I see a hint of jealousy? I had definitely gotten some idolization vibes from Colt regarding Levi, but if he was gay, he certainly wasn’t flaming, or even subtly gay in any kind of stereotypical mannerisms. But then, neither was Levi—at all. And I had been told the same was true about myself. But at this moment, Colt was not only awestruck at what he’d stumbled into (whatever that may have appeared to be), but he was obviously very conflicted about joining us.

“Seriously, Colt,” I smiled, “not intruding. You’re very welcome.”

Colt gave me a faint smile.

“Only requirement is that if you wanna stay and chill with us,” Levi nodded to reference Colt’s clothed body, “you gotta lose the fabrics.”

While I fiddled with the blender and such, I watched Colt. He definitely felt out of sorts. “Well, I dunno…”

“Like I said, man. ‘Sup to you. But from my experience, Callum here makes a mean margarita. And we’re gonna fry up some chicken later and make some killer chicken burritos.” Levi turned toward me and I saw Colt’s eyes, glued once again to the massive, lean back side. “While you’re deciding,” Levi said, “have a seat.”

Colt moved in and silently sat on Levi’s couch.

I turned on the blender to crush the ice, then salted the rims of three glasses, poured out, then added a lime garnish to each. And miniature umbrellas to the glasses. Levi had everything in his kitchen.

Levi took two glasses and turned to Colt, who shook his head.

“Ah, dude,” Levi said. “You don’t want one?”

Colt flushed red again. “Well, it’s not… it’s not that I…”

Levi dropped his chin and gave him a mock frown.

Colt stared up at him; he swallowed hard. “Um… well…”

I didn’t know anything about Colt—other than what I’d figured out from meeting him at the pool. He’d sure been enamored with Levi. But then, who wasn’t? I decided to try to lower the tension. “So Colt, what do you have going on this afternoon?”

He seemed to appreciate the conversational diversion. “Oh, not much. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude… I mean, I was just hanging at home and thought I’d stop…” He broke off, mid-sentence.

“Cool,” I smiled. I took a sip of my drink.

“I’m glad you came,” Levi smiled.

“Really?” Colt brightened. Then he flushed again.

Colt was probably around six-feet, with sandy-blond hair. He had a really nice build—quintessential lifeguard/swimmer build, if not a bit more muscular. He was a knockout. Probably 20-ish. And his timidity at this moment was so cute.

“Sure,” Levi said. “We’ve been working together for a while now; it’s about time we hung out.”

Colt gave me a quick glance, and I could read his thoughts: Levi wants to hang with me, but what is this dude doing here then?

For some reason, this whole situation seemed hot. Where I might have normally been a bit jealous, I was kinda intrigued with the prospect of having Colt join us. Levi seemed totally with me, but he also seemed like the kind of guy who liked to have a bit of fun.

Levi took a sip of his margarita. “Mmm… Callum, this is fantastic.” He turned to Colt and lifted the other glass to Colt, taunting, “You ought to give it a try, man.”

Again, Colt turned red. He looked up at me, then quickly away.

Levi and I exchanged smiles.

Finally, Colt slowly stood up. “Well, I guess… I mean… it’s just that it’s kind of embarrass…”

At this point, the whole scenario… Levi and me totally naked, Colt all nervous, the whole scene… well, I kinda started to get hard. A natural reaction when I’m around Levi, but now, with Colt here too…

Colt was apparently not going to strip down without some more gentle coaxing, so I walked around from behind the kitchen island and revealed my semi-hard dick. His eyes widened.

“It’s okay, man,” I reassured with a smile. “It’s all cool.”

“That’s right, Colt,” Levi agreed. “We’re just here to have a fun afternoon. Have some drinks, pig out on some really good food, have some more drinks…”

Then Levi came up to me. My cock was more than merely semi-erect now. And the closer Levi got, the harder I got. The muscle man smiled down at me as he set his margarita glass on the island counter. I froze, absolutely knowing what was coming.

Levi leaned down and our lips met. I wrapped my hands under his arms and embraced him as he kissed me.

I have no idea how Colt was reacting. But at least he wasn’t bolting for the door. So there was that. Then he whispered, “Holy….” Out of the corner of my eye I could see him; he just stood there, watching Levi ravage me. Watching me run my hands up and down, back and forth, over his massive, rippling back.

When Levi broke the kiss, while we were still embracing each other, we both turned to look at Colt. His eyes were as big as billiard balls. Levi chuckled. “Well come on, man,” he said, “you had to know, didn’t you?”

Colt slowly shook his head. “Not… really. I mean, I… I guess I hoped, but…” As soon as the word “hoped” came out, he reddened again.

Levi and I separated, and now my erection waved wildly into the room. Kissing me had also started Levi on the road to hardness. With a smile, Levi said to Colt, “Hoped?”

Colt absently adjusted himself in his jeans shorts. He looked back and forth between us. I got the idea he really wanted to stay, but he looked at me with hesitation.

“Hey, man,” I started, “please join us. I wasn’t sure which way you swing, but damn, I was hoping. It’d be fun to get to know you better. What d’ya say? Like Levi said… I make a mean margarita. But you don’t get one unless…” I smiled.

By now, Colt had picked his chin up off the floor and was smiling—a bit hesitantly. Still, he didn’t move.

Levi realized Colt was going to need some prodding, so he approached the smaller man. “Here,” he said, “let me help you get started.” He pulled up Colt’s T-shirt, over his head, while Colt helped out by lifting both arms. Levi tossed it on the couch. Yeah, the dude was gorgeous. Big muscle bellies on a lean, taut body. And that bleached-sandy-blond hair was so hot.

Levi began to undo Colt’s shorts. He opened the zipper wide and began to push the shorts down. He wasn’t in a hurry, but he wasn’t dilly dallying either. When he shimmied the boxer briefs off, Colt’ cock sprang up like a suddenly vacant diving board. Prang!

I had to smile. The dude was turned on. This was going to be a great afternoon.

“Sweet,” Levi smiled. He moved his massive, lean body right up to Colt’s and smiled down at him. “Damn, I’m glad.” Then, as if it were just a normal thing to do, he reached down and took Colt’s erection in his hand and held it. He didn’t stroke it; he just let his light touch feel out the hard shaft. Then he slid his hand down to Colt’s balls and cupped both of them in his one, big paw.

Colt shivered. He stared down at Levi’s hand on his genitals.

“Dude,” Levi said to me without taking his eyes off Colt, “you gotta come and feel this guy. Damn, Colt, you’re really big. And hard!”

I walked toward the two men; Levi stepped to one side. Colt stood there, in all his erect glory. He didn’t move, not even his facial expression, so it was hard to know what he was thinking. Although Levi had just helped himself to Colt’s hard cock, I didn’t feel like I had enough Alpha clout to do the same. So, I asked, “Is it okay?”

It took Colt a long time, but he eventually nodded to me.

Fuck. The guy was almost as thick as me, and probably just a bit longer. He was as hard as a man could get. I moved my hand over, under, around, and below his cock and balls, and he didn’t do anything to stop me. Levi looked down with an interested smile. Colt looked at me a bit, but his eyes were mostly, totally for Levi. While I felt him out, he stared up at his idol. And you could see the lust and hope in his eyes.

Levi said, “Damn, Colt. You have it bad for big muscles, don’t you.”

Colt slightly nodded.

“I knew it from the moment we met,” Levi continued. “You kept sneaking looks at me. Fuck, it was hot.”

Colt swallowed.

I continued to tease his hard shaft and heavy balls.

Then Levi lifted one arm in front of Colt’s face and flexed it. The twin heads of arm muscle bulged and grew to inhuman proportions, with a peak that was amazingly pointed.

Without seeming to think, Colt brought one hand to Levi’s arm. Then the other. The hard sphere was so big that the kid couldn’t get both hands around it. It was freakin’ huge.

Levi smiled. He slowly lowered his arm. I continued to touch Colt; in fact, I’d begun to lightly, slowly stroke him. Levi said, “Do you want to feel any of my other muscles?”

Colt didn’t respond, his eyes still bugging out, locked with Levi’s baby blues.

“Go ahead,” Levi prodded. “Touch anything. Anything you want.”

Colt swallowed. One of his hands raised up, and, trembling, it landed on one of Levi’s magnificent, hairy pectorals. As soon as the other hand was also on Levi’s massive chest, I increased the intensity, tightness and speed of my stroking. I’d had my hands on a lot of cocks in the past few years—including Levi’s own monstrosity—but I’d be hard pressed to remember a cock that was as hard as Colt’s was at that moment.

It all happened pretty fast, actually. Colt just couldn’t hold back. He started to move his worshipping hands across the big plates of Levi’s chest muscles, and I gave the kid a few long, hard strokes. And that’s all it took. Colt let out a yip! and just as he squeezed his eyes tightly closed, a long, white rope of cum erupted from his slit. The first spray landed on Levi’s abs, and some of it dribbled onto my tight grip. But the second—and subsequent—bursts of his semen flew all the way up onto Levi’s protruding pecs, one squirt even hitting the underside of the muscle man’s chin.

Colt moaned while he baptized his muscle idol with milky jizz. I kept squeezing and stroking. The kid raised up onto his tiptoes and held onto Levi’s pecs for dear life. It was a long orgasm. And the longer it lasted, the more verbal Colt became: “Ohhhhhhhnnnnng, fuuuuuuuck!” His youthful, lean body jerked with his ejaculations. At the end, he leaned, exhausted, against Levi’s gigantic chest and sighed. “Holy fuuuuuck,” he hissed.

Levi pulled Colt close to his naked muscles and wrapped his enormous arms around him. I withdrew my hand from Colt and proceeded to lick the semen off my fingers. Colt sighed loudly again. Levi ran a hand through that sandy-blond hair, comforting the smaller guy with soft kisses on his head. I could have gotten jealous at this expression of affection, but for some reason I didn’t. It was actually pretty erotic. And truthfully, I had no claim to Levi. We’d only just met a few weeks earlier. Still, Levi made me want a man more than I’d ever wanted a man—and I wanted him to want me back.

Maybe this whole encouraging Colt to stay thing was a mistake. Damn. No, I couldn’t afford to get all jealous about this. That’d ruin everything. If Levi got even a hint of an idea that I was the possessive type, he’d bolt. For Colt. Or at least, he’d bolt.

Finally—and not a second too soon for my tastes—the two men separated. When Colt had leaned against Levi’s chest, some of his own semen had transferred onto his cheek. He wiped at it now.

Levi smiled down at him, then at me. He gave me a wink. A wink! What that meant, I had no idea. But it sure felt good. He looked back to Colt and said, “Well, now that we got the first time out of the way, I think we’re going to have a really fun time this afternoon.”

“And evening, right?” I asked.

“You bet, man,” Levi smiled. At that point he turned to me and moved close. He stood just inches from me, looked down at me and said, “Colt there, made a mess all over me. You think you could help clean it up?” And again with a wink.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I licked every square inch of Levi’s front side, swallowing Colt’s love offering as I went. I even licked areas that had no semen on them. One cannot be too thorough. At each nipple, I paused and gently latched on, sucking, licking, nibbling.

The occasional moan from Levi’s chest told me I was getting him revved up.

When I moved up onto Levi’s neck, and finally his face, we locked in a passionate, tongue-on-tongue kiss. He pulled my tongue into his mouth. Goddamn I was harder than Colt had been, I’m sure. I ran my hands all over hell: Levi’s back, shoulders, lats, ass… everywhere I could reach, I caressed and fondled. And Levi’s muscles bulged and tightened under my worshipping hands.

I have no idea where Colt had gone. He was not in my awareness anymore. It was only Levi and me now.

My heart pounded out of my chest. I pushed myself against Levi’s muscle body. He held me hard, even picking me up off the floor a few inches. Then, he sat me on the floor and repositioned his arms; he picked me up like a groom does his bride. I placed one hand on his amazing chest. He looked down at me and smiled. With literally no effort at all, he’d just lifted my 200 pound body and was now carrying me toward his master bedroom.

“Come on, Colt,” he said without looking away from my face, “I think you might enjoy watching.”

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, yes, Levi and I had had sex many times over the past few weeks, but now… inviting another guy to watch… this was a whole new level of erotic expression.

“You don’t mind if he watches, do you?” Levi whispered into my ear as he walked with me in his big arms.

I grinned, “Are you kidding? This is going to be hot!”

Levi placed me on my back, on his bedspread. Colt stood close to a chest of drawers. Levi motioned for Colt to come closer, then he said to me, “Before I fuck you, I think it’d be hot to see you two dudes make out. Would that be okay?” He looked to Colt, then back to me, seeking an answer. “You guys into that?”

I looked up at Colt. The corner of his mouth turned up. I smiled too. Without a word, Colt climbed onto the bed. His muscled, long, lean body lowered onto mine. Our lips met as the same time the rest of his body pressed down on mine. Fucky, fucky, fuck. The kid was simply gorgeous. And where the hell had he learned to kiss like this? If I wasn’t careful, I might have come right then. But I wanted to save it for Levi. It was going to be a struggle.

Colt and I kissed and hugged and wrapped ourselves around each other in passionate lust. I don’t remember exactly what Levi was doing at that moment. Watching, obviously. Probably stroking himself. I have no doubt that Colt’s body on top—and my body on the bottom—must have looked amazing. Especially since we were obviously enjoying each other so much. If it weren’t for Levi being my main man now, I could’ve easily really gotten into Colt. The dude was amazing. I don’t know if he was simply turned on by getting acquainted with Levi on this level or what, but whatever it was, the dude was one passionate kisser and sex fiend!

Time had no meaning at that point, so I don’t know how long it had been when I felt Levi’s gentle hand on my head. Colt’s mouth came off mine right then, and I saw that Levi’s other hand was on Colt’s. Instinctively, we both turned our faces—me to my right, Colt to his left—to Levi’s face. The three of us kissed together. It was loud, soft, sloppy, and intimately sensual. This trio kiss lasted way too short. Levi pulled his face back and Colt raised his body off mine.

Levi stood beside the bed. “Damn. You two are so gorgeous.” He extended his hand to Colt, who moved off the bed and stood right in front of the mountain of muscle. Levi looked at me, content as could be, then back at Colt. “You think you could come again, Colt?” he asked.

“Damn. I almost did right then,” he answered, smiling down at me.

I smiled back.

“Good,” Levi said, “because I want to make you come one more time before I make Callum come. And then I’m gonna fuck the daylights out of him. He’s my main man, you see, but I have no doubt he enjoys watching you get all turned on by me.” He looked down at me and said, “Right, Callum?”

“Fuck, yeah,” I said. “I want to see you make Colt come again.” I was smiling, and most of the smile was in reaction to what Levi had said about me being his main man. Fucky fuck. I mean, we’d only been “together” for a few weeks, and he thought this?

Colt grinned.

“Okay,” Levi purred. “You choose, Callum. Since this is for you, man, you get to choose. How do you want me to make him come?”

I grinned. It’s funny; I immediately knew the answer. Maybe it was because it had been a fantasy of mine ever since I’d seen Levi. Ever since I’d seen that chest of his. Those twin slabs of beef that jut out and grab your eyes even when he’s wearing a shirt. From the instant I’d seen those great pecs that morning when he walked past my deck, I’d been infatuated—possessed—by Levi’s king-sized chest. And in spite of now being able to fuck and fuck with the man every day, I still found myself—during the times we had to be apart, like when he was working—jacking off constantly over the fantasy of putting my hard-on right between those planets of muscle and having him masturbate me—just by flexing those babies. And even though we’d done every sex position from here to Sunday when we were together, for some reason I hadn’t had the nerve to ask him about doing that to me—the pec jerk-off thing. Maybe I held it in some kind of sacrosanct, forbidden place. But also for some reason, when he’d asked me how I wanted him to make Colt come, the answer immediately came to mind.

“Oh, that’s easy. I want you to kneel down on the floor, have Colt stand right in front of you, and have him put his cock between your pecs. Then I want you to jerk him off, just by flexing your chest, hardening it, rolling your pecs, wrapping them around his dick and masturbating him with them. Not a hand-job, but a pec-job.”

Levi grinned. He folded his enormous arms over his chest and nodded. GodDayum his forearms were huge.

Colt only managed to squeak out a, “Fuck.” But when he collected his thoughts after considering this idea, he started to smile.

“I take it, you’re good with that?” Levi asked.

Colt nodded. Standing there totally nude, his cock was hard again, even though he’d come only a few minutes earlier. We’d both gotten quite erect when we were making out on the bed.

Levi unfolded his pillars of muscle from his chest and directed Colt to a spot next to the bed. Levi knelt down next to where my head was, on my right. He was facing Colt, who stood at the foot of the bed. I propped myself on my right arm to get a good view but I quickly realized I wanted to be even closer to the action. I sat up on the edge of the bed; I straddled Levi’s Herculean arm—his left one—between my legs.

Levi crooked a finger, calling Colt to move closer. Soon, Colt’s lower body was touching Levi’s torso as the big man knelt before him. Colt’s boner pointed at Levi’s chin. The kid placed his hands on Levi’s traps to steady himself. He leaned in just a bit, and his hard-on sank between the twin masses of Levi’s hairy pectoral beef.

Immediately, Colt groaned and stood on his tiptoes. As he did so, Levi flexed his pecs. The resulting friction and resistance on Colt’s cock elicited a loud “fuuuuuck,” from the young man. Levi just looked up at Colt’s face, barely smiling. The muscle god’s enormous erection rose up between Colt’s thighs, and I wondered what that sensation must have been like for the young hunk. It must have felt like a third leg, all snuggled in between his legs; I imagined that Colt was enjoying the sensation.

I placed a hand on Levi’s boulder-like shoulder—a deltoid that would make any competitive bodybuilder seethe with envy. Damn, it was hard. And really, really warm. I put my other hand on Levi’s upper arm. Shit. It was a side of beef. I fingered the sexy cephalic vein that runs the length of the biceps muscle. My left calf rested against Levi’s hard, vascular, rippling quadriceps. Fuck.

Levi made like he hadn’t noticed my hands (and legs) on his muscles.

This was going to be, quite possibly, the most sensual, erotic demonstration of muscle lust ever.

My cock was easily as hard as Colt’s. It rose, in monolithic prominence, between my legs, eager to join in with my other limbs in the worship. It dribbled pre-cum, only inches away from the gigantic arm and shoulder that my hands now worshipped.

Colt lowered down onto his heels, then pressed his cock against Levi while he again raised up onto his toes. His eyes rolled back in his head. Levi rolled his pecs.

And thus started the most wonderful jerk-off session I’d ever imagined.

Colt’s hands trembled on Levi’s shoulders; occasionally he moved them onto Levi’s fireplug neck. He squeezed whatever muscle happened to be under his palms—usually traps, but sometimes deltoids too.

Levi contracted and bulged his pecs in a slow, methodical rhythm. Colt whimpered continuously. I wondered if maybe he’d had this very fantasy too, just like me. He humped Levi’s gorgeous, massive chest, and Levi enveloped Colt’s cock in the deep crack between his pecs.

I felt out Levi’s arm and shoulder. More than once, Colt’s hand met mine on Levi’s shoulder. We were brothers in worship.

Levi tightened his pecs around the shaft again. Then relaxed them. Pre-cum gurgled out of Colt, wetting the length of his own shaft as well as the hairy canyon in which his cock rested. It seemed like Levi had a kind of other-worldly ability to flex his pec muscles—right around Colt’s dick. In fact, now Colt’s cock became totally engulfed. Levi literally wrapped his pecs around Colt’s throbbing boner—so much so that you couldn’t even see it!

Colt froze. And Levi tightened his pecs even more. Colt was on his toes, groaning, slobbering with lust. And Levi danced his pecs—slowly. He massaged Colt’s cock with sensual power. More pre-cum gurgled up from Colt’s slit, making Levi’s chest wet with the shiny liquid. While Colt held very still, pressing himself into Levi, the muscle giant patiently massaged and erotically manipulated the boy’s organ.

Colt was almost there.

I continued to worship Levi’s body, watching closely the magnificent work he was doing on Colt’s cock—just with his pectoral muscles. I saw Colt’s legs tighten around Levi’s enormous cock; the cock head was just inches away from Colt’s sphincter. Dayum, it must have been amazing to be Colt right then.

ChestBateBut Levi wasn’t done. He bent the arm I was feeling. It bulged under my grasp—so huge and hard. Then, he moved his hand onto Colt’s ass. As a “sssshhhhhhiiiit” spilled from Colt’s lips, Levi inserted a finger into the kid’s ass. “Oh—oh—oh—oh…” Colt was frozen in lust. I could see Levi wriggle his finger farther inside Colt’s sphincter. And even while he did this, he flexed and waved his pecs, tightening and loosening them around the dude’s cock.

Colt dropped his head back. He was there. He was ready.

With a grimace that caused his entire body to tighten, Colt’s cock released a geyser of cum onto Levi’s gorgeous body, spurting blow after long, hard blow of his seed all over the room, it seemed. In reality, most of Colt’s semen landed on Levi’s face, neck and pecs.

Damn, I was going to have to clean up another big mess.

Not that I minded.

Colt’s cock, massaged and manipulated by Levi’s giant pecs, spewed more and more jizz onto Levi’s body.

I almost came myself. My hands wrapped around Levi’s hard, bulging arm; they ran up and down his shoulders. I moved to feel the pec closest to me. It was at the same time hard, velvety, and deliciously wet with Colt’s offering of muscle worship. It was all I could do to keep myself from spontaneously erupting and mixing my own jizz with my new, young lifeguard friend.

When Colt was emptied, Levi stood up. This time, both of us were invited to lick the white stickiness off Levi’s muscles. A few times, our mouths met, usually around a nipple, and we kissed and exchanged tongues for a brief moment before we got back to cleaning Levi off.

When we were done, a smiling Levi looked down at us both and said, “Well, I’m not sure, but maybe you need to do a bit more work. I still feel sticky.” With that, he laid down on the bed, on his back, his tremendous erection nestled between his mounded abdominals. He said, “Well, come one guys. My muscles aren’t going to lick themselves.”

I moved around to the other side of the bed, and Colt mounted the mattress on his side. In seconds, both of us were licking and kissing all over Levi’s enormous body—from his hairy, wet pecs to his manscaped balls; to his hairless, veiny legs…. Every inch of the giant man got a thorough cleaning. And that cock… well, we both made sure the shaft was tended to, as well as his shaved, damp, heavy balls.

Both of us were in muscle worship heaven. It was like nothing you could imagine. I mean, yeah, I’d done this to Levi’s body before over the past weeks, but having another cohort there with me, both of us intent on worshipping every millimeter of Levi’s muscular physique… it was mind-blowing.

Levi flexed whatever muscle we asked for. Again and again. And we kissed, licked and sucked on him. Always, we returned to that magnificent monolith of manhood: His cock was an engineering marvel, and a work of art, all in one. It was so goddamn thick, and so freakin’ long. The veins that encircled it gave our tongues and lips a tactile experience like no other. The thing was simply gorgeous. We took turns wetting the shaft to a shiny sheen; we licked it together, one tongue on each side. And we did tag-team: while one of us went down on Levi’s shaft (as far as we could, which didn’t even mean halfway down), the other of us would lick and nip at Levi’s generous balls.

It became our mutual objective to make Levi groan and squirm with pleasure. Fortunately, the man was pretty expressive in conveying his pleasure. And that just spurred us on. There’s nothing quite like making a mega muscle man moan and wriggle with pleasure. His heavy breaths were erotic. The man was sex itself. Muscle sex.

I lifted one of Levi’s mammoth legs and moved in toward Levi’s ass. Kissing his inner thigh as I went, I eventually found my goal: his red, wet sphincter. I rimmed him.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuck….” He arched his back and pressed his hands into the mattress.

I have no idea how long we worked on the man, but no matter how hard we tried (and we DID try!), we couldn’t get him to come. The man was a stalwart of self-control.

When Colt and I had done everything we could think of to push Levi over the orgasmic edge, we finally gave up. Levi wasn’t coming until Levi was ready to come. And apparently, he wanted to come inside me.

When Colt and I withdrew from on top of Levi’s body, the muscle god sat up, then stood. He looked sweaty. And from his vocalizations and reactions to our pawing, some of the sheen on his body had to be sweat. But both Colt and I knew that most of it was our saliva.

Levi was as hard as a steel pipe—and as big as a water main for that matter. He grinned at me and said, “Come here, Callum.”

Of course, I obeyed. My heart was racing. Having Colt here was going to make this really hot. When I got to Levi’s warm body, he bent down and kissed me. He picked me up and laid me on the bed, on my back. Apparently we were going to do missionary style. He crawled onto the bed like a tiger stalking his prey. His face was serious, yet there was a hint of a turn-up at the corners of his lips.

LeviFuWhile Colt watched, Levi and I began a slow, sensual, passionate kissing session. His tongue ravished my mouth. He supported his body weight with his mighty, tight arms. I put my hands on his shoulders and then ran them down onto his enormous, hard triceps. Fucky, fucky….

Regardless of what Levi and I had done together before, what we were now doing was the most orgasmic, erotic thing I’d ever done. His kisses were so tender, so loving. And we kissed for a really, really long time. God his mouth tasted good.

I could hear Colt respond to what he was seeing; he moaned and cussed. “…so fuckin’ hot.”

I could feel Levi’s erection nestle against my sphincter. Yes, with Colt standing right there, this was going to happen.

Well, not quite. He wasn’t going to just stand there. “Hey Colt,” Levi said as he pulled his lips from mine, “climb on up, man. No reason you shouldn’t enjoy yourself too.” Levi smiled at me and resumed kissing while Colt mounted the bed. Between kisses, Levi told him he could lie down on top of him; while Levi would fuck my ass, Colt could surf Levi’s ass with his cock if he wanted—but he would not be allowed to enter Levi. “That’s reserved for this guy, understood?” He winked at me when he said it.

Colt agreed to the terms. He took up position, on his knees, between Levi’s hulking upper legs. I was occasionally able to get a glimpse of him; he started with putting his hands on Levi’s twin bowling balls of ass muscle. “Oh, holy fuuuuuck,” he said as he closed his eyes. His hands moved over Levi’s ass, and then down onto his hamstrings.

While Levi and I kissed, I wondered what Colt’s perspective must be like. Right above Levi’s massive back—rising from that gorgeous, muscled ass, from a waist that was likely narrower that Colt’s own, up and out to a back that was a galaxy unto itself. I wondered what kind of fantasies Colt had had about Levi. I couldn’t imagine.

And I didn’t really need to. I, myself, was experiencing the ultimate fantasy of all time. Right now, I was lying right under Levi’s very warm body—a nuclear power plant that emanated heat and energy—while the two of us kissed and frenched. Colt was feeling out Levi’s muscles, and I was too. My hands trembled over the god’s shoulders and onto that enormous, hairy shelf of chest muscle. I was so aroused; I didn’t know how I was going to last. I so wanted to last until Levi entered me.

I felt—and saw—Colt lean forward; he lowered himself onto Levi’s back now. The two of us were now enjoying a Levi sandwich. I could only imagine what Colt was doing with his cock at that moment: rubbing it up and down in Levi’s ass crack, dribbling the small of Levi’s back with his crystal clear pre-cum. Colt’s hands wrapped outward on Levi’s back, and then I felt them come around and feel that mighty chest. Our hands met in worship at the temple of Levi’s pectoral sanctuary.

Levi and I kept kissing and moaning. Four hands moved all over his powerful body.

I felt Levi shift a bit. He was moving to bring his cock closer; it pressed at me. I groaned with anticipation, trying desperately to control my urge to let go and come.

With Colt lying right on top of him, Levi pressed harder against my hole. He began to open me. He pulled his lips off mine and leaned farther forward—eventually nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck and shoulder. He spread my sphincter wider and wider, arching his back to leverage himself inside—all the while, with Colt on top of him.

I had realized a week or so ago that I would never be able to completely relax when Levi fucked me. No matter how I tried, it would never be comfortable. There was no way in hell that I would ever become accustomed to having that thing push me apart. Yet, discomfort or not, it was the most enjoyable experience I would ever have.

Just as I yipped in pain while the head of Levi’s massive cock moved inside me fully, I felt Colt’s body jerk with orgasm. He pushed himself up and from what I could tell, he was holding his cock in both hands, and spraying Levi’s back with his juice. He hissed and cussed.

Levi didn’t pause. He entered me, and my ass hole lips wrapped tightly around his helmet—almost pulling him inside me more. It was instinctive. I had to have him. All of him. Inside me.

He pressed in farther. And farther. He said some nasty words into my neck while he humped his back to get farther inside of me. I moved my arms to his back, and as best I could, pulled him tightly on top of me. While I felt out the insane mounds of his back muscles, Colt’s semen splashed all over my hands—and I discovered quite a bit of jizz had already been deposited. Levi’s back side was dripping with cum.

Levi finally, gently and slowly, made it to the hilt. His dangling balls pressed against my ass cheeks. I could feel the trimmed hair of his pubes against my hole. He didn’t move. From experience, I knew he didn’t have to. Some times when we made love, he’d be pretty vigorous—pounding my ass, in and out, quickly and hard. Sometimes, though, he’d just push all the way in, and then hold it there. His body would tighten, and I could feel his cock flex inside me. Then it would be almost as if he’d willed himself to come.

That was what he was going to do now. And with that realization, his hulking, hot, muscles surrounding me—pinning me helplessly to the bed—I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let out a, “Fuuuuuuuuck,” and began spewing long, hard bursts of cum between our bodies.

Simultaneously, as Colt was finishing and I was starting, Levi decided it was time. His entire body flexed on top of me and beneath my embracing arms. I could feel veins bulge, muscles contract into rock, and I could feel the beginnings of his orgasm: His cock opened with a vengeance, discharging powerful blasts into my body. I squeezed his back side and, together we consummated our love for each other once again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Colt hissed as he watched Levi screw me.

I buried my nose in Levi’s black hair; he nestled closer to me. The river of semen I had ejected overflowed my abdominal area and dribbled down both my sides. And I kept producing more.

Levi and I had longer orgasms than we’d ever had together. Credit, possibly, the presence of a third person? I don’t know, but whatever it was, I was going to need a lot of water when I finished. I eventually did finish, but even at that point, I don’t think Levi was even halfway done. He just held on to me, his clam-shell back enveloping me while he filled me with more seed than I thought I was capable of receiving. He moaned; his muscles flexed under my hands; his cock expanded and throbbed inside my body—I could feel every one of his ejaculations, just as I could feel every one of his heartbeats while his hairy chest pressed against mine.

When Levi was finished, he basically collapsed on top of me—making sure to support his mass with his now bent arms; his elbows were on the mattress, on my sides. Colt must have also been exhausted, because he lowered back down, once again, onto Levi’s expansive body. He turned his head and rested it on Levi’s neck. Levi protected me from the additional weight with his powerful arms.

We must have stayed interlocked like that for the good part of a half hour. Sometimes we kissed; sometimes we just breathed heavy breaths, enjoying the afterglow.

When we got up, Levi was drenched. His back side was a pool of Colt’s jizz; his chest and abs were caked with mine. When he withdrew from my ass—with Colt still lying on top of him—he pushed himself up and straightened his arms, bending his knees. When his helmet popped out, a torrent of his jizz gushed out of my ass. I hoped his bed had a really good mattress cover because the mess on the sheets was extensive. It obviously was going to get absorbed into whatever was beneath the bottom sheet.

Colt, of course, spent the night with us. And I thoroughly loved our time together. Levi continually reassured me—with his words and with his actions—that I was his man. Colt was there as a “plus-one” to our duo. And Colt actually seemed to like that. I felt no hesitation with having him there. Levi and I were joined at the hip now—maybe somewhere else too: the heart? Certainly the sex organs.



The REAL End? Yep.





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